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Rights that are not right!

Posted: 14 Nov 2013 04:24 PM PST

What are the countries? Algeria, Chad and Tunisia?

I wonder if Khoo himself had been to these countries or to other parts of the world to observe the standard of human rights they practice.

You make me laugh, and sick too. Those who made the call, including some Western countries like the US, UK and Canada are the big mouth of human rights but they themselves couldn't care less about honoring it.

And your agenda, bro Khoo, is actually clear. Its about Islam and the non-Muslims in Malaysia. The allegation about Malaysian non-Muslims are under oppression and do not have the total rights to practice their religion, is the motive behind all these craps!

Bar Council? You and buddy MP Surendran are the same. Just because DBKL demolished a Hindu kuil the other day, both of you drew a conclusion that the government did not observe the rights of non-Muslim to practice their religion, as stipulated under the Federal Constitution.

Have you and your Council ever conducted a survey to find out what is the proportion of mosques, kuil and tokong (temple) to the Malaysian Muslims, Hindu and Buddha? Or you already know the fact but simply did not want to admit it, knowing it will backfire!

Selangor mempunyai penduduk berjumlah 4.8 juta. Daripada jumlah itu orang Melayu mewakili 2.5 juta dengan kapasiti 259 masjid dan 939 surau. orang Cina Buddha berjumlah 1.3 juta mempunyai 1,015 tokong, orang India berjumlah 647,000 dengan 810 kuil berdaftar (bilangan ini belum dicampurkan dengan tokong dan kuil yang tidak berdaftar). Manakala, bilangan gereja Kristian?  jumlah 50,000 penganut Kristian (kajian 2009).
However, let me tell you that the number of Hindu kuils and temples for the minority Malaysians are three times bigger than that of the mosques and surau while the number of Chinese tokongs too are 'simply too many'.

And do you know how many churches are there in KL as compared to the mosques?

So, what's the fuss about our government suppressing the minority from practicing their religion? Please apply some of your legal brain to weigh all those fact before opening up your mouth and bringing in Chad, Algeria dna Tunisia into the picture.

I have been there, and I have been to most of the countries where human rights record is in question. Even the US was slammed by the United Nations for its bad human rights record, especially in using drones to kill thousands of civilians in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Yemen.

But of course the US human rights record is perfect to you although the whole world knows how Guantanamo is the axis of evil.



UMNO and the Palace

Posted: 14 Nov 2013 10:45 AM PST

The sudden interest of Utusan Malaysia's Awang Selamat in how the Malay Rulers should conduct themselves in business is an interesting development.

In a recent editorial, Awang referred to a message—purportedly from an UMNO veteran—warning the Malay Rulers not to be excessive when pursuing their commercial interests. That the warning didn't come from the current UMNO leadership but through a close third party seems to indicate that the party is quite worried about this development.

Business decisions aren't clear-cut in Malaysia. They get mixed up with politics and, specifically, the politics of patronage. If you have a project that needs to get off the ground, you must first have the support of certain powers-that-be, which sometimes will involve a quid pro quo or some form of gratuity. Some people call this a "cost of doing business". I call it graft.

The Constitution is clear that the Malay Rulers are not to be involved in business, but UMNO is not in a position to enforce this rule because they themselves flaunt the Constitution and the law with frightening regularity.

This issue allowed me to be a five-minute hero years ago at the 1993 UMNO General Assembly. In my speech, I humbly begged Their Highnesses to respect the law and made the point that there had to accountability for everyone. I said there was no place for legal immunity if a Ruler violated the law in his personal capacity. My remarks were greeted by tremendous applause.

Then I made a gigantic boo-boo. I said that what was good for the goose must also be good for the gander. I looked up to the UMNO leaders on stage and said that if we were to be a nation of laws, then surely we must apply the law to all and sundry, without fear or favour. High and low, King and commoner, national leader or wage-earner—all must be bound by the law of the land. You could hear a pin drop. There was absolute silence… except for the sound of me digging my own political grave.

Fast forward 20 years later, and we're still a nation in which the law is selectively applied to suit the powers-that-be. Indeed, we have many excuses not to apply the law and defend the interests of the rakyat. It's unlikely that a Mentri Besar whose appointment and tenure depend on the pleasure of the King would dare oppose the wishes of the Palace, whether in matters of business or otherwise. The rakyat today lament the widespread involvement of the Palace in big business and nothing is being done by the Government to stop it. They do not dare, because they themselves partake in similar ventures which the law does not permit.

Similarly it's unlikely an Attorney-General would risk his future by going against the wishes of the PM in our system of government. There have been many high-profile cases which were disturbing in terms of how they were handled by the Government and the Attorney-General's office, which suggests some kind of intervention by the higher-ups.

Our Courts do not help matters.  We have essentially reinterpreted the Constitution to give discretionary powers to the Malay Rulers to sack a sitting Government, even though we know very well that this interpretation is wrong and tremendously shortsighted. When the Government dished out taxpayers' money to Members of Parliament from political parties in the Government but not from the Opposition, the Court also said that this was fine. The Court somehow did not deem this practice to be wrong or unfair.

And now that we have given the Rulers and our Prime Minister all these extra powers, why complain?

UMNO is complaining about the Rulers' excessive forays into business, perhaps because the Palace is encroaching onto their turf. UMNO isn't against the principle of it, per se, provided there is enough moolah to go around for them too.

So, what difference does it make to the rakyat if projects go to UMNO or the Palace? I believe that it is incumbent on us and any politician who cares about the people to expose any wrongdoing and speak up against any abuse committed by our leaders, whether elected or hereditary. Criticising the Rulers and the Government carries a lot of risk, as we can go to jail for sedition. But that's not such a bad deal compared to letting this country go to waste, to the point that there will be nothing left for our grandchildren.

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