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Police Refuse to Take Action

Posted: 30 Oct 2013 01:04 PM PDT 

There are two different cameras known as CAM08 and CAM09. CAM08 is the location in lift area and CAM09 is a motorbike parking lot. Both are separated between small passages around 10 feet length. Compare both videos. More important is date and time - must compare both videow. These guys were the one had shifted the CCTV camera focus and put salt and fine sand mix with chemical in my motorbike engine oil. I had reported to police and no action was taken. I lost in material damages amounting MYR 6k for my two motorbikes and slight damage to the car.!/photo.php?v=314561095353114&set=vb.100003976777944&type=2&theater
Now details of CAM09.  (Hours:Minite:Seconds)
00:28:40    Four guys walking and the front guy name Azman (unit no: 1-17-11) carrying bag of salt.
00:29:11    All the guys walking towards lift lobby area.
00:30:01    Azman starring at my motorbike, never realized he was caught by camera then turn looking at camera.
00:30:04    Camera focus was shifted.
00:30:27    Camera focus readjusted as before but not in original position.!/photo.php?v=314565438686013 

Now details of CAM08.  (Hours:Minite:Seconds)
00:28:38    Zawahil (1-5-4) was staring at notice board. Rizal (1-13-13) was waving hand at four guys coming to passage and coming to Zawahil.
00:29:08    Both wanted to meet the other four guys enter the passage.
00:29:14    Both reverse back because the other four already reach the lobby. All stand there and discuss.
00:29:41    Azman re-enter the passage. Followed by Rizal, Zawahil, Suhami (1-5-5), and security guard enter the passage. But Ah Boon (1-13-6) was smoking and pretends walking in the lobby. 
00:29:56    Security guard wearing in black stand back and watch by leaning to the wall. Also, Suhami wait at side and watching because his white shirt can be seen.
00:30:06    Zawahil return to lobby shows he never adjust the camera focusing. It must Rizal should have adjusted the camera. Zawahil followed Ah Boon went to left side to guard to see any other residents are watching.
00:30:29    Vandalism completed the guard came out from the passage followed by the other three. Azman taking the guard at front entrance to the mail box section. I believe the security guard was warned.
00:30:53    Rizal go to the side. 100% he had warned the security guard. He is the great trouble maker. Even now he is causing trouble with me. Some Malays informed me that these four Malays are three line gangsters or leaders recruiting members.
00:31:42     Everyone entering the lift to go to their home except the security guard went to the guard post.

Note: Next day morning, I had found out my engine oil was mixed with salt because the remaining salt they throw all over my motorbike. Number plates and other things were broken. Management Malay supervisor was a nice guy but he was sacked because he had copied the vandalism images from CCTV camera. Police say, this video prove cannot be used in investigation. 


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