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Ten Personal Fatwas (that makes sense to me)

Posted: 25 Nov 2013 10:57 AM PST

2. "on when to leave a sermon/khotbah"

it is wrong and displeasurable to continue to sit in a religious sermon/khotbah of a preacher whose talk is filled with hatred for other religion, who insinuates other believers, who talks bad about people of other races and ethnic groups, and who talks down on women, and whose arrogance stinks to the heavens, and most importantly who speaks in a loud and shouting voice even with a microphone befitting of mick jagger's 90th. birthday concert ... it is right to leave such a talk/sermon/khotbah ... it is better to stay home and listen to one's iPOD -- ar

3. "halal and haram in what one wears"

it is right to wear whatever you feel is right and modest, by your own definition and not that of others or of some ancient scripture or by some hadith you cannot trust of its relevance to modern times ... the key is modesty and for one to be proud of one's beauty without drowning in vanity ... there is no point covering oneself up when one's mind is also closed shut to the diversity of ideas ... and besides, one must wear what one likes according to the appropriate season, weather forecast, and cultural pride ... that is the most halal thing to do, when it comes to choosing one's clothing -- ar

4. "on reading the halal and the haram"

one need not limit oneself to just reading the holy scriptures of one's religion; read the ones considered unholy too .. it will make one understand good by knowing evil .. that is best part of learning .. the most halal thing to do with knowledge .. again, one's inner conscience will be the best teacher and guide, and no one should tell you what to read only and what not to read .. that will be a haram thing to do; tantamount to imposing the other person's ignorance unto you ... -- ar

5. "halal and haram in driving a car"

it is halal to allow women to drive a car if she can pay for her car insurance and has a valid driver's license and if it means more business for the car industry .. it is haram to forbid women to drive as long as she does not drive other drivers crazy -- ar

6. "beautiful women, beautiful men ... "

with or without hijab any women will look beautiful if she feels beautiful inside ... with or without a long, unshaven beard, any man will look manly is he feels the manhood alive inside of him .. it is the most halal thing to feel about oneself ... again, modesty and rationality and not vanity .. rules -- ar

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