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THE ILLUSION OF RECONCILIATION - Part II. Some Folks you just can’t reach.

Posted: 08 Jun 2013 12:15 PM PDT


This is the curse of tolerating for more than 50 years. Tolerance does not require any degree of sincerity. You just put up with it even if you hate it. If you convey your disgust then you are not peace loving and are confrontational.

Michael Zechariah 

"What we've got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. I don't like it any more than you men".

Some folks are just natural born racists and clan chauvinists. They will just die that way. Period. This racist breed is everywhere. They are in our schools, in the famous eatery in our housing area, in the playground, in places of worship, in the hospitals, in the neighborhood, in the parliament, in BN, in DAP, in PKR, in PAS even sometimes under your own roof. There are racist and clan chauvinist among every race in the world. We become hypocrite and 'munafiks' in highest order if we just whack the ketuanan Melayu folks time and time again that they are racists but on the other hand do nothing when DAP, PKR, PAS and their supporters are being equally racist.

A new sick culture which is gaining acceptance today in a segment of Malaysian society is that Pakatan political parties and their supporters are infallible and they can do no wrong. Even if it is wrong just close one eye because Pakatan must win and therefore should not magnify bad publicity.  

It is a given that corruption is bad, abuse of power is bad, racism is bad, gerrymandering is despicable in today's world. Just because Pakatan champions clean government does that mean that it can do no wrong? What are the measures that Pakatan is taking to educate their supporters, well wishers or sympathizers to respect others? 

The cult following of DAP will be the cancer that is going to eat up its own flesh. Some Chinese folks are overly intoxicated with DAP's achievement in the GE-13, that their 'Dutch courage' can be seen in their actions and statements they make. DAP should thank them as 'Tanda Putra' the movie is going to be a success and many of our Malay friends will concur with the director of the film although you may call it distorted facts and far from truth. These are the same Chinese folks who address everybody else as 'KUI'. You name it. 'INTHU KUI', 'MALAI KUI'.    

Moment of truth; if the people can tell BN to piss off, what makes you to think that the people should not tell Pakatan Rakyat to piss off too? Hello? Pakatan Rakyat or not you are not above the law. If you are charged in court for breaking the law, don't look stupid by crying foul. Your argument of 'you did not charge the other guy but you charge me' will not hold water. Some of you are lawyers, so don't play stupid. Have some respect for your law degrees.

We not only have some Chinese folks telling Melayu bodoh can't even spell a word properly, they go further to insult their King. Let us get over it. The Yang Dipertuan Agung and the Sultans are Raja-Raja Melayu. Not Raja Cina or Raja India. That is why their names are not 'Kang King Kung' or 'Raja Gopal'. As people, the Malays take pride in their Raja.

Now that we have enough law makers from the opposition in the parliament are you going to propose the Race Relations Act? How about the MPs from the ruling coalition?

Are you all going to come together to put your brains to work to materialize the Race Relations Act which is long overdue? Any MP who thinks that the Race Relations Act is not needed, difficult to come up with one or won't even try is a disgrace to all thinking Malaysians. It is people like you who help to breed the hooligans we have in Malaysian society today who excel in racial slurs. Try to answer these questions for a start:

1. If you are a Malay MP, how do you like it when you are called Melayu bodoh, otak lembu?

2. If you are a Chinese MP, how do you like it if you are called Cina babi?   

3. If you an Indian MP, how do you like it if you are called Keling pariah?  

4. If you are a non-Malay MP, how do you like it if you are called anjing pendatang yang tak tahu berterima kasih, tak tahu diam, nak mintak apa lagi? Tak suka keluar dari Malaysialah.

We have had idiots in our Parliament in the past who utter the word keling and went on further to explain why it is ok.

If you MPs claim that you represent your race, how dare you let the people of your race face the 4 vulgarities in the questions above in their daily lives? If you close one eye to these, are you not a liar and a hypocrite? Are you not a 'munafik'?

PM Najib is talking about reconciliation. Anwar is talking about lawan, tetap lawan! And we have racism on an impressive level. If we want to reconcile, we must be intentional about it. We must have the 'niat' to reconcile. If there is no 'niat' the rest of the effort is as good as useless. The opposition too must have the 'niat' to reconcile. Anwar may not reconcile with Najib. We are not talking about them. We are talking about us, the people of Malaysia. Political parties and politicians are always going to have their bickering. That is what they do as politicians from different parties. But this is not about them to begin with. It was never about them. It is about us, the people who elected these folks into parliament.

This is the curse of tolerating for more than 50 years. Tolerance does not require any degree of sincerity. You just put up with it even if you hate it. If you convey your disgust then you are not peace loving and are confrontational. The Malaysian people were forced to tolerate all the emotional abuse in the 4 questions above for more than half a century.

It takes the fear of God and some maturity to accept that 'if it hurts my fellow human being, I am not going to do it'. This is when the intention or the 'niat' comes in. The fear of God will compel sincerity both in the public and in the private domain. We will respect other races in our dinner table talk and also in public discourse.     

So, it is our hope that our elected MPs fear God and have the 'niat' for reconciliation. Having said that, some men you just can't reach. They will die being racist only to find out that their maker is not the same race as they are.

The introduction quote; Strother Martin in Cool Hand Luke 1967

Michael Zechariah is a former law lecturer and a corporate professional who currently runs a training firm which specializes in helping governments to transform their agencies to be more effective to deliver policies that are aimed at nation building.

Shameless and disgraceful Uthaya

Posted: 08 Jun 2013 12:02 PM PDT


No one can be sure whether Uthaya is working for Pakatan to undermine Waytha and Hindraf.  

Megat Jittendran 

Human Rights Party (HRP) secretary-general P Uthayakumar has fallen from grace.

He has transformed from hero to zero within five years.

He pressed the fast forward button to become a source of embarrassment to the very community that he claims to represent. 

If one were to probe into his past, one would realise that Uthaya had been fond of abandoning his own organisations to start or hop to another to pursue his selfish political goals. 

In 1999, he joined newly formed PKN, the predecessor of PKR, only to leave in haste after a fallout with the party leadership, mainly caused by his own arrogant "my way or no way" style. 

Almost immediately, he formed his first political party, Parti Refomasi Insan Malaysia (PRIM), which was obviously a non-starter. 

He copied the term "refomasi" from Anwar Ibrahim's "refomasi" cry. 

Uthaya is indeed a tacit fan of Anwar. 

One can notice this from the way Uthaya choreographs his political drama over the years, like waving to a few supporters from car roof tops, frequently challenging the authorities to put him behind bars and spreading lies at will. 

Even the recent drama of refusing bail to serve a 30-month jail for sedition conviction was straight from Anwar's catalogue of political antics. 

Now he has appealed against his conviction. Real clown, isn't he?

Uthaya just wanted to make Waytha, who was being sworn in as senator and deputy minister at the same time on June 5, look bad in lay public eyes.

It's not an overstatement to suggest Uthaya has been an Indian replica of Anwar.

Sensing he was heading nowhere with his PRIM, politician Uthaya then suddenly "transformed" into a human rights activist by quickly setting up the Human Rights Committee and Police Watch Network (HRCPWN).

HRCPWN was focused on highlighting deaths of Indian youths in police custody and encounters, and other unfair treatment and abuses meted out on the group, such as detention of innocent youths on suspicion of crime. 

At that time, Uthaya's younger brother, P Waytha Moorthy together with some NGOs have formed Hindraf – the Hindu Rights Action Force, in December 2005. 

Hindraf actually started as a coalition of some 15 organisations. 

Living up to their reputation as useless coward movements, the organisations however all fled from the coalition after Waytha Moorthy became the first Malaysian NGO Indian leader to handover a petition to His Majesty, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong urging the royalty to stop temple demolition. 

It was left to Waytha to operate Hindraf all on his own. 

Uthaya voluntarily joined Hindraf in April 2006 and was appointed by Waytha as the legal advisor. 

Waytha, who was desperate for manpower then, authorised Uthaya to issue statements on behalf of Hindraf. 

Even though he was active in Hindraf, Uthaya still kept his Human Rights Committee and Police Watch Network and Parti Refomasi Insan Malaysia. 

Now how the hell can Uthayakumar now claim ownership of Hindraf? 

He was nowhere near Hindraf when Waytha Moorthy founded it. 

Why are the media, especially certain online portals, shirking their responsibility to probe into this? Why is the media playing to Uthayakumar's tune of malicious lies? 

Why are responsible media seemingly comfortable with these lies? 

Under Waytha's Hindraf, the two brothers of course worked together to highlight various Indian-related issues, including statelessness, temple demolitions, Hindu burial grounds disappearances, Tamil schools, conversions, body snatchings and deaths in police custody. 

Hindraf's struggle reached a peak with the mammoth rally at KLCC on Nov 25, 2007. 

In the aftermath of the rally, Uthaya and several other lawyers linked to Hindraf were detained without trial under the now repealed draconian law, Internal Security Act. 

Waytha Moorthy submitted an application to register Hindraf in 2007, 2009 and 2010. 

The ban was lifted in January 2013 and Hindraf was duly registered as Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia (Hindraf) in March this year with Waytha as its chairman. 

The registered name clearly confirms the Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia as the rightful descendant of Hindraf Makkal Sakti. 

After Uthaya served 514 days in Kamunting Detention Centre, he instantly formed his Human Rights Party (HRP) upon his release in May 2009. 

In the process he abandoned his own PRIM and HRCPWN, and of course Hindraf. 

He justified his HRP by claiming that political empowerment was the only path to end Indian woes, by definition confirming his belief that Hindraf was a spent force and had outlived its purpose. 

HRP was grandly launched at Hokkien Hall in mid-2009 and Uthaya took advantage of the function to launch his book on Indian political empowerment. 

Uthaya opened various HRP service centres all over the country and a website that made famous the word "mandore." 

One can remember that Uthaya was adamant that HRP was the only answer for Indians. 

On record, he even launched the grand 15 / 38 project to empower Indians via constituency political empowerment. 

He also insisted Waytha was the only Hindraf leader while he was only a legal advisor. 

For over two years, he preferred to highlight himself as HRP sec-gen and not Hindraf legal advisor. 

Waytha out of goodwill told his Hindraf comrades to work with HRP and Uthaya for Indian benefits. 

But the Hindraf – HRP relationship inevitably did not last long. 

Hindraf activists and Waytha cannot tolerate and put up with Uthaya, with his hard nutshell political style. 

Uthaya will never listen to anyone. "It's my way or no way" was his motto. 

Uthaya was acting like a political king with absolute power in the same mould of a circus clown downed by mad cow disease. 

Finally the split took place in late 2012 when Hindraf decided enough was enough with the big-headed and arrogant Uthaya. 

Now Uthaya knew he had lost the plot. 

His HRP was in shambles. HRP was a absolute failure, a miscalculation. He was lost in the political woods. 

Now to hide his fallacy and in a way to exact revenge on Waytha, he unashamedly hijacked Hindraf, capitalising on his previous stint in the organisation prior to his rush to form HRP. 

He shamelessly claimed himself as its de facto leader, another terminology copied straight from Anwar's vocabulary. 

He tells a lie that he was founder of Hindraf and heads a mysterious supreme council, magically constituted overnight. 

He shamelessly announced that Hindraf had sacked founding chairman and still chairman Waytha. 

The media, like obedient school children, played to his tune. 

Given certain pro-Pakatan online news portals have their agenda to destroy Hindraf, Uthaya is just their willing pawn to achieve the objectives. 

This explains why the so-called responsible online news portal failed to question Uthaya on what happened to his HRP, his 15 / 38 goal and his political empowerment agenda. 

No one can be sure whether Uthaya is working for Pakatan to undermine Waytha and Hindraf. 

But his lavish campaign style in Kota Raja and Sri Andalas during the 13th general election suggests he has money now. 

His legal office in Bangsar, which was near close-shop, has now been resurrected and reinvented, kicking and running alive after kissing death due to lack of funds. 

But no one can be sure where he got his sudden financial strength. 

But one thing for sure, Uthaya has now become a political sham, comedian and clown. 

He has transformed from hero to zero, and now a shameful isolated figure to the Indian community. 

He is a disgrace to his family as no one should ever stoop so low to hit hard at his own brother publicly, no matter how wicked he is. 

Uthaya is a model Indian politician and brother that no one shall emulate. 

He has brought shame to himself, his family and Hindraf. 

His 30-month jail is just a godly retribution to his karma. 

Once, a PKR MP described political clown Uthaya as a sick mad cow. 

One can't agree with the MP more. 

Uthaya surely has been showing symptoms of mad cow disease. 

A mad cow attacks everyone, doesn't it? 


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