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The folly of the majority

Posted: 18 Sep 2013 12:37 PM PDT

The UMNO President has once again announced a massive government initiative dedicated to helping only the Malays and the Bumiputera under the New Economic Model. This "disadvantaged group," comprising more than 70 % of the population, will be getting more of the usual special treatment from the Government in the form of contracts, grants unit trusts and loans worth more than RM30 billion. Why they are not able to help this group by having good and fair policies for all Malaysians was never explained.

Now preferential policies for the Malays are deemed as a right. It has become a huge political gimmick where the Malays are regularly told that if they want these special rights and privileges to continue, they have to vote for UMNO. In fact, some UMNO leaders scoff at the so-called "unfairness" of these policies and scold their colleagues for being apologetic about it.

What I find most distasteful and hard to stomach are the pretensions that go with the policy announcement. There is this condescending assurance that the rights of "others" will not be affected, and that since the economy will continue to grow, no one will lose. If that were true then the non-Malays will continue to have more than the Malays, and this is certainly untenable for the special people.

It took 40 years for Malay corporate wealth to move from 2% to 23%. Do not ask me why. But surely that means that to move from the present rate to, say, 50% will take another 50 years at least if not more. By then the non-Malays will represent only 20 -23 % of the population and so the question then for Utusan Malaysia will be, why allow the Chinese to have wealth on parity or greater than those from the majority race? Equity, the new buzzword, or equitable treatment therefore requires the non-Malays to "forego or give up" what they have to allow for equitable treatment to the Malays. So why pretend that we care about fairness or act concerned about making sure others will not be "unfairly treated"? Fairness is irrelevant. The idea of special preference itself is a negation of fairness.

It's ironic that these leaders shouted Hidup Melayu to celebrate this pernicious policy, because it is actually a death knell for the Malays. The original policy of 40 years ago has become something else: it's now a repository of all that is crude, unsophisticated and unthinking. What can be simpler than the idea of grabbing as much as you can whilst you have power? The deleterious and negative effects of this can be seen in the behaviour and values of these Umno Malays.

Today after many years of being "special", the Malays who are successful are never accepted for their ability; they must have received 'special treatment" from Umno. This is particularly true if they do not support Umno's policies. The dispensation of special treatment enables Umno to pick and choose the winners and after 40 years we can see clearly how some Malays are more equal than others. The greed emanating from this group of the 'NEW RICH" is shocking. The lower income groups remain untouched by new injection of financial and economic assistance; it's always the Malay Contractors; members of the Malay Chambers, and of course the elite who get the bulk of the special treatment.  When will the Malays realized the special treatment formula is nothing special except for some?

Short sightedness is another product of the special treatment. Malay businessmen are not encouraged to collaborate with the non Malays when such collaboration will open new supply chain and new opportunities. It's the same with education. The Chancellor of Universiti Teknologi MARA proudly announced that the university is no place for non-Malays. He assumes that non-Malays want to go there in the first place. He also ignores the possible benefits that can come from having a more diverse student body—he is probably oblivious to the fact that we can learn valuable traits, attitudes and values from those who are different from us. It sadly does not occur to him that the presence of non-Malays might actually be useful for the Malays, the people he wants to champion.

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The 3rd Man in UMNO Vice Presidency

Posted: 18 Sep 2013 08:22 AM PDT

I had then written:

... we know UMNO is currently not doing well at federal level so perhaps a managed hiatus in federal politics for Mukhriz may not be ill conceived. [...]

... now no worries because AAB is out and Daddy is again back in vogue as the party darling, so it's virtually guaranteed Mukhriz will be supported by 101% of any UMNO state constituency in Kedah. He will also, like Dad when he was PM, receive garlands as big as the Garden of Eden wakakaka.

Currently, given SAMM's outrage and consequentially promised campaign against the current PAS MB, Azizan Abu Bakar, for his treacherous non-party line support of UUCA, and Chinese Kedahans' dislike for same MB, there is a possibility that PAS may be voted out to an extent it loses majority rule in Kedah – for more, read Another Hasan Ali.

So if UMNO (forget about MCA and Gerakan, but don't leave out MIC wakakaka) wins back Kedah, Mukhriz Mahathir could well be the next MB of Kedah.

And indeed he is as I forecast.

But MB or not, an UMNO man cannot remain outside the highest echelon of the UMNO party hierarchy (namely president, deputy president and the 3 vice president positions) and still expects to become PM, assuming of course UMNO remains the ruling party or at least, the largest party in the ruling coalition BN.

Thus Mukhriz must become, as a start, a party vice president, from which he can then ascend to become deputy president (and thus deputy PM) before assuming the top party post and by default, the prime minister position.

Currently there are 3 VP positions in UMNO, occupied by Shafie Apdal, Hishamuddin Hussein and the recently-most-belligerent and most ethnically "patriotic" pseudo-pahlawan, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.




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