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SYA Open Letter to Mr Liow Tiong Lai – Part 1

Posted: 09 Oct 2013 01:22 PM PDT

After the 13 general election ,  MCA is at their weakest moment for just having winning 7 parliamentary and 11 state seats. It is sad to see that MCA Deputy President which is you Mr Liow Tiong Lai choose to ask your comrades to strike on 06.05.2013 for your personal ambition. MCA do not even have a chance to call for a Presidential Council meeting to discuss about the outcome of the election and those who are supporting you already take the opportunity to pressure Dr Chua Soi Lek to step down. And all this just happen just one day after 05.05.2013 (13 GE) and when all the entire MCA leaders, members and supporters do not even have a enough time to take a  deep breath of what had just happen and you had directly or indirectly leading them into another War which is the internal war. Is the position of becoming the MCA President is that important when you are already the Deputy President of MCA? Is it so important that you willing to sacrifice your own party (MCA) unity and stability for your personal ambition and gain?

Please do not tell us that you wanted to transform MCA and therefore you choose to run for the Presidency. Action speaks louder than words. Your actions speaks otherwise. For being a no 2 man in MCA and you can even stab and strike your No 1 for your own personal ambition. A good leader will never stab anybody from the back. We all knew the true reason for MCA defeat have nothing much to do with the MCA current President.

We all knew the facts that you may or may not be involving in setting up Dr Chua Soi Lek video was never an issue during the General Election. We all knew it is a matter of facts that MCA political opponents which is DAP is giving a lot of false hope to the Chinese community is part of the reason MCA suffered badly. In addition, we also knew exactly that all the dirty political propaganda, manipulations and deception to incite anger and hatred among the Chinese community is carefully executed by DAP over the time. We also knew the facts that SUPP and GERAKAN which is another Chinese base political party did 7 times worst than MCA even they only won 1 parliamentary seat.

We all knew it was a Chinese tsunami and no matter who became the MCA President during General Election will also need to face this defeat. We all knew exactly that way before General Election it is already a prediction that both side of political thinks tanks and researcher already calculated that MCA is capable of winning less than 5 seats and even being wipe out and end up with zero. Having said that, if it was not Dr Chua Soi Lek who is the MCA President during 13th General Election then the probability of winning lesser than 7 seats is very high. As for you Mr Liow Tiong Lai that if you are still a person with a clear Conscience then you just knew the facts Dr Chua Soi Lek is a hardworking man that have done everything he can to fight this battle. You knew exactly the facts that he was the only MCA leader who travel around the country for the last 3 years none stop to help MCA in everything that is within his ability to fight DAP.

You end up still chose to put the blame on Dr Chua for MCA defeats in the General Election when the rest of the political party like Gerakan, MIC, and PPP party No 2 never take this 13 General Election defeats to push to blame to their No 1 and pressure them to step down. They know it is more a soul searching moment for their entire political party rather than blame game moment. They know how to point their bullets outwards to highlighted the facts of all the deception, manipulation and lies that Anwar , Red Bean Army and DAP is playing to incite hatred and anger among the non Malay community. You are the only leader and politician in entire Barisan Nasional after May 13 who choose to point the bullet inwards to pressure your own party No 1 to step down. Ask yourself again is it really for the betterment of MCA or it is actually all about your own personal selfish interest?

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