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Wanita PKR chief agrees to hudud but not for immediate implementation

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 05:44 PM PST

Stressing that there must be a process before the implementation, Zuraida said:

"As a Muslim I agree with the implementation of hudud. But there must be a process of awareness and education on the fundamentals of hudud laws to the public. I therefore cannot agree on its immediate enforcement"

Zuraida said this when asked to comments on the issue regarding the implementation of the Islamic penal code in Kelantan that has been an on-going topic over the past week.

She said it was crucial for the masses to be educated about the fundamentals of hudud through the media before its implementation and said she had proposed on the idea before but was ignored.

Zuraida also blamed Barisan Nasional for 'beating around the bush' on the issue and had urged their members to seriously look into it instead of abandoning their responsibility and pointing fingers at PKR.

She also echoed veteran Umno leader Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah's comments on the issue that the Federal Government would have to amend the constitution first to allow hudud to be enforced in Kelantan.

Another PKR leader, vice-president Tian Chua in a text message to The Mole had said: "Hudud is a discourse of Muslim scholars and legal experts. The discussion will continue."



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