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Tiada Gangguan Elektrik GE13

Posted: 06 May 2013 01:43 PM PDT 

Kami memohon kerjasama semua pihak agar menghentikan dakwaan ini. 

TNB CareLine 

Pelanggan yang dihormati,

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) ingin memberi maklum balas kepada beberapa dakwaan di dalam sosial media mengenai gangguan bekalan elektrik ketika proses pengiraan undi Pilihan Raya Umum ke 13.

Berdasarkan maklum balas pasukan tunggu sedia TNB, kami mendapati semua pusat pengiraan undi tidak mengalami sebarang gangguan bekalan elektrik semasa proses pengiraan undi berjalan. 

Justeru, kami memohon kerjasama semua pihak agar menghentikan dakwaan ini.

Bagaimana pun jika anda mempunyai sebarang maklumat mengenai gangguan bekalan yang berlaku, sila nyatakan tempat dan masa kejadian supaya siasatan lanjut dapat dijalankan.

Terima kasih menggunakan perkhidmatan TNB CareLine

Response to "How the Malay Vote was Lost"

Posted: 06 May 2013 01:24 PM PDT 


I was a PA from one of the salurans in Shah Alam. I don't claim to be an expert in crunching data, but the statistics below is based on my rudimentary understanding of math and also common sense.

Just for argument's sake, I did a brief analysis on the list of voters I was given (youngest voters) and here are my findings in response to the blogger whose post "How The Malay Vote Was Lost"
on Malaysia Today. He hints that BN will triumph if the ethnic Malays show more enthusiasm in participating in the elections. With all due respect, I disagree. Please bear with me here as I try my best to crunch the numbers.

*I will spare you the raw data while presenting the information in terms of percentage.

Although this sample is far from perfect for the Shah Alam Parliament seat According to, P108 Shah Alam has a registered voter racial breakdown of: MALAY 69%, CHINESE 15%, INDIAN 14% (leaving Lain-lain with 2%). Take into account that the registered Malay electorate has actually increased from 66% in 2004 to 69% in 2013, reflecting the growing Malay population and the shrinking Non-bumi population.

The sample from my 'saluran' (of registered voters) was:
Malay 79.6%; Chinese 18%; Indians 2.3% Lain-lain 0.1%

Turnout percentage for all races are as shown below:
Malays 77.8%, Chinese 91%, Indians 71.4%, Lain-lain 100%


Result- PAS won with a 20% majority in this saluran


ASSUMING the extreme estimate that 90% of the non-bumi votes went to PAS, Malay votes that went to PAS still stands at 50.1%.

ASSUMING 85% of the non-bumi votes went to PAS, the party's votes from the Malays would be higher at 52.2%

(If it's worth mentioning, the middle-age salurans have results similar to this. Not so in the older electorate salurans, where PAS won by smaller margins. So if we assume that these middle-age and young voters will form the bulk of votes - including voters who will register between now and the next election - the effect will multiply.)

Judging on the premise that 90% non-bumis voted PAS, slightly more than half of the Malay electorate gave their votes to the Islamist party. Hence, based on my amateur analysis, even if the blogger gets his wish to have ALL
registered Malays out to vote, assuming that the voting pattern for Malays is roughly constant, PAS will still win albeit with a reduced majority. This is due to the even split of the Malay electorate. 50:50.

The reduced majority may be bad news for PR on the surface, but if you look ONLY at the Malay votes - 50:50, is it not safe to assume that whoever wishes to take this seat must earn at least SOME Chinese/Indian votes? If I
may, I think this shows that the electorate, from this saluran at least, rejected the hardline approach by Zulkifli Noordin and certain quarters of BN (not unlike what this blogger represents).

Moderation is the key.

Although there may be other issues at play, the extreme-right stance taken would be the focus of my post. The blogger, I suggest, should focus LESS on the "divide and rule" strategy, but more on inclusiveness and better
governance should BN really want to wrest back the urban Malay-majority seat of Shah Alam. Yes, you will lose with a smaller majority if you increase Malay participation, but heck, losing by 1000 and losing by 10000 is still losing right? (Unless you're a PR candidate, whereby winning by 100 is also losing). If BN wants to WIN the seat, it might be a good idea NOT to alienate the "others" as suggested by this particular blogger.

Looking at the larger picture, if this is reflective of the voting pattern for urban seats in the Klang Valley, yours truly is of the opinion that they should step back to the middle and promote an inclusive Malaysia accepted by all while cleansing themselves of the baggage of corruption. (Fielding a candidate who's NOT-aligned to Perkasa would be a start). Perhaps only then will the urban non-bumis return to BN's fold. In other words, PR will be in trouble if BN manages to covince the people that the days of NFC and PKFZ are over. A big 'IF' indeed. Saying that it is a Chinese Tsunami (again playing up racial sentiments) isn't helping them. Although the Chinese did have the biggest and most consistent swing across the board, it is, in my honest opinion, more of an "Urban-Tsunami" if Shah Alam is anything to go by.

Off tangent:

PR on the other hand, despite the overwhelming win in mostly-urban Selangor, has some soul-searching to do with regard to lower rural support. They also need to educate the foul-mouthed minority (especially the loud
Chinese supporters flooding comment sections) who aren't mature enough to understand the sensitivities of a multicultural society.

They are an unfortunate misrepresentation of the silent majority. My hope is for the young and hot-blooded to ... 1) grow up and stop uttering racist statments no better than those uttered by Perkasa leaders and
2) cease the bullying on personalities who have different political leanings, i.e. accept that everyone has the freedom to chose who they like; it is up to us to convince those across the political divide, through civil, informed
discussions/debate, that our side is better.

I predict that the pent-up anger and release via anonymous comments on newsportals and websites like this will subside gradually as we mature as a society. As RPK once responded to my comment, taking me to task for not speaking out when so-called "kins" of mine stepped over the line, I have since taken it upon myself to not remain silent anymore.

Democracy - Malaysia, do you still believe?

Posted: 06 May 2013 01:22 PM PDT 

We may have been inadvertently led to believe that there is only one chance left for change but this is not the case. I pen this letter to assure you that there is so much left to fight for and in light of the 13th General Elections, here are thirteen reasons why democracy isn't dead but instead far from it. 

A Malaysian Who Still Believes 

The last forty-eight hours have been grueling to say the least, what with supposed news of electoral fraud and underhanded tactics employed to win the most closely fought elections since independence, one could almost be forgiven if an abstinence from politics is all that lingers on a weary mind. However, the message coming out thus far has been discouraging and I fear for Malaysia if her citizens are losing hope. We may have been inadvertently led to believe that there is only one chance left for change but this is not the case. I pen this letter to assure you that there is so much left to fight for and in light of the 13th General Elections, here are thirteen reasons why democracy isn't dead but instead far from it.


1) On the 5th of May, the Election Commission reported that 80 percent of voters braved the sun and rain to leave the comforts of their home to come out and vote. It did not matter who their support went to, what mattered was the sense of responsibility instilled within Malaysians that they needed to contribute, to speak up both for this country and its future children. This to me is democracy.

2)  Despite all the issues of phantom voters, "houdini ballots", blackouts and gerrymandering, the fact is 51.3% of the electoral voted for Pakatan Rakyat while 49.7% voted for the Government. The Barisan Nasional coalition knows this, you know this and I too know this. The system must be changed and in the coming years leading up to the election, expect the common man to resonate strongly against every policy, every decision and every contract that is made or given. 51.8% of the electoral roll are angry that they are not justly represented and are willing to sacrifice even more to contribute to this change in system. This to me is democracy.

3) For the second successive election, the Government is once more denied its two third majorities. In fact, the opposition has seen an increase of seven seats leaving them with 89 Member of Parliaments. Malaysia not only will have an under pressure incumbent but a strong and capable opposition who will fight for us. This to me is democracy.

4) The Prime Minister, in the weeks leading up the 13th General Elections realized the fact that Malaysians no longer concern themselves with racial issues but rather on the progress of the country as a whole. This in large attributed to the fact that our country appeared to be practicing the format of a Presidential Election. The banner of MIC and MCA has almost been nearly wiped out and their leaders too have admitted that the need for reform is real. The move away from racial politics is heartening and given the trend thus far, in time, will totally evaporate. This to me is democracy.

5) Perkasa will never again see the light of day in Parliament for both Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Noordin lost. The government knows now that Malaysians are truly united and will not tolerate racist bigots who were supposedly 'winnable candidates'. As a citizen of a multi-racial country, the drastic change in embracing a more secular approach gives me hope. This to me is democracy

6) In a predominantly ethnic Malay constituency, a Chinese won and in a predominantly ethnic Chinese constituency, a Malay won. You only need to look at Pandan, where Rafizi Ramli thumped Gary Lim with a 26,700 majority. Malaysians understand that capability is what makes a candidate successful regardless of their race. This to me is democracy.

7) Incapable candidates within Pakatan Rakyat will not be shown mercy and will be purged out. There is no evidence bigger than the loss of Kedah to Barisan Nasional. The state has witnessed poor results and several cases of in-fighting and the people simply got frustrated and wanted better. This to me is democracy.

8) Money politics will no longer work and you cannot buy our votes – this is probably the biggest lesson for the incumbent after spending millions on handouts. The fact stands, despite reports of electoral fraud in her constituency, Nurul Izzah won and she won against a minister known for his splurge in handouts. This will send out a deafening cry to all that transparency and justice will always prevail. This to me is democracy.

9) This election was also historic because for the first time, both the opposition and incumbent presented a populist manifesto with the people's best interests at heart. Without knowing it, we have successfully undergone issue-based elections where the focus has been on key areas such as economy, education and cost of living instead of the usual ethnic based agendas. This paradigm shift also comes at a time when Malaysia finds itself only seven years away from Vision 2020. The time is now and the promises made will not be so easily forgotten. This to me is democracy.

10) It was reported that mainstream media has taken a heavy hit in the last five years and another five years will see many crippled. This is to be expected since media and press freedom is at its worst in our country. However, the rise of our own 'clictivists' in various social media platforms has seen millions of Malaysians engaged and well informed prior to the elections. Alternative media is the way forward and any form of bluff can now be called within minutes. This to me is democracy.

11)  People Power. The common man arose to walk for a cause they believed in, Bersih or Anti-Lynas, UKM4 or even the "Walk for Freedom" campaign. We made sure our voices were heard, our angst and displeasure shared through peaceful protests with the people who could make a difference. We no longer sat back and passed the responsibility to others with indifference but instead took control of our fate and reclaimed our country with conviction. This to me is democracy.

12) Put aside the criticisms of Barisan Nasional for a moment and you will realise that the party has changed albeit not yet sufficient. As mentioned earlier, the winds of change is now knocking on their doorstep, it is up to them to embrace it or to be left in its wake. The party has been given a rude awakening in some sense in that corruption and abuse of power will no longer be tolerated but fought against with our votes. If the 2008 general elections was a political tsunami, 2013 is the rakyat's final warning, change or be changed. This to me is democracy.

13) Finally, the biggest positive to come out of all of this is the sense of belonging each of us has for each other and country. I saw naught of Malay, Chinese or Indian for I only saw Malaysians. Yes, this election has been tiring and divisive at times but when the dust settles, we return to our schools and work desks, working together for the greater good with the knowledge that tomorrow will bring a renewed sense of optimism and hope for change. To me, this above all is what democracy is about.

The reasons above are only some of the truly inspiring outcomes of this election. As citizens of this blessed country, our role comprises of far more than just a simple tick at the ballot box once every five years. Noam Chomsky got it spot on when he said that to "some degree, it matters who is in office but it matters more how much pressure they're under from the public". It is in my humble view that citizen activism is the only way forward and the time has come for us to take matters into our hands, for after all, are they not problems which matter to us most? If memory serves me correctly, Nelson Mandela spent twenty seven years in prison, what then is one election if not the beginning? For now however, we have sent out a clear and strong message, that we will not be silenced; and long may that continue.

Democracy is not dead; it is merely plagued with sickness and the cure to this sickness is all of you, the future generation of Malaysia 


A Malaysian Who Still Believes



Anger and Hatred

Posted: 06 May 2013 12:59 PM PDT 

We are now at a point where it is so easy to accuse people of wrongdoings. In fact, we no longer accuse. We have already believed. 

Evidences, secondary. Sentiments, primary.

Fikri Fisal 

Heartbreak. Death of Democracy. Anger. Disappointment. Hatred.

I felt disappointed after Barisan Nasional was announced to have won simple majority in the parliament.

Not from the results, but from the reactions.

I see accusations flying from left to right, freely and guiltless.

I see a nation of anger and hatred.

This was what I feared.

This is what I fear. 

Apparently everyone has gone black now. To voice out their anger towards the clear and visible fraud occurring in the elections. 

But really? How clear and visible were the frauds?

-"My friend said he saw 23 trucks of ballot boxes coming in after the blackout".

-A picture of Bangladeshis (assuming they are Bangladeshis) queuing up.
- and a lot more of "my friend said that…"

I agree the Election Commission should have clarified some important things, such as the properties of the indelible ink. But that does not give us permission to lambast them blindly over stuff that are not true.

But what is the truth?

Exactly. Nobody knows. Unless you were the person who was involved yourself in these frauds, your statement is as valuable as a Zimbabwean dollar. For in Islam, "Slander is a greater sin than murder".

But that's not the case now, isn't it?

As long as there's a picture with a caption that says something about the picture, that is the truth already.
Hell, even an FB status is accepted as the truth.

The truth is, everyone wants their version of the truth to be the truth.

I'm not saying that the frauds did not happen. I'm not saying they happened either. But the fact that many people simplistically took these as their truth bothers me.

Are we that gullible?

The press conference held by our new Prime Minister was possibly the most troubling moment.

Didn't we subscribe to a system of democracy? Did we not agree that our say would be translated to electoral votes? And once the results are out we have to honor it?

But what I saw was a defeatist mentality amongst the masses. A victim's state of mind.

It is so easy to accept that the election was full of fraud to serve the ruling coalition but is it so hard to accept that the majority still wishes for the ruling coalition to be in power?

We didn't honor the results. We prefer to live by our truth. If this mentality is not eradicated, even a thousand clean elections will never satisfy us.

But that's the point of democracy, isn't it?

A system to satisfy the wishes of the majority. It can never satisfy everyone.

"But why should I honor the results if the election itself was rigged?"

Well to that, I respond with an example:

If the referee of a soccer match is biased, do the players stop playing and start whining? Think about it. 

I have no qualms over the Opposition Leader's decision to push for an investigation of the election results. In fact, it is a commendable move for the betterment of the nation.

But let's remind ourselves to do it in an honorable way.

And not through mindless portrayal of irrationality and insensibility.

We now don't even give a damn about our sovereignty. As long as we get what we want, we'll be more than happy to invite foreign powers to intrude.

Just like how the foolish Malay Sultans of old happily invited them to solidify their power.

I guess George Santayana's "Those who cannot remember from the past are condemned to repeat it" is true after all.

Don't take the law into your own hands, leave it be to the right people.

Don't volunteer yourselves to be the blind pawns of politicians. We're better than that.

I just hope you remember before doing anything,
Does it serve the nation? Or does it serve others? 

We are now at a point where it is so easy to accuse people of wrongdoings. In fact, we no longer accuse. We have already believed. 

Evidences, secondary. Sentiments, primary.

We believe people who volunteered to help the EC in the name of the country as people who are willing to perform unrighteous deeds for money.

We believe people who voluntarily sacrificed their private life for a public life as Menteris, to be people who only care to accumulate wealth and don't care at all for the people.

We believe honorable judges of the courts as money-crazy people who care naught for justice.

We believe people who voluntarily chose to live a dangerous, modest life as a policeman are no better than an "anjing kerajaan".

We believe that people who do not share our beliefs, are people who are embracing injustice and are contributors of electoral fraud.

We believe that democracy is a just system unless the results do not concur with our wishes.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is the death of democracy.

Even without the blackouts and the phantom voters,

Democracy is already dead. 

PS: "What we see in people is just a reflection of ourselves"

So, are we any better?


Surat terbuka untuk pengundi di Gelang Patah

Posted: 06 May 2013 12:50 PM PDT 

Surat terbuka kepada pengundi di Gelang Patah, Johor: Syabas kerana telah lantik Lim Kit Siang dan DAP sebagai wakil mereka. Harap mereka boleh terus majukan kawasan ini.

Adalah diharapkan juga bahawa pemimpin Barisan tidak akan masuk-campur dalam pentadbiran dan pembangunan kawasan-kawasan dan negeri-negeri yang dikuasai oleh parti pembangkan dan biarkan mereka laksanakan segala janji-janji dalam manifesto yang mereka telah beri kepada pengundi berkenaan.

Mansor Puteh

Pengundi di Gelang Patah telah buat keputusan untuk beri sokongan mereka kepada Lim Kit Siang dari Parti Tindakan Rakyat atau DAP dalam Pilihanraya Umum ke-tiga-belas atau PRU-13 yang diadakan pada 5 Mei lalu.

Ini hak mereka. Dan mereka telah buat keputusan dalam PRU lalu yang mereka mahukan Lim Kit Siang dan DAP sebagai wakil dan pemimpin mereka.


Sebagai seorang yang dilahir dan dibesarkan luar dari kawasan ini ramai percaya beliau boleh melihat Gelang Patah dari kacamata baru untuk tahu apa yang baik untuk penduduk di dalamnya.


Inilah peluang yang beliau telah dapat untuk membuktikan tentang ketokohannya dalam mentadbir sebuah kawasan parlimen di sebuah negeri yang dikuasai oleh Barisan Nasional.


Manalah tau dalam masa yang terdekat peningkatan pendapatan purata semua penduduk di kawasan Gelang Patah boleh melonjak dan adanya banyak perusahaan bertaraf antarabangsa yang boleh beri peluang pekerjaan untuk setiap anak muda dalam kawasan ini supaya mereka tidak terdesak untuk pergi ke Singapura atau Kuala Lumpur untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan di sana.


Contoh yang paling baik ialah Kelantan yang mana telah ditadbir oleh kerajaan PAS yang mana telah memajukan negeri ini sehinggakan ramai anak negeri mampu dan mempunyai kelayakan untuk tinggalkan negeri ini untuk bekerja di Kuala Lumpur.


Dan di Pulau Pinang yang mana telah dikuasai oleh DAP sejak lima tahun lalu telah juga menampakkan kemajuan bilamana ramai anak negeri khusus yang berbangsa Melayu mampu untuk tinggalkan negeri Pulau Pinang untuk bekerja di Kuala Lumpur dan juga di Singapura.


Jadi, beban Barisan Nasional kepada mereka telah habis dan mereka kini boleh mengharapkan Kit Siang dan DAP untuk memajukan kawasan ini mengikut sesuka hati mereka.

Dan adalah diharapkan penduduk di kawasan ini akan terus dapatkan Kit Siang dan DAP untuk selesaikan segala masalah yang mereka akan alami dalam masa lima tahun sehingga PRU-14.


Sama juga seperti di kawasan-kawasan parlimen dan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) yang mana telah jatuh kepada parti DAP, PAS dan juga PKR.


Ternyata pengundi di kawasan-kawasan ini telah membuat keputusan yang amat bijak untuk pilih mereka, yang mereka rasa boleh beri sumbangan yang teramat besar kepada mereka dan pembangunan dalam kawasan-kawasan ini, supaya ia boleh menjadi contoh yang baik kepada kawasan-kawasan dan juga negeri di mana Barisan Nasional berkuasa.


Adalah diharapkan juga bahawa pemimpin Barisan tidak akan masuk-campur dalam pentadbiran dan pembangunan kawasan-kawasan dan negeri-negeri yang dikuasai oleh parti pembangkan dan biarkan mereka laksanakan segala janji-janji dalam manifesto yang mereka telah beri kepada pengundi berkenaan.


Sebab tidak ada guna untuk Barisan masuk-campur dalam pentadbiran dan pembangunan dalam kawasan dan negeri-negeri yang dikuasai oleh parti pembangkan seperti Kelantan, Selangor dan Pulau Pinang, sebab pengundi di negeri-negeri ini telah buat keputusan untuk bergantung dari parti dan pemimpin mereka.


Adalah diharapkan Barisan juga tidak akan pedulikan Pulau Pinang dan biarkan negeri ini maju ikut sesuka hati penduduk dan pemimpinnya tanpa memohon sebarang dana dari mana-mana pihak, sebab kerajaan pusat harus tumpukan perhatian kepada negeri-negeri yang dikuasainya sahaja.


Kalau tidak, tidak guna diadakan pilihanraya umum untuk melantik pemimpin diperingkat kebangsaan dan negeri, kalau pihak yang menang itu khususnya di peringkat negeri tidak berbuat apa-apa dan mengharapkan dana dari kerajaan pusat yang mempunyai beban untuk mentadbir negeri-negeri yang mahu kepimpinan mereka.


Ramai orang percaya Kit Siang baik untuk Gelang Patah seperti yang dimahukan oleh pengundi di sana, dan rasa yakin beliau boleh memajukan kawasan ini ikut perancangan yang telah beliau susun, yang mana boleh memberi banyak faedah kepada penduduknya supaya Gelang Patah boleh jadi contoh yang baik untuk seluruh Negeri Johor dan juga Negara.


Yang benar,

Mansor bin Puteh


Article by a PKR volunteer

Posted: 06 May 2013 12:34 PM PDT 

I was a volunteer working last night for PKR. I acted as an observer then later as an 'escort', and I am here to tell you that it was almost impossible to smuggle in additional ballot boxes. 

I was a volunteer working last night for PKR. I acted as an observer then later as an 'escort', and I am here to tell you that it was almost impossible to smuggle in additional ballot boxes.

For every constituency there was a fixed number of ballot boxes. To give you an example, for my area there were 23 JDMs, 3 saluran, 1 parliament seat and 1 state seat, with a total of 138 boxes, plus additional 4 postal ballots, that would make 142 boxes. Hence if SPR dared to show us a 143th box then they must be really stupid. Even if the lawyer for the candidate did nothing the candidate himself would surely have made a big scene out of it. I mean, the candidate couldn't be that moronic as well, right?

Of course, there might be ways to change the ballot boxes during transportation, but both candidates would have to sign a Borang 14 before delivery. Hence if the PACA forgot to retain the carbon copy and the boxes reached the counting center then he had only himself to blame. I do not know about other constituencies, but there was 1 saluran in my area who forgot to get the copy then he had to run back to the ketua to ask for one, and the KTM gave the copy to him. Furthermore, there could not be that many representatives in the entire Malaysia 'forgetting' to retain the copies, right? 

The KTM would then use their own cars to transport the boxes to the counting centers and they would be escorted by policem. I asked the policemen if we as the representative for the candidate could follow them, guess what I got for reply? The police actually said : "Macam in lebih baik!! We are already late for the night (there had been some disputes when counting the votes at school, plus our school was far from the counting center, when we reached there it was almost 11pm) and there will be a lot of supporters there. They may think that we are trying to cheat and may attack us. Can you please ask more Keadilan volunteers to join us? That way when there is a dispute you can help by explaining to the penyokong." They were speeding all the way, fearing that we were the last to arrive at the counting center. I even laughed at the police for worrying too much. But when I saw on YouTube that someone actually surrounded the cars carrying the boxes I was totally speechless.

As for the power-shortage ruse, I am really pissed! It has been the same trick used in every election, didn't they fucking know how to prepare for that? You know what happened in our area? I have been telling my counting agents to bring a torch light, just in case. Guess how many turned up with one? NONE! I don't mean to blame them, but the team leader of our volunteers team had already spent so much money buying us food, why couldn't he just spend another few ringgit buying the team some torch lights? Luckily our area was blessed with a functional power generator that power shortage was not a problem for us. But if they played the trick and we came unprepared then who could we blame? We have only ourselves to blame!

For the past few days I had been telling our candidate and the PA where the pitfalls might be and they had better ask DAP for advice. After all, DAP has more experience than PKR and PAS. But he told me: "Without hantu we are sure to win! Just focus on keselamatan team to watch out for hantu,". But the thing was, the team came back with only a handful of hantu. Some Malay comrades came back reporting that the voters in Malay Kampungs were actually not as enthusiastic. Guess what our boss (a Chinese) said? "Tak apa, kita banyak support dari taman orang Cina". The Malay comrade actually looked very worried. Later he came to tell me that there were actually many people calling him stupid, "Anwar itu janji saja, tapi Najib sudah bayar cash, bodoh yang percaya sama yang janji dari yang bagi..."

When we were busy submerging ourselves in the Ubah chant during ceramahs, had we actually stopped to think that the Ubah wind was actually not as strong among the Malays? Only after we lost do we start blaming others for a dirty election? 

There were 60000 plus votes in one constituency; had we given more attention to the Malay areas the win would have been a landslide that even the Bangla hantu would not change! To give you an example, let's say all Chinese supported DAP, but even as little as 50% of the Malays supported BN then we would face a 50:50 tie. In this case, if we could so much as garner 1.6% or 1000 Malay votes, that would give us a 2000-vote advantage over BN which we could then use to nullify the Bangla votes. Now you tell me, have you seen any constituency with over 1000 bangla hantu?   

Lastly, I would admit that there was indeed fraud in our election system, but I would urge that we do some reflection ourselves to know what we did wrong. I would especially urge my PKR comrades to do so.....



一个区有几个票箱其实已经fix好的,好像我负责这一区,23个JDM,3个saluran,1国1州,共138箱,加postal 4个箱共142... 送到的时候,如果SPR真的那么白痴敢敢拿出第143箱,候选人的lawyer如果不做工的话,连候选人也是白痴的...

当然,半路换掉票箱不是不可能,不过送过去之前已经签好borang 14,就是双方确认算票结果,双方候选人代表会拿一个大家都签好的form,如果PACA忘记拿carbon copy,去到机票中心,赢变输,输变赢就要吃自己了,别的我不懂,我那边就一个saluran的忘记拿,还好跑回去跟Ketua拿的时候,KTM也steady给他,我不敢想象全马有几个区的人"忘记"拿...

送票箱去计票中心的时候,其实是用KTM的私家车的,然后police会escort去,然后我们问我们可以以候选人代表的身份跟尾去吗?你猜警察说什么?他说,macam ini lagi baik,因为我们晚了(因为算票的时候有点dispute,加上我们学校离总计票中心很远,大概一个小时路程,送到去大概11点多了),很多在那边的penyokong会以为我们后面加票然后打我们的,对了,你可以叫多几个Keadilan和PAS的人一起跟吗?如果我们被围攻你帮忙跟penyokong解释... 他们飙很快,怕死我们最后一个送到,到最后安全送到,我还笑那个警察多心了,结果过后看到那么多youtube video人民包围那个送票车我真的无语了...

停电的我更没话说,那么多年同一招,他妈的你们不会带手电筒啊?我这边你知道发生什么事吗?交待了几个负责算票的counting agent记得带torch light,结果猜猜看几个带来了?一个都没有!我也没怪他们,义工团team leader花了那么多钱在请我们吃饭上面,为什么不花几块钱买几支手电筒或portable lamp交给每个算票员?还好我们这里发电厂quality比较好,不会停电,不然算到一半停电被人换票能怪谁?怪自己啦!

前几天,我有跟候选人的PA反映了一些弱点,请PKR和PAS的志工向DAP取经... 论规划,论经验,DAP做得比PKR好太多太多了... 结果他说,只要没有鬼,赢定!专注在keselamat team去抓鬼好了,结果鬼就抓了那么十几个,马来志工回来feedback说马来乡村的反应有点冷淡,猜猜我们的头(华人)说什么?tak apa, kita banyak support dari taman orang cina... 我看得出当时那个马来人一脸无语... 那个马来同志有后面跟我说,很多人笑他笨,Anwar itu janji saja, tapi Najib sudah bayar cash, bodoh yang percaya sama yang janji dari yang bagi... 





Ya Tuhan! Apakah yang orang Cina telah lakukan?

Posted: 06 May 2013 12:27 PM PDT 

Bangsa penulis dijadikan senjata oleh Encik Najib dan ini sedikit sebanyak menimbulkan kerisauan dan ketakutan. 

Daniel Teoh Tzu Yong

Sejurus selepas mengetahui bahawa Barisan Nasional telah memperolehi bilangan kerusi yang cukup untuk membentuk kerajaan, Encik Najib bin Razak telah memberi analisis ringkas beliau terhadap keputusan Pilihan Raya 13. Ia cukup senang: tsunami Cina.

Mungkin ini kerana penasihat-penasihat beliau merasakan dua perkataan ini mampu mengekalkan beliau sebagai Presiden UMNO dan juga Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Kebetulan pula, parti DAP mendapat keputusan yang paling cemerlang dalam sejarah parti itu dan kini menjadi parti pembangkang terbesar dalam Parlimen.

Kita sedia maklum dengan tanggapan BN terhadap DAP: parti Cina chauvinis yang sentiasa mengkritik kerajaan (Melayu) di samping hanya mengangkat agenda-agenda Cina seperti pendidikan sekolah Cina.

Maka dengan dua perkataan ini, Encik Najib berharap mendapat anggukan setuju dan sokongan orang Melayu umumnya, dan ini bertujuan untuk mematahkan sebarang cabaran daripada dalam parti beliau sendiri. Beliau turut disokong oleh Presiden MCA, Dr. Chua Soi Lek yang memberi komen bahawa kini Malaysia mempunyai sistem dua-kaum(two-race system).

Penulis tidak mampu menberi pencerahan terhadap apa yang berlaku semalam, daripada segi pendakwaan amalan penipuan undi, atau kembalinya undi Melayu ke pangkuan BN. Sudah pasti topik ini menjadi bualan para penganalisis dan pakar sains politik dalam hari-hari akan datang.

Ramai kawan-kawan penulis yang berbangsa Cina kecewa dan marah selepas mendapat keputusan. Mereka begitu terkilan dengan komen 'tsunami pengundi Cina'. Bangsa penulis dijadikan senjata oleh Encik Najib dan ini sedikit sebanyak menimbulkan kerisauan dan ketakutan.

Jadi amatlah sesuai rasanya tajuk cerita ini. Apa yang orang telah Cina lakukan?

Dr. Mahathir pernah memuji kaum Cina sebagai lebih pragmatik dan praktikal. Penulis berterima kasih kepada Tun atas pujian tersebut dan akan cuba menjelaskan trend mengundi pengundi Cina, terutamanya yang muda.

Pengundi Cina disuap dengan pelbagai jenis berita rasuah dan salah-guna kuasa tiap-tiap hari di media sosial. Walaupun bukan semuanya betul atau tepat, malangnya kerajaan BN yang lepas ada juga mengaku atas tuduhan kepincangan pentadbirannya. Isu seperti skandal lembu NFC telah memberi persepsi buruk bahawa kerajaan (bukan parti) dipenuhi kekotoran dan memerlukan perubahan drastik.

BN tidak memahami sentiment anti-rasuah (bukan kerajaan Melayu) ini, maka mereka telah menggunakan taktik pendekatan yang amat salah. Cara seperti mempelawa Psy untuk menyanyi lagu ketika Tahun Baru Cina bukan sahaja tidak menyumbang kepada faktor 'feel good' terhadap BN, tetapi mengukuhkan lagi tanggapan pengundi Cina bahawa BN kaya sangat dengan hasil rasuah sehingga Psy pun boleh dijemput macam itu sahaja. Ketidakfahaman ini juga mengakibatkan Encik Najib menanyakan soalan yang 'memalukan' kepada hadirin-hadirin di Han Chiang itu.

Sebagai peringatan, BN wajar mendapat maklumat dan nasihat dari sumber yang lain daripada MCA. Kekalah teruk parti komponen itu telah menghantar mesej yang jelas lagi teru-terang.

Pengundi Cina juga tertarik dengan penawaran calon-calon yang berkaliber lagi menarik daripada parti-parti pembangkang. Kebanyakan calon-calon  ini merupakan orang yang relatifnya muda, profesional, dan tidak mempunyai bagasi politik. Kebanyakan mereka bersih dan berani untuk berdepan dan menjawab isu-isu yang dibangkitkan.

Calon-calon yang ditawarkan oleh MCA pula terkenal dengan nyanyian dan kelakuan yang memalukan. Malah salah satu calon profesional dari MCA – calon Parlimen Pandan Encik Gary Lim – dikatakan telah melanggar etika peguam dan surat-surat tunjuk sebab yang dihantarkan kepada beliau telah dibongkarkan oleh Rafizi Ramli.

Persepsi rasuah, cara pendekatan yang salah hasil ketidakfahaman aspirasi pengundi Cina, dan perbezaan kualiti antara calon-calon merupakan penjelasan penulis akan sokongan kuat yang diberikan kepada Pakatan Rakyat.

Wahai Encik Najib, apakah yang orang Cina telah lakukan?



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