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Siapa yang sebenarnya menghina Islam?

Posted: 17 Jul 2013 12:53 PM PDT

The Malaysian Insider - My case has nothing to do with sex bloggers, says youth who was abducted

The youth who was abducted and assaulted by a group of men in Shah Alam and had the words "Saya hina Islam" written on his body said his case had nothing to do with the hot issue involving the controversial sex bloggers' Ramadhan photograph.

Ng Mun Tatt, 21, said he was abducted for money and that the words 'Saya hina Islam' were a tactic by his assailants so that he would be beaten by the public if he tried to escape.

Ng said he is stunned how his photograph taken at a police station was leaked and went viral on Facebook even before his statement could be taken by the police.

"I was more shocked when the police said yesterday my case was triggered by the sex bloggers' case," he said at a Press conference in Klang today.

"I don't even know anything about them, nor have I offended anyone recently."

It was the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar who told reporters in Bukit Aman yesterday that Ng's case could have been triggered by sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee's controversial Ramadhan greetings photograph of bak kut teh on Facebook.
Sooner or later this and more would have happened. The racial-religious-political climate in Malaysia is now so tinder dry which makes such event inevitable.

And I cannot help but wonder whether the campaign for GE-13 is really over, or has the campaign for GE-14 already started?

Recent events haven't help like the Vatican in undiplomatically raising the Allah word issue again when we have both the Home Minister and IGP under pressure, one from his party election campaign and the latter from strident public calls for his immediate resignation in the criminal case of a death-in-police-custody, and a Malaysian public on steroids through daily dosages of racial-religious incitation and blatant fabrications.

Then a couple of idiotic publicity hounds added to the simmering likely-conflagration by posting provocative photo and remarks in Facebook, though I have to say the proposal to invoke the Sedition Act in their provocation was way over the top and if processed, would be a gross abuse of the law.

Naturally the BN-government's and police's double standards in going after the idiots while ignoring their own provocative idiots have been breath-taking, but then this is BN's Malaysia Boleh.

Back to Ng Mun Tatt - Not only was he beaten up and accused of insulting Islam, his photo taken by police with the words "Saya hina Islam" scrawled on his chest was posted on the Net and which went viral.

I wasn't aware that police have this role of posting as-yet unsubstantiated accusations on the Net?

And a besieged IGP (besieged for his bull about a death-in-custody case) made some rather irresponsible as-yet unproven connections between Ng Mun Tatt's case and the idiotic Alvivi duo.

Something is seriously wrong!

Posted: 17 Jul 2013 12:32 PM PDT

In Malaysia, we dont have the 4 seasons. However, certain happenings in Malaysia is as predictable as the 4 seasons in temperate countries.

Yearly we have the Auditor General's report outlining the abuses and wastage in government spending. Yearly, there is  a big 'hoohaa'  after the release of the AG annual report ,  with calls for reform from  NGOs and civil society and promises from the authority to tackle the problems. Two or three weeks after the release, everybody is deemed to have done their duty and everything is forgotten till the next round.

Then we have the perennial Haze problems, and the usual predictable responses from politicians across both divides asking something to be done to solve the problem permanently.  Yearly, the Indonesian authority blames the Malaysian companies. The Malaysian companies will then issue a denial, and after a few days, wind changes direction, sky becomes clear again, and everyone forgets about the issue.

Around this time of the year, another perennial problem will surface, and it does surface this week.

Many of the straight  A's students are denied places to study the courses of their choice and these poor students have nowhere to turn to, except to the media and the politicians.

Every year, the politicians will play the role of firemen, and individual cases sometimes do get a reprieve, and after an appeal, some of these students may  get the places they wish.

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