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Ulama likely to dictate Pas' future

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 04:08 AM PST

BATTLE ROYAL: The ulama's firm hold on traditional party ideals may be the key to wrest leadership from the Erdogans

While the main consensus among many quarters in the party is that Pas is capable of being on its own with its original brand of religious politics, the progressive faction has alternately reminded party members that they should focus on the bigger picture, as part of Pakatan.

Syed Umar Ariff, NST

ONE of the significant expectations among analysts is that the upcoming Pas muktamar will be the last to be attended by Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat as the party's spiritual leader.

A succession plan to replace Pas' grand old man, who leads the syura council, is still lopsided towards favouring names, such as his deputy, Datuk Dr Haron Din, and party information chief Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.

Party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang may, however, not be the choice candidate to replace Nik Aziz because of an unwritten rule that a spiritual leader should be gentle in his approach, contrary to the 66-year-old's perceived firebrand persona.

"Nik Aziz is not in the pink of health and his stepping down as the Kelantan menteri besar, a post he had held for almost 23 years, is a sign that he may soon pass the baton as spiritual leader as well.

"It is also likely that his replacement will be among the council members," said Associate Professor Dr Sivamurugan Pandian of Universiti Sains Malaysia.

This comes as no surprise as the council, which was set up by former party president Yusuf Rawa more than 20 years ago, has always been traditionally consisted of ulama.

Asmuni Awi, who is Pas' legal bureau chairman, said the appointments could only be made by representatives from the ulama council and central committee members with sound religious credentials.

"Appointments will usually take place after the muktamar. But there is neither a fixed schedule for the matter nor a time limit for a member to hold office."

As members are appointed and not elected, the exclusivity of the council, which is the party's foremost decision-making body, has ostensibly rooted Pas' struggle for an Islamic state and the overall implementation of syariah.

When it comes to the contest for the top leadership in the muktamar, this correlates with the inclination that deputy president Mohamad Sabu does not have what it takes to take over from Hadi to lead Pas.

Hadi was appointed to the council because of his religious credentials and close rapport with the late Yusuf, other than by the virtue of him being the president which also, conservatively, is a position that belongs only to a worthy ulama.

This has certainly raised the competition's intensity as Mohamad prepares to face the ulama representative in Kelantan, deputy menteri besar Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah.

Mohamad is seen as the top leader of the so-called Erdogan faction, by his position as Pas' No. 2 and his removal through the electorate would signify a consolidation of support for the ulama, while solidifying a conservative leadership stance with Amar as Hadi's right-hand man.

In 2011, the previous Pas muktamar saw Mohamad defeating Nasharudin Mat Isa. Surprises came in droves when the Erdogan faction leaders -- Datuk Husam Musa, Salahuddin Ayub and Datuk Mahfuz Omar -- won all three vice-president posts.

This has eased the formation of the opposition Pakatan pact, following the waning of the conservatives' influence, which had largely deterred any possible cooperation with PKR and, chiefly, DAP.

Along the years, voices of dissent from the ulama have echoed against the approach taken by the new leadership, which they claim to have steered Pas out of path of the party's original struggle.

Detractors from its political partners who opposed the setting up of an Islamic state and the contentious issue of hudud law, for example, have been dealt diplomatic responses.

"We can only agree to disagree (on the hudud issue)," said Salahuddin, as quoted in the past, thus resulting in the party's stance on such issues being locked in a conundrum.

This has greatly frustrated the ulama, especially those from Pas' ulama council, who believe that their role is to tailor and oversee the realisation of the party's spiritual objectives.

Even Hadi, as among the foremost ulama leaders in the party, was forced to toe the line -- as he is the only ulama in the top leadership, other than agreeing with the prospects of an alliance -- and made Pas appear subservient to its political allies' whims and fancies.

A vehement call for change and the return of the ulama leadership reverberated among the rank and file, which was sparked by the dwindling of Malay votes in the recent general election.

This has prompted ulama council chief Datuk Harun Taib to make the call to review and improve Pas' tahaluf siyasi, or political cooperation, during the party's meet in Kota Sarang Semut, Alor Star, Kedah, a couple of months ago.

He believes that Pas is not benefiting from the cooperation and had once even suggested that a motion to reconsider Pas' role in the opposition alliance to be tabled at the muktamar.

Such sentiments are weighing heavily among the delegates who are ultimately responsible for the party's future and the call to realign Pas' direction is being considered to address inconsistency in political ideals.

Universiti Utara Malaysia political scientist Dr Muhammad Fuad Othman said Pas members were taking a leaf out of Umno's book, which had adopted a rather Malay-centric approach to win back the community's vote.

"Going back to basics is considered the best way for Pas to re-ignite its stand as an indomitable party."

However, should Mohamad retain his position, then it is foreseeable that the ulama are losing their clout in steering the party, perching their hive in the syura council in constant odds with the party frontliners.

Pas will most likely work towards a more liberal approach, which did not prove to be effective in garnering support from its main voting base, which forms the largest electorate in the country.

Nevertheless, despite suffering another degree of the probable loss, the Erdogans' current adoption of the tahaluf siyasi may well be in favour of the secular allies, who fear that should Pas go ballistic on Islamisation, Pakatan will lose more votes in the next general election.

The three-day muktamar, which commences tomorrow, is set to be the platform for party members to air their grouses pertaining to the party's position in the alliance.

It will be aired live on the party's website and a slip of the tongue may be costly and further erode the pact's loose unity or land the party into hot water.

While the main consensus among many quarters in the party is that Pas is capable of being on its own with its original brand of religious politics, the progressive faction has alternately reminded party members that they should focus on the bigger picture, as part of Pakatan.

With pundits placing their bets on the ulama winning the race to dictate Pas' direction and cooperation in Pakatan, their political worth is at stake


'Guan Eng delaying RoS probe'

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 04:00 AM PST

(NST) - DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has yet to send all documents to the Registrar of Societies (RoS), including the name lists of party members who attended its central executive committee (CEC) re-election on Sept 29.

Former DAP leader Tan Tuan Tat said Guan Eng had sent only a few pages of documents to RoS, thus, delaying its investigation into legalising the CEC.

"He (Guan Eng) is doing this on purpose. He handed insufficient documents so that DAP would get de-registered by RoS, and then he can form a party filled with only his cronies," said Tan, adding that Guan Eng's act was childish.


Pemuda PAS wants party to review its position in Pakatan

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 01:04 AM PST

(MM) - Pemuda PAS yesterday unanimously agreed to push a motion at the party's 59th Muktamar or general assembly, seeking a review of their position in the three-way Pakatan Rakyat partnership.

The motion outlined five thrusts aimed at improving on the tahaluf siyasi principle, which was laid out by the powerful Syura council to govern PAS' political partnership with PKR and DAP.

Seeking to improve on the tahaluf siyasi, the motion is seen as a response to alleged discrimination against PAS in Penang as claimed by delegates in the Pemuda and Ulama wings today.

Penang delegate Mohd Shafirul Rozali said that it is unfortunate to see the principle being sidelined by some within the opposition coalition, from issues of governance in PR-ruled states to the matter of seat allocation in the national polls.

"We don't want to pick a fight with anyone, and we want to be friends with all, be it Malay, Chinese or Indian.

"The issue, however, is that after the Syura council introduced tahaluf siyasi, there are some who did not understand it, paid it no heed and considered it a small matter," Mohd Shafirul said when tabling the motion.

The motion seeks to get the party to agree to push for a coordinating committee to be set up in all PR-ruled states to oversee the implementation of tahaluf siyasi, and also make it compulsory for PR to get the nod from the relevant state or division PAS leadership before appointing PAS members to any government post.

The motion also wants the party to take strict disciplinary action against PAS members that betray their allegiance to the party or go against party agenda while holding public office, establish a leadership academy to train PAS members as government officials and to have a periodic review and update of the principles and guidelines of the PR partnership formula by the Syura council.

A Selangor delegate, Abdul Muhiz Mohammad, said when debating the motion that PAS members must never lose sight of the reason they agreed to the implementation of tahaluf siyasi.

He said that Islam should always be their guiding light in navigating their foray into politics, and Islamic principles should be their reference when looking at developing the power-sharing formula in the PR coalition.

Abdul Muhiz singled out "complaints" raised earlier by delegates from Penang, who claimed that their rights were not respected despite being part of the ruling government.

"I believe many of us decided to go into politics for Islam and to be closer to Allah. But this concept of tahaluf would be difficult to manage if we do not even understand what it is that can negate our fast and solat," he said, referring to the Muslim daily prayers. 


Penang PAS Muslimat backs ultimatum against DAP

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 12:58 AM PST

(The Star) - A delegate has come into Penang PAS' defence in issuing an ultimatum against the DAP-led state government for its alleged interference in the administration of Islamic affairs.

The Penang PAS Muslimat delegate, Rahmah Md Isa said the action initiated by PAS was needed to provide a "check and balance" in the Penang state administration.

"We (Penang PAS) only wanted to strengthen the spirit of cooperation in the Pakatan pact," she said on Thursday, adding that having only a seat in Penang does not mean that the party was weak.

"Pas has a strong machinery at the grassroots level," she said when debating a motion to adjourn the Muktamar.

She however downplayed the existing disagreement between PAS and DAP in Penang as nothing less than an argument between a brother and his younger sibling.

"However, sometimes, at one point, we have to be firm in our stand," she said.

PAS had recently claimed that the Penang government had "unreasonable interfered" in Islamic affairs and in the appointments to state agencies and village development and security committees.

If the party was not given appropriate roles and positions in the state government, its Penang PAS deputy commissioner Muhammad Fauzi Yusoff said that they would pull out their representatives from state and municipal council posts.


Ambiga: We never mentioned 40,000 Bangladeshis

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 08:16 PM PST 

Outgoing Bersih chief S Ambiga says they merely highlighted that a high number of East Malaysians were being ferried to the peninsula before the general election. 

G Vinod, FMT

Bersih did not mention 40,000 Bangladeshis voted in the general election, said Bersih chairman S Ambiga.

Ambiga told FMT that Bersih only highlighted the high number of East Malaysians being brought in to the peninsula, days before the general election.

"Tengku Adnan (Tengku Mansor) himself had admitted that the East Malaysians were ferried by Barisan Nasional-friendly organisations to vote.

"But I don't remember mentioning 40,000 Bangladeshis," she said.

Yesterday, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim denied making claims that there were 40,000 Bangladeshi phantom voters in the 13th general election, saying that the statement was spun by pro-Umno bloggers.

"We have checked our statements and have never made such claims," he said, during a media conference at the Parliament's lobby.

In a blog post on May 2, Anwar mentioned he had documentary evidence that a group of foreign nationals were being transported from the airports to various points in the peninsula, using transport provided by government agencies as well as chartered bus operators.

Tengku Adnan, who is Umno secretary-general, admitted that people were being ferried from East Malaysia but dismissed claims that they were dubious voters.

Touching on dubious voters, Ambiga said the royal commission proceedings in Sabah had proved their allegations all along that there were foreigners registered in the national electoral roll.

She also said there many other instances of irregularities during the general election, which was left unanswered by the Elections Commission and the government.

"But the government is not responding to that. Instead, they keep harping on the 40,000 Bangladeshis.
"To me, this is just a smokescreen. They are not talking about the foreigners being registered in our electoral roll," she said.


No liberals and pluralists in PAS, says ulama chief

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 08:12 PM PST 

(MM) - After calling for PAS members to shun 'liberal' and pluralist Muslims, ulama wing chief Datuk Harun Taib denied today that liberalism and pluralism flourished in PAS. 

However, Harun stressed that it is the responsibility of ulama to educate other Muslims from succumbing to those teachings. 

"We're not saying that it has spread in PAS, but our work is to reject and repair these beliefs, maybe they are in Umno, in PKR, among Malaysians," Harun told reporters after the wings' muktamar (conference) was adjourned here. 

"We're not pointing at PAS members, but to Malaysians who have been manipulated by these elements." The veteran politician also reiterated that Islam is the only syumul (universal) religion, while other religions are not and therefore cannot be placed on the same level such as in pluralism.

With its religious credentials under threat from rivals, delegates from PAS's ulama wing earlier today told party leaders to cut all ties with "liberal" Islamic and pluralism movements today, urging a boycott of groups such as the Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF).

According to a delegate from the Perak ulama wing, Umno and Barisan Nasional might use the ties as ammunition to attack the Islamist party and its leaders.

The delegate also asked for PAS leaders at all levels, including its media outlets Harakah, to boycott any activities organised by IRF.

In recent months, Muslim NGOs together with the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) have been steadfast in their attack on what they perceived as a global conspiracy against Islam, singling out ideas such as liberalism, pluralism, feminism, socialism and even positivism.

In its weekly Friday sermon last week, Jakim had accused international powers of an organised ploy to spread teachings such as liberalism and pluralism to the youths through the internet.


PAS will implement Islamic law including the hudud capital punishment when it comes to power

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 03:49 PM PST

Sheridan Mahavera, TMI

The head of PAS's Ulama wing Datuk Harun Taib said the party must make it clear that it will implement Islamic law including the hudud capital punishment when it comes to power.

Harun urged party's leaders and activists to publicly state this aim.

Without mentioning names, Harun also criticised Pakatan Rakyat colleagues who had called for the Islamic party to be deregistered due to its religious platform.

He took to task those in PAS who were reluctant to be open about the party's religious stand for fear that it would alienate its partners DAP and PKR.

Instead, Harun urged the party's allies in Pakatan to accept Islam as a political ideology that could foster unity.

He made these calls in response to comments that PAS leaders were toning down its goal to set up an Islamic state and implement the Shariah.

"We don't want our own members to be afraid to talk about our struggle to implement Islam because this is a multi-religious plural society.

"When the Prophet implemented Islam, he also did it in a plural society. We cannot be weak in our resolve to talk about Islam just because it is a plural society.

"We have to be confident in talking about our Islamic struggle as our struggle has been promised victory by Allah," Harun said in his speech at the opening of the Ulama wing's annual general assembly.

DAP chairman Karpal Singh has recently suggested that organisations which are based on religion and race should be deregistered for the sake of national unity.

Karpal has however denied that he had referred to PAS.

The Ulama wing is comprised of elders, mostly religious teachers and scholars, and is seen as influential in the party to ensure its goal of an Islamic state remains.


Quit all posts, Anwar told

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 03:43 PM PST

Semut calls him a liar for denying that he spoke of 40,000 Bangladeshi voters

(FMT) - Semut today called on Anwar Ibrahim to quit all his political positions, calling him a liar for denying that he said 40,000 Bangladeshis voted in the last general election.

Semut president Huan Cheng Guan said Anwar should quit as Parliamentary Opposition Leader, Permatang Pauh MP and PKR leader for being a "pathological serial liar".

"Semut" is the acronym for Sensible and Ethical Malaysian United Troopers, a group that monitors the Internet for what it calls "sensitive comments" that could disrupt harmony in Malaysia. Huan is also vice president of Parti Cinta Malaysia.

Yesterday, in making his denial, Anwar said he did not mention "40,000 Bangladeshis" in his allegation about phantom voters in the May 5election.

"This is a spin by Umno bloggers," said the PKR leader. "Who ever said there were 40,000 Bangladeshis?"

Huan rejected the denial, saying Anwar had claimed on May 2 that 40,000 dubious individuals had entered Malaysia in chartered flights.

Huan said Anwar never explained how he derived the figure even though he claimed there was "a sudden surge in the arrival of dubious individuals on chartered flights since April 25th".

"Anwar owes it to Malaysians to explain and back up his allegations with solid evidence," he said.

"If he cannot or will not produce evidence to back his claim, Anwar should step down as PKR and Pakatan Rakyat de facto leader and (resign) his parliamentary seat and positions.

"Anyone who persistently misleads Malaysians in such a way that strife, fear, anger, and disunity are spread via deceit does not have moral ground for public office."


Harun Taib mahu PAS laksana Islam tanpa takut

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 03:38 PM PST

Sheridan Mahavera, TMI 

Ketua Dewan Ulama PAS Datuk Harun Taib menegaskan tiada tempoh tertentu bagi PAS untuk melaksanakan undang-undang Islam termasuk hudud dan menyeru pemimpin serta aktivis parti itu untuk jelas dan lantang dengan pendirian tersebut.

Biarpun beliau tidak menyebut secara terangan-terangan nama yang diperkatakan itu, Harun turut mengkritik rakan Pakatan Rakyat yang meminta PAS membatalkan pendaftaran parti itu kerana berdasarkan agama, sebaliknya menggesa rakan dalam pakatan pembangkang itu untuk menerima Islam sebagai sebuah ideologi yang mampu mengukuhkan perpaduan kepelbagaian kaum.

Harun berkata demikian dalam reaksinya apabila melihat wujud trend yang kerap membangkitkan konsep negara Islam dan undang-undang jenayah hudud PAS terutama pada musim pilihan raya umum lalu.

Menurut Harun, kenyatan demikian sering dimainkan bagi memperlihatkan PAS sebagai sebuah parti yang boleh menarik golongan pengundi terdiri daripada Melayu moderan dan bukan Islam.

"Kita tidak mahu ada ahli kita yang takut untuk mengakui kepayahan kita melaksanakan undang-undang Islam kerana mengambil kira negara yang diduduki  pelbagai kaum dan agama semasa Nabi Muhammad SAW menyebarkan agama Islam dilakukan dengan suasana negara di mana yang mempunyai kepelbagaian dan masyarakat kita tidak boleh lemah hanya kerana perbezaan agama dan kaum, " katanya semasa ucapan pembukaan di Muktamar Dewan Ulama PAS di Shah Alam hari ini.

Rakan PAS dalam PR, DAP, dilihat kurang senang apabila PAS cuba berkempen untuk mengubah Malaysia menjadi negara Islam dan mahu melakasanakan hukum hudud bagi negeri yang ditadbir PR.



Dewan Ulama: Pas parti paling relevan

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 03:35 PM PST

(Sinar Harian) - Di sebalik gesaan Pengerusi DAP, Karpal Singh untuk membatalkan pendaftaran Pas, Dewan Ulama Pas pula menyeru pemimpin PR supaya menerima Islam sebagai dasar pemerintah.

Timbalan Dewan Ulama, Datuk Ahmad Yakob berkata, Pas adalah parti yang paling sesuai dengan keadaan semasa.

Menurutnya, Pas juga sesuai dalam keadaan masyarakat berbilang kaum dan agama kerana ia berteraskan Islam yang melangkaui batas perkauman.

"Pemimpin PR yang mencadangkan pendaftaran Pas dibatalkan kerana ia berasaskan agama... bahawasanya Pas adalah parti yang paling sesuai dengan keadaan semasa dalam keadaan masyarakat berbilang kaum dan agama kerana Islam diturunkan ALLAH kepada manusia yang berbilang bangsa."

"Kerana itu saya menyeru pemimpin pakatan PR supaya menerima Islam sebagai dasar pemerintahan negara," katanya pada persidangan Dewan Ulama Pas kali ke-52 hari ini.

Sehubungan itu, Ahmad yang juga Menteri Besar Kelantan berkata, Tahaaluf Siyaasi merupakan jalan terbaik dalam memperkenalkan Islam kepada bukan Islam.

"Islam adalah penyelesaian terbaik dalam permasalahan manusia," ujarnya.


Tunku Aziz: Life goes on after politics

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 03:15 PM PST

"While involved in a political party, I was never a politician. I was an anti-corruption activist. I was, at that time, promised a platform to pursue my ideologies. I saw it as an opportunity to carry out my main interest which is to fight corruption and promote integrity." 

D. Kanykumarai, The Star

A life in politics - filled with controversy, drama, and the constant stress of being under limelight. That's what Tunku Aziz walked away from. 

After entering the arena at a ripe old age, the former DAP national Vice Chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, 79 can look back with some amusement on his days as a politician. 

Born in 1934, Tunku worked as a financial advisor in Malaysia after his education in the United Kingdom.

In order to fight corruption, Tunku Aziz helped found Transparency International-Malaysia (TI) in 1998. In March that year, he was elected vice chairman of TI's Board of Directors, a position he held until October 2002. He has also served as special advisor to then United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan in New York.

However he really grabbed the headlines with a high profile entry and exit into the political scene.

In an interview with the Star Online, Tunku Aziz recalls his heady days as a politician.

"While involved in a political party, I was never a politician. I was an anti-corruption activist. I was, at that time, promised a platform to pursue my ideologies. I saw it as an opportunity to carry out my main interest which is to fight corruption and promote integrity," he says.

"Basically, I joined the Democratic Action Party (DAP) because no other political party seemed to be serious about fighting corruption at that time and that was important because it was the basis with which I entered politics."

"Leaving politics, has not in any way changed my passion which is ultimately to achieve a corruption-free country. That is the fight,my ambition. It is not something that can be eradicated but I am working to at least reduce it by continuing my involvement in international NGO's such as the CAUX round table which is a US based forum made up of senior business executives. I am also the Director of the International Institute of Public Ethics."

After gaining and losing popularity with equal speed, Tunku Aziz says he really doesn't miss much about the political game.

"To be honest, there is nothing at all I miss. Truthfully, I enjoy being out of politics as I can be more detached in terms of views. In my case I really had no need to be involved much with the people as I was not fishing for votes. I had only joined DAP in 2008, which was when I was well over 70 years of age."

"If I had gotten into politics to gain political mileage, then I would have joined UMNO or Barisan Nasional. Even now I have people telling me that I now support BN, but the fact of the matter is that I appreciate the transformation initiatives made by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. He strives to unite rather than divide and looks at giving equal opportunities to everyone. However, I am still waiting to see if he walks the talk."

Still he does feel some frustration over his time in DAP.

"Although I studied political science, I had no interest in becoming a practitioner of politics. I was very naive and thought politics could be better in our nation. I believed we could see a more open and transparent politics driven by integrity and honesty. DAP was a multi-racial and multi-ethnic party which claimed not to tolerate corruption. It was not what it claimed to be and soon enough i learned that it happens in all political parties."

"I just wish I was able to have improved national integrity and bring down corruption as it is the single most damaging aspect of governance which presently holds Malaysia back. Not only BN but even the opposition is corrupted."

"I would personally define corruption as the abuse of power and people need to understand that bribery and corruption are two different things. Corruption is when the authorities misuse the power they have been entrusted with. Unfortunately, this practice is largely tolerated in our community."

Does he have any advice for present and future politicians?

"They should hold faithfully to the oath of office that they have taken. This would certainly help in making politics an honourable profession. Right now,as we are all aware , politicians are regarded as a bit of a joke. No one respects politicians as a breed and they are regarded as liars, cheaters. With such an image, it is not likely to attract the best people."

"There are many who follow a political party based on social influence. People, especially young people need to understand that they are already playing an important role in mapping out the destiny of the nation. These youngsters can only do so if they understand the history of our nation. Supporters should become more knowledgeable so that their decisions will be informed decisions. If they really would want to bring about change for the country, they must become more knowledgeable and rational and make up their own minds. For all its many faults, Malaysia is not dysfunctional. However, it could be better."


Anwar did not say 40,000, he said 40,500

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 02:35 PM PST

We have credible documentary evidence that these groups of foreign nationals are being transported from the airports to various sequestration points within Selangor/Kuala Lumpur and the other affected states using transport provided by various government agencies as well as charted bus operators.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Anwar: Video, photos to show PM's Office flying-in dubious voters

I will be disclosing information and findings regarding the sudden surge in the arrival of dubious individuals on chartered flights since April 25th. These are foreign nationals as well as Malaysians from Sabah and Sarawak who have been flown in to Peninsula Malaysia.

We have also received information that there has been a sudden surge in the arrivals of foreign workers from Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan and Myanmar through Bukti Kayu Hitam as well those from Indonesia through Port Kelang and other coastal entry points.

The timing of this surge in arrivals and its sheer size raises naturally raises the question of whether they have been transported here surreptitiously to vote in favour of Barisan Nasional.

PM's Department involved

We also received information that these flights were made at the instruction of the Prime Minister's Department and made through a letter signed by a minister. The facts that we have established so far are:

1. The number of these flights, as many as 16 per day from East Malaysia primarily departing from Kuching and Kota Kinabalu as well as Sandakan, Miri and Sibu, with some flights using jumbo jets. The number of charter flights per day is more than even the number of charter flights during the Haj season.

2. Based on our calculations, as many as 4,500 people are being transported via the in-bound flights into KLIA each day. This has been taking place each day with the exception of May 1st, since April 25th.

3. This means at least 40,500 dubious individuals have and are still entering via this method of chartered flights via KLIA.  This does not include foreign nationals who are being moved through land routes and seaports or other airport facilities such as LCCT.

4. The points of arrival of these flights have been KLIA Sepang as well as Bayan Lepas and Senai. We also have information that military aircraft (C130 Hercules) are being used to bring in these phantom voters to land in smaller airports such as Batu Berendam and Ipoh.

5. We have credible documentary evidence that these groups of foreign nationals are being transported from the airports to various sequestration points within Selangor/Kuala Lumpur and the other affected states using transport provided by various government agencies as well as charted bus operators.

EC connivance?

We believe that the Election Commission in collaboration with the Prime Minister's Office, and the involvement of a number of other agencies are involved in this operation. We now demand answers to the following questions from the relevant parties:

1. Can the Inspector General of Police and the Chief of the Armed Forces assure us that the Royal Malaysian Police and Malaysian Armed Forces are neutral professionals and are not involved in a plot to keep Barisan Nasional in power? Can both of them confirm that their intelligence personnel are not involved in orchestrating the movement of these dubious people?

2. Can the Chief of Armed Forces explain if the various Territorial Army (Askar Wataniah) camps have been used as accommodation centers for these dubious individuals?

3. Can the Director General of Immigration explain the role of the various depots in Lenggeng, Sepang and Semenyih in providing accommodation these foreign phantom voters?

4. Can the Director General of the National Registration Department explain whether foreign workers in the Sepang Formula 1 Circuit and  KLIA have been given Malaysian identity cards?

We warn the Election Commission and its cahoots that there are many patriotic Malaysians in the various security agencies, airlines and airport employees who are angry and upset that the sovereignty of the country is being compromised. These patriots are monitoring and documenting all the suspicious movements groups of individuals. We have video recordings, photographic evidence and documents to support our claims. We also have the flight schedule of these chartered flights.

We want to warn the current Barisoan Nasional caretaker government not to deny Malaysians their democratic rights to vote freely and fairly. They should also not exploit powerless and marginalized foreign nationals or Malaysians for their goal of staying in power.

I also call upon Malaysians to document all evidence of the inflow of these imported voters. Take photos or videos of their movements. For those have in any way been involved in this operation, please forward to us the evidences that you have.

We must protect the sovereignty of the rakyat.

Finally, we urge every single voter who loves Malaysia to come out to take control of our destiny by voting and not let the BN steal our election by using these dubious voters. If Pakatan Rakyat, Insyallah, is given the mandate by the rakyat, we will declare 6th May 2013 a national holiday to allow Malaysia to return home after the voting exercise. 

We must overwhelm these imported voters with our high turnout to ensure our dignity and sovereignty.

Let us exorcise this country from the demons of BN and the Election Commission.

Anwar Ibrahim

Opposition Leader

2nd May 2013











PAS veterans fight back

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 02:12 PM PST

(MM) - Some 1,300-odd delegates at PAS's 59th general assembly tomorrow are being exposed to grievances and dissatisfaction of party members and leaders in dealing with issues within Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

They are also being exposed to how PAS members and leaders are treated by DAP in Penang, where the party is regarded as virtually non-existent.

The build-up of several issues of concern in the ties with PR, particularly against DAP chairman Karpal Singh who reportedly suggested the de-registration of political parties and NGOs based on religion and race and in Penang, against Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng for unnecessary interference and non-consultation on Islamic affairs seem to be just the tip of the many issues at hand.

With the resolution from the Ulama Council for delegates to debate the political cooperation with PR, the issues that have appeared in mainstream media and blogs are expected to take centre stage.

Events in the past week point to one thing — that veteran fundamentalists are now fighting back against the onslaught of the liberals.

Given the debate will be held only on Saturday, after the party election tomorrow afternoon, the fundamentalists need to "awaken" the delegates on why the party needs to review its ties in PR by highlighting problems faced in the media.

If debates are held before polling, the media must not be allowed to highlight such problems because all the ugly incidences will appear during debate and after that, the delegates can decide who to vote for.

Since this is not the case and the contest is considered intense where it involves the future path of the party, the fundamentalists do not want to see the party "hijacked" by liberals and its objectives shelved and replaced with new ones.

What's worse is if the party  falls under the control of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) de facto chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who is backed by the liberals in PAS but not favoured by the veteran fundamentalists.

While tomorrow's poll will determine the party's future path, an indication can be seen today when the result of the party Youth election is known.

The indication will possibly tell which faction will win, given that 60 per cent or around 700 of the 1,300 delegates tomorrow will be from the Youth wing.

The three-corner Youth chief contest will see an ulama-inclined Kamarulzaman Muhammad against liberals and professionals Suhaizan Kiat and Zulhazmi Shariff while for deputy chief, it is a straight fight between party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang's son Mohd Khalil Abdul Hadi (pic) and professional Dr Raja Ahmad Iskandar Raja Yaakob.

If Kamarulzaman wins the Youth chief post and Mohd Khalil wins the deputy post, then tomorrow's poll may see challenger Datuk Nik Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah unseating incumbent Mohamed Sabu for the deputy president post while for the vice-presidents, challenger Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man is expected to unseat the least favoured incumbent Salehuddin Ayub.

Datuk Abu Bakar Chik, a veteran fundamentalist whose era was alongside Abdul Hadi, the late Datuk Fadzil Nor, the late Yusof Rawa and also secretary-general Mustafa Ali, does not seem to have much  of a chance to be voted as vice-president because he has been "hibernating" too long in Terengganu.

The fundamentalists do not seem to have many candidates that can be placed against the young and professional liberals at the vice-presidency level, but it would suffice them to have the faction's representatives at deputy president and one in the vice-president's post. 


In Pakatan ties, PAS ulama see platform for Islamic law

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 02:07 PM PST

(MM) - PAS's ulama wing called on the Islamist party today to leverage its membership in the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) federal opposition to implement Islamic law in the states administered by the pact.

In stressing its call for the informal pact to be re-examined, the wing consisting of Islamic clerics questioned whether it has benefited Islam, even as they conceded that it has succeeded politically.

"To re-examine is not to break the link with our friends at work, but re-examine what are the profits and losses. Maybe there are material profits, but with respect to Islam, we must examine how much is Islam implemented in the states that we rule," wing chief Datuk Harun Taib told the 500-strong crowd at their wing annual muktamar (conference).

"The tahaluf siyasi strategy used by PAS has bore fruit in reducing the power and domination of Barisan Nasional ... PAS must fill up the victory by suggesting various Islamic policies in state administration and governance," said wing deputy chief Datuk Ahmad Yakob in his keynote speech later.

The term tahaluf siyasi means "political consensus", and is used to describe PAS's working arrangement with its allies in PR.

On Monday, party information chief Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man had said that PAS will debate on pressing the PR-led state governments to impose the controversial hudud laws in their respective states at the Islamist party's muktamar tomorrow.

Amid renewed debate on the possibility of implementation of the Islamic criminal law in Kelantan, Tuan Ibrahim said hudud was part of the four motions on Islamic laws that will come up for debate in the muktamar.

The states currently ruled by PR — composed of PAS, PKR and secular DAP — are Kelantan, Penang and Selangor.

The issue of hudud is expected to take centre stage in today's ulama wing's muktamar, themed "Ulama Haraki Menangani Fasad, Mengisi Kemenangan" (Progressive clerics handling damage and fulfilling victory), and the annual party muktamar that starts tomorrow.

In the keynote speech today, Ahmad congratulated Brunei for enforcing hudud laws and expressed the wings' support for the sultanate amid international criticism.

Last month, Brunei began enforcement of Islamic laws within its criminal code, which will take effect starting next year called the Syariah Penal Code, prompting condemnation from global human rights advocates.

In a national-level Amal Ma'ruf Nahi Mungkar convention in Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan last month, Ahmad had also said opponents of the Islamic penal code are risking their faith and insulting the "intelligence of Allah".

In Islamic jurisprudence, hudud cover crimes such as theft, illicit sexual relations, making unproven accusations of illicit sex, causing physical hurt, drinking intoxicants, apostasy, and acts contrary to Islamic belief.

The code implemented by Brunei specifies punishments as prescribed by Islamic holy texts, including death by stoning for adultery.

However, prosecutors must fulfil a high burden of proof, including the testimony of at least four credible witnesses, in order to carry out the punishment.

Additionally, Muslims who insult, mock, or deny the teachings al-Quran or hadith (traditions) of Prophet Muhammad are liable to up to 30 years of jail and 40 strokes of the cane.

Other offences such as theft can be punishable by amputation of the right hand, if the property stolen amounts to or exceeds the nisab (required minimum value) and two credible witnesses besides the victim are produced.

Syariah law is generally confined to Muslims, but can extend to non-Muslims if they are involved in aiding or abetting an offence committed by a Muslim.

The issue of implementing hudud law in Malaysia has kept opposition parties in Pakatan Rakyat at loggerheads, especially between the Islamist PAS and secular DAP. 


Ulama know PAS best, says wing’s chief

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 02:03 PM PST

(MM) - Amid a rumoured rift between ulama (Islamic clerics) and laypersons in PAS, the former today came out to say the group understands the Islamist party's struggle best as they are more knowledgeable in the Quranic teachings that form PAS's core values.

However, at the PAS ulama wing annual muktamar here, the group denied that it is hungry for power when it suggested for the ulama to have more prominent roles in administration.

"We do not want power, we are not power hungry, we are not power crazy.

"But for PAS, which is a party based on Islam, PAS' constitution states that its highest laws are Quran ... So who in (the party), who understand the party's policies more? Who understands more besides the ulama?" said wing chief Datuk Harun Taib in his launching speech here.

But he denied that his saying so undermined those not from within its ranks or that was he acknowledging a rift between the two groups.

In September, eight resolutions were passed at a convention held by its clergy class in Kedah, during which it also called for PAS's two top posts to be reserved for the ulama.

The meeting, dubbed Multaqa Ulama Se-Malaysia (Convention of Malaysia's Ulama) further demanded that the members of the group be given government posts in PR-run states - an unprecedented move that suggests discontent over the lack of recognition accorded to the class that forms a powerful bloc in PAS.

Despite admitting that the party's 59th annual muktamar had been made "hotter" from the wing's resolutions, Harun claimed today that he and the ulama faction had been unfairly attacked, which he said had resulted from misunderstandings.

Harun was speaking to a 500-strong crowd in the wing's muktamar, themed "Ulama Haraki Menangani Fasad, Mengisi Kemenangan" (Progressive clerics handling damage and fulfilling victory).

The ulama's resolution in September calling for the party to return to its Islamic struggle and the strengthening of ulama leadership in the party — with a resolution for the president and his deputy to come from the faction — could signal the return of Islamic conservatism in PAS.

The influential ulama wing had also last month renewed calls for the party to relook ties with partner PKR and its position in the federal opposition pact Pakatan Rakyat.

In the last party polls, PAS grassroots overwhelmingly supported the progressives at the ulama faction's expense, in a tactical move aimed at garnering more non-Malay support in the 13th general election. 


Umno lawyer gets nod to prosecute Sodomy II appeal

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 01:56 PM PST

(MM) - The Federal Court dismissed today Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's bid to bar Umno lawyer Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah from heading the prosecution in the government's appeal against the opposition leader's acquittal of a second sodomy charge.

In a unanimous decision, the country's top court ruled that there was no conflict of interest in Putrajaya appointing the prominent Umno lawyer to act as a deputy public prosecutor (DPP).

"We dismiss the appeal and affirm the decision of the Court of Appeal," Court of Appeal president Tan Sri Md Rauf Sharif, who chaired a full bench in the apex court, said in the judgment today.

Rauf pointed out that Shafee was not found to be a relevant witness during Anwar's second sodomy trial at the High Court.

The chair of the five-man bench also said that the Umno lawyer's presence at Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's residence at the time the opposition leader's accuser, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, had gone to see the country's top leader to accuse Anwar of sodomy, was irrelevant.

"It's too fleeting to bear any relevance to the sodomy charge," said Rauf.

Anwar's lead counsel, Karpal Singh, told the court on November 11 that it was perceived that Shafee was an interested party in the entire case due to his presence at the prime minister's residence at the same time when Saiful was there.

But Shafee had countered that the court cannot make a decision based on unproven claims, as there was no evidence to support the argument that there was a conflict of interest in his appointment by the Attorney-General to lead their appeal against Anwar's acquittal.

He had said the mere fact that he was present in "one corner of the house", while the meeting between Najib and Saiful went on, did not prove that he had anything to do with it.

The Federal Court also ruled today that Section 378 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) - which Karpal has argued that it allows only DPPs in regular government service to appear on behalf of the public prosecutor in criminal appeals - could not be read in isolation.

The court said that it must be read together with the CPC's Section 376(3), which allows the public prosecutor to appoint fit and proper people as DPPs, and Section 379, which allows an advocate to be employed on behalf of the government to conduct criminal prosecutions.

"We'll take Shafee on. No problem, despite the fact it's not in accordance with provisions of the CPC," Karpal told reporters after the court decision.

Anwar, who was with Karpal, smiled when reporters asked for comments, and said: "I'm not surprised".

The government's appeal against Anwar's acquittal is scheduled to resume on December 11 at the Court of Appeal. 


‘PAS-Pakatan marriage on the rocks’

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 01:49 PM PST

Penang Malay Congress has joined Penang Umno in its call for PAS not to waste time in Pakatan Rakyat and pull out from the coalition if "the political marriage was not working." 

Athi Shankar, FMT

Penang Malay Congress (PMC) president Rahmad Isahak said PAS should stipulate a time frame for the state's Pakatan leadership to fulfill PAS's demand for more say in the decision-making process on state appointments.

"If Pakatan fails to meet the ultimatum, then PAS should pull out from the coalition without a moments hesitation."

He said PAS should realise that DAP used terms like "Saidina Umar Abdul Aziz" and "Amat Makruf Nahi Mungkar" as punch-lines to hoodwink Malay-Muslims merely to fish for their votes.

"But, in truth DAP is a chauvinist party that out-rightly rejects Malays and Islam," he claimed.

"PAS should pull out from Pakatan if it is serious and sincere in championing the Malay and Islamic cause in Penang and country.

"Why should PAS let it(self) to be used by DAP?

"Why should an Islamist party rub shoulders with a chauvinist party like DAP?" asked Rahmad in a statement today.

He was referring to grouses raised by the PAS leadership on Tuesday against the Pakatan leadership and the state government under Chief Minister and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

Penang PAS has threatened to pull out from the DAP-led Pakatan government and will review its position in the coalition if the party is continued to be undermined by its partners.

State PAS deputy commissioner Muhammad Fauzi Yusoff said the party wanted more 'space' within Pakatan and be allowed to speak out and make decisions on party appointments to the Penang Islamic Religious Council (Maipp), and the local government and village development and security councils (JKKK).

He also warned the state government and Pakatan state council not to interfere in the administration of the Maipp currently headed by state PAS commissioner and Permatang Pauh assemblyman Mohd Salleh Man.




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