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Former exco Xavier Jeyakumar cast off

Posted: 03 Jun 2013 02:58 PM PDT

FMT - Xavier's supporters gather outside Anwar's house

... six people led by Selayang councillor George Gunaraj and Suaram co-chairman K Arumugam had the meeting with Anwar.

It is believed that during the meeting, Anwar explained that it was the Selangor palace and not the party that wanted Xavier to be dropped.

Xavier was appointed as the state exco in the Pakatan Rakyat government after winning the Seri Andalas state seat in 2008.

Despite the dentist retaining his seat by defeating MIC candidate T Mohan with a bigger majority this time around, he was dropped from the exco list for unknown reasons.

Okay, say HRH did not mention dropping Xavier, would PKR have included him in the exco?

And I wonder how PKR would be able to, considering they had already deprived DAP of one exco position, announced by Khalid Ibrahim in the f* usual PKR way, via his public tweet and without informing DAP.

The stolen exco position was for Khalid's fave, Eli Wong.

Thus I can say that Anwar blaming HRH for dropping Xavier is irrelevant because with or without HRH's approval, there was no more exco position for Xavier.

It's the same PKR bull that blamed HRH for the 6:4 ratio, because even if DAP were properly and correctly allocated the 4 exco positions as agreed, there would be still be 6 Malays comprising 4 from PAS and 2 from PKR, namely Rodziah Ismail and Daroyah Alwi, apart from the MB being a PKR Malay too.



Did Anwar Ibrahim tell the Truth? – BERNAMA Interview with Hamid Awaludin

Posted: 03 Jun 2013 02:56 PM PDT

Jusuf Kalla considers both Anwar and Najib as good friends. He wanted to help because they were competing fiercely with one another. That is how he saw this.

2. Anwar claims there were several "preconditions" in the agreement e.g. free elections, fair media, etc. Can you outline any preconditions?

Hamid Awaludin:
I am very sure that there were no preconditions discussed between Jusuf Kalla and Anwar. For me, a deal is a deal. And there was a deal that both parties – Anwar and Najib – agreed to.

Some people always try and find a loophole after the event, or an excuse not to deliver on their promise. Some people are different in character to others.

3. Anwar now claims PM Najib didn't sign the agreement and it was therefore not valid. Jusuf Kalla says the PM did give his verbal agreement and therefore the deal was agreed by both parties, and was valid. Is Anwar correct or is Jusuf Kalla?

Hamid Awaludin:
Anwar knew that Najib did not sign the agreement. Najib had very reasonable, political reasons for not signing the agreement and Anwar understood and accepted it.

But Najib gave his word that he would honour the agreement. He consented to the agreement. Basic morality teaches us that a man's word is more important than his signature. And deeds are more important than any declaration. Najib delivered on his promise. He called for national reconciliation during his election result acceptance speech. Najib's deeds matched his word.

4. On Election Day, do you feel that the agreement was still in place? Had anything happened before Election Day to invalidate the agreement?

Hamid Awaludin:
I am very sure that nothing jeopardized the agreement in the run up to the election or on Election Day. The agreement still stood. Things changed after Najib was declared the winner. Even the day after Najib's victory, I was personally optimistic that a deal is deal, and both sides would abide by the deal. But Anwar broke the deal. Perhaps he was unable to manage his followers, especially because the DAP had won more seats than Anwar's own party. Anwar found himself in a difficult position. But a leader must lead, not be led.




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