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Breaking Rumours - Badawi Arranged Indonesian "Summit"

Posted: 16 Jun 2013 12:22 PM PDT

And there was no face to face meeting between Anwar and Najib. Rumour is Indonesian president Yudhyono and his people acted as go betweens. Anwar met Yudhyono in Bali. Najib stayed in Jakarta. Either Yudhyono or an emissary shuttled between them.

The question is the PMO does not deny that Najib was in Jakarta. It was not a State visit. (Because at the same time Yudhyono was in Bali meeting with Anwar.) 

So if it was not a State visit, what was Najib doing in Jakarta? And what was Anwar doing meeting Yudhyono in Bali (which he has not denied either).

I think if the Malaysian Press has any cojones, please ask the PM and Anwar what was their exact itenary in Indonesia. Who did they meet? Why? When? And also throw in the What, where and the how. 

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Rumours from the White House

Posted: 16 Jun 2013 11:45 AM PDT

The current administration has an obsession with the American President, Obama since Dato Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis was sent to Washington to fill the position of Ambassador to United States.

The whole civil service machinery have been instructed to focus on his upcoming visit in September that no one seemed to be concerned with policy or 2014 budget discussion.

To the common political eyes, it could be Prime Minister Dato Najib's appreciation for Obama's surprise call to acknowledge Barisan Nasional's win. It ends Anwar's post GE propaganda.

However, the astute observer fear that the call of support may have it's price in the form of the Asia Pacific Trade Agreement or seldom referred as Bangkok Agreement. We were made to understand that in this region, it is only Malaysia that has not signed this dreaded agreement.

The neo-liberal advisers in the likes of Omar Ong and Nor Mohamed Yakcop are cheering for Najib to sign. But, it is the death nail to our economic sovereignty and will sent the majority of Bumiputera back to colonial days poverty..

However, the White House rumours we are writing about today is not of Obama's but of Tengku Razaleigh's Jalan Langgak Golf home in Kuala Lumpur.

Kept Alive 

Talks of Tengku Razaleigh aspiring to be Prime Minister has not stopped despite him being in a late age of 76.

The tengkolok that cost him the '90 GE
It is partly because since 1984 (save for his years in Semangat 46 and a near miss in the 1990 general election), Ku Li, as he is seldom called, has consistently offered himself for the position of party Presidency at every UMNO party election.

Nothing less, not even to run for Vice President when he returned to UMNO, even though he has never held the position of Deputy President. 

If there are such positions called Pengerusi Tetap (Permanent Chairman) and Timbalan Pengerusi Tetap (Deputy Permanent Chairman) in UMNO, Ku Li deserve the position of Calun Tetap untuk Presiden (Permanent Candidate for President) UMNO. 

And, in recent years, it was kept alive through great spinning by online news.

These spinning can be as absurd as Ku Li's boy, Jadawi's claim that Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will vacate his position for Ku Li in weeks after he swore in as Prime Minister in late 2003. No politician would ever do that, not even a sleepy one.

During the "reign" of Abdullah, much of the spinning by Ku Li's boys on Malaysia Today came in the form of a theme called National Correction. When Najib became Prime Minister, it was spinned by Raja Petra (not Ku Li's boys anymore) as one of the Third Force.

Playing the same chord was blogger Sakmongkol aka Dato Ariff Sabri who described Ku Li as the only person capable of putting Malaysia on strong footing. [Read here]


The suspicion is DAP's former Pekan assemblymen Dato Ariff Sabri's loyalty is with Aspan Alias's boss Ku Li. Sources claimed that they are parked in DAP to wait for the right moment and there are many of them spread all over in DAP, PKR and PAS.

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