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Confession of A Teach for Malaysia Teacher

Posted: 10 Jun 2013 11:07 AM PDT

In the last four months, I could have cried when I had kids calling me a prostitute in mandarin, or that time when a kid told me I should not mess with him because his dad is part of the notorious along gangster crew (which I have never heard of and the phrase "ignorance is bliss" could not have rung truer), or that time when I was wolf whistled at for weeks wherever I went, or when a disruptive boy decided get up in the middle of my lesson, ran around the room and banged every table before he ran out of the class despite me calling after him and then having him come back and literally went on the floor, hugging my feet and begged for my forgiveness the same day, or when I was locked in the school building and then had to come out through the roof (long story) or when a big fat rat, literally, decided to chill right in front of my front door. Those were legit reasons to cry if I wanted to cry. But I didn't. Not a single tear rolled down my cheeks. I stood up to my boys, I had sleepless nights thinking of strategies to get my kids to just sit down for a single lesson, told every kid who threatened me to bring it on, went to every boy who wolf whistled and threw inappropriate remarks at me, looked them straight in the eyes and said, "how dare you". I have got nothing to lose and I am sure, as hell is not scared of anybody, no matter who your daddy is.

This morning however, was different. In fact, I wasn't teaching at all this morning. I was in a form 4 class, of which I only teach PJK to the six of the girls every week. So what was I doing with the entire class? I was invigilating their mid year exam, Sejarah Kertas 3 to be exact; An open book test where students are required to write an essay on a topic given. Just as I finished handing out the exam papers to all 35 students, one boy put his hand up and asked, "ujian apa hari ni, cikgu?" and I went, "HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW WHAT PAPER YOU ARE SITTING FOR ON THE DAY OF THE EXAM AND EVEN AFTER I HAVE HANDED OUT THE EXAM PAPER" silently in my head. Out loud, I said, "ujian Sejarah, kertas 3. Ujian ni boleh tengok buku, so keluarkan lah buku". Half of the classroom started to rummage through their bags and looked under their tables for books while the other half put their heads down and went to sleep. Ten minutes into the exam, they were all just staring at their books, opened to the first page. I went to a boy and asked if he knew what he was supposed to do. He shook his head and continued staring at his book. Another boy looked at me pleadingly, and asked, "cikgu, macam mana nak buat ni?" No one was writing anything. No one.

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Facts that Anwar, Lim Guan Eng, DAP and RBA Will Never Want You To Know

Posted: 10 Jun 2013 10:50 AM PDT

Oil Facts Issue

1. Bloomberg listed Malaysia as 9th Cheapest Price of Oil Country in the World


2. Even United States was rank at 12th in the world they already claimed that they are among the cheapest in the world. If 12th dare to claim they are among the cheapest then what about Malaysia which rank at 9th?


3. Malaysia is rate at $3.30 per gasoline while United states at  $4.19.

( this exclude the latest Malaysia BN government who reduces our RON 97 by 20 sen per liter and most importantly Anwar only PROMISE while BN deliver it despite not being in BN Manifesto after winning in GE 13 )

Oil Exporter Issue

4. DAP and Anwar allegations that Malaysia is oil exporter country therefore the price should be cheaper? Facts no 1 we not even recognize by OPEC as an oil exporter country. The REAL oil exporter country will be invited to be part of OPEC. Facts no 2 will be 90% of the daily oil that Malaysia produces already uses for local consumption. In this case we actually only export 10% of our oil.

U.S. oil output rose 14 percent to 6.5 million barrels per day last year — a record increase. By 2020, the nation is forecast to overtake Saudi Arabia as the world's largest crude oil producer. At the same time, U.S. gasoline demand has fallen to 8.7 million barrels a day, its lowest level since 2001, as people switch to more fuel-efficient cars.

5. Price of oil in Malaysia is even cheaper than many other REAL OIL producer and exporter countries like Iraq , Sudan and etc etc.

Free Education

6. Anwar Free Education policy ? Norway is unusual in that it's the only major oil producer with expensive gas. Instead of subsidizing fuel at the pump, the country uses its oil profits for services, such as free college education, and savings for infrastructure improvements. A country like Norway who do not give their citizens oil subsidy end up giving them free education. As in Malaysia , the educational loan interest rate is only at 1% and 80% of the entire cost in public University already subsidized by the government. This include OIL Subsidy from Malaysia government.


7. Malaysia tax rate is at Malaysia 27% while compare to United States tax rate at 40%. Means every RM100 American is earning then RM40 will be given back to the government. Yet the citizen and politicians including the oppositions never promise to reduce price of oil, free education and free this and free that. Malaysian who pay just 27% of tax thinks that they are the BOSS while people in United States thinks that the country is the boss. They belief in not what your country can do for you but WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY – John F Kennedy

Unemployment rate

8. US Unemployment rate at 7.3% vs Malaysia 3.3%
(In economic theory unemployment rate at 5% is normal and below 5% is good)

9. Since DAP and Anwar always ask us not to compare with country that is worst than us then why not we just compare all this with 1 of the top and best country in the world which is the United States? Some call it AMERICA.

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