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Penang Lang, get to know your state better

Posted: 15 Nov 2013 11:17 AM PST

The questions often asked nowadays by your friends and relatives from other states when you met them are;

Is Penang really performing better than the pre 308 government?

Has Penang really change in every aspect of governance under Pakatan Rakyat?

Some can give their answers straight away while some will have to ponder a while or could not know really how to answer.

Those who can answer will most probably have daily involvement directly or indirectly in the state, i.e being part and parcel of the working force (private or civil servants), moving and seeing the actual transformation going on.

For those who could not answer are most probably those staying at home, not mixing or less interacting with others etc. Even for me who is well connected online seldom realised what is actually happening to the state. 

You cannot find much news about the state progress on the internet and worst is the total silence from the MSM. Those online news portals are more interested in reporting political oriented news, especially when they got winds of political fights within internal parties from both sides or rumors of PR wrong doings spread by the other side.

So how are you to know what is Pakatan Rakyat state government being doing all these years? READ the BULETIN MUTIARA that is delivered to your house every now and then by the state government. You will be surprised to read and see so much ongoing and the progress that have been implemented by the PR state government inside the BULETIN MUTIARA

BULETIN MUTIARA is the state government news bulletin providing information about the state progress and NOT a political newspaper as some people might think. Some may question that since it is a PR state government bulletin surely they will only print all the good side of them. This is a good question indeed. Let me try to answer it this way.

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