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Lembu punya susu

Posted: 26 May 2013 06:34 PM PDT

Another more important point is that it was Jusuf Kalla who revealed the secret deal between Najib Tun Razak and Anwar Ibrahim. And then Anwar goes and whacks Najib when Najib never said a word and it was Jusuf Kalla who spoke out. Should not Anwar whack Jusuf Kalla instead? Why whack Najib? Najib never said anything. Jusuf Kalla was the one who spoke.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

The Malays have a saying. Lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama. I suppose this more or less describes what is happening here.

First of all, why does Terence Netto (in Din Merican's piece below) have to make references to Jusuf Kalla's Bugis ancestry? Why mention his race when you are the ones screaming for non-race-based parties and for race not being mentioned on your ICs and so on. Would it have been okay if Jusuf Kalla were Javanese or Balinese or Batak or Acehnese instead of Bugis? And you accuse Umno of being racist when you too play the race card.

Anyway, what is so wrong about him being Bugis? I know the Pakatan Rakyat supporters just love slandering someone's race like 'Mahathir the Mamak' and so on. Are Bugis and Mamak akin to being a leper? His Highness the Sultan of Selangor is Bugis. Are you going to now say that DAP was snookered by a Bugis because the Sultan wants six Malay EXCO members as opposed to five Malay and five Chinese? Why not say 'Anwar the Mamak got snookered by Jusuf Kalla the Bugis' since you love disparaging Mamaks and Bugis?

Another point to note is that Anwar Ibrahim approached Jusuf Kalla to ask for the latter's help in brokering a deal. Now you tell him to fuck off and butt out of Malaysia's internal matters? It is you who asked for his help, not him who kaypoh. And did Pakatan Rakyat not also approach Australia to ask them to interfere in Malaysia's elections? And did not someone from Australia, at your request, come to Malaysia during the Bersih rally? Are you now going to tell the Australians to fuck off and stay out of Malaysia's internal matters?

Another more important point is that it was Jusuf Kalla who revealed the secret deal between Najib Tun Razak and Anwar Ibrahim. And then Anwar goes and whacks Najib when Najib never said a word and it was Jusuf Kalla who spoke out. Should not Anwar whack Jusuf Kalla instead? Why whack Najib? Najib never said anything. Jusuf Kalla was the one who spoke.

Aiyah, what is going on here? Lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama.


Anwar Ibrahim snookered by Najib, thanks to Indonesia's Jusuf Kalla

(Din Merican, 27 May 2013) - What prompted Anwar Ibrahim to agree to a deal brokered by former Indonesian Vice-President Jusuf Kalla that required both the opposition leader and Prime Minister Najib Razak to agree to peaceably accept the results of GE13?

The Wall Street Journal quoted Jusuf Kalla as saying in this weekend's edition of the paper that he faults Anwar for reneging on the deal. In his defence, Anwar is quoted by the same paper as saying that the terms of the deal were nullified by the manner of the campaign waged by BN – that it had demonised the opposition, tactics that the Jusuf-brokered deal had required the BN to abjure.

It's strange that after all what he has been made to endure in the last 15 years by the powers-that-be – the two trials for sodomy, one for corruption and abuse of power which led to a six-year stay in jail, dissemination of a video showing someone looking like him in a transaction with a sex worker, among a host of other calumnies leveled at him – Anwar could still be credulous enough to believe that Umno-BN can abide by the terms of the deal negotiated by Jusuf.

There was not a little surprise when Najib, in the course of announcing in nationally televised remarks on April 3 the Agong's consent to the dissolution of Parliament, also let on that his party would abide by the wishes of the electorate and accept a peaceful transfer of power if that was what voters wanted.

Responding for the opposition Pakatan Rakyat that he leads, Anwar the same day welcomed Najib's assurance of a peaceful transition in the event one was decreed by voters. At that time, there was no way of knowing that these pantomimes were pre-ordained by the terms of a deal worked out by Jusuf Kalla, as reported by Wall Street Journal.

According to Anwar's version of the terms, as reported by the internationally respected paper, Najib had agreed not to demonise the opposition in BN's campaign waged through their doormat mainstream media. There was in the versions to Wall Street Journal given by the three parties to the deal some stuff about a role for the loser in a reconciliation process that would presumably take place after the vote. But this was rejected by one or the other party. 

Concern over power transition 

Deals like these are invariably hedged with ambiguity, this one more than others because it was inherently unworkable. Asking the BN not to demonise the Opposition in an election campaign that could well have resulted in their loss of power after a half-century's incumbency, is like distracting the Taliban from their goal of an Islamic emirate in Afghanistan with the idea that they would be better off as farmers growing poppy.

From the Wall Street Journal's story, it could not be inferred with certainty who made the initial approach for a deal – Anwar, Najib or Jusuf. Jusuf claims it was Anwar who approached him to broker the deal, but Anwar implies that the whole idea of the deal arose from concern in some ASEAN capitals that a transition of power in Malaysia after GE13 would be prone to violence.

To avert violence, get the two competing coalitions' spearheads, Najib and Anwar, to agree a deal where they would abide by the election's results. Anwar's pre-condition for agreeing to the deal was that BN not demonise the opposition during the campaign. The curious thing about this aspect of the deal is how did Anwar conclude that broker Jusuf had expertise in seeing to it that the BN abided by its terms?

Apparently, Jusuf had no difficulty in phoning Anwar the day after the election, May 6, to remind him about the opposition leader's "commitment" to accept the results with acquiescent serenity. But all a perplexed Jusuf got in return, according to The Wall Street Journal, is: "They said, 'No, no, no.' " It looks like Anwar has allowed one Bugis, Jusuf Kalla, to get him snookered by another, Najib Razak.


Anwar: I didn't break any deal because Najib didn't sign it

(FZ.COM, 27 May 2013) Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was adamant today that he had not broken any peace deal because the prime minister had not signed the treaty.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal published last Saturday, former Indonesian vice-president Jusuf Kalla accused Anwar of reneging on a secret peace deal to respect the result from the 13th general election.

Jusuf claimed that he had a written agreement with both Anwar and Datuk Seri Najib Razak in April to refrain from personal attacks and to accept the election outcome.

Anwar, however, claimed today that he was the sole signatory to the deal as Najib had refused to sign but agreed verbally.

"What were the parameters agreed upon? Number one is that we respect the ethical standards of the campaign which means you don't use the media to demonise, control the media and deny the right of other parties to express themselves. Number two is that to ensure free and fair election.

"Number three is contingent on the two earlier agreement then we must respect the agreement so that the transition of power is smooth and following that the victorious party would be magnanimous and no witch hunt. The defeated party would then accept the decision.

"It is more pronounced in that situation given all these points then there must be a spirit of building this nation together in this new reconciliation. So that is the context. Then why do you about reneging the agreement," he told a press conference at PKR headquarters.

Anwar explained the case of reneging did not arise because Najib had broken the first two agreements and pointed out that "the entire discourse now is about fraud and mass rigging."

He also claimed that Jusuf had met Najib and him several times prior and after nomination and after election.

"Initially my agreement was verbal but I told Pak Jusuf  'Look, I don't want to be like Najib because Najib will come and give all sorts of assurances'… So I told Pak Jusuf that I don't want to be in that category, so if I agree on ethical standards, free and fair election and peaceful transition then I will sign it.

"So I signed it alone and Najib did not," he said.

Anwar admitted that he had signed the agreement despite knowing beforehand that Najib had refused to the sign the agreement.

He also denied the agreement had touched on the subject of forming a unity government or any form of power sharing.

"Of course, I am not (legally bound to the contract). There is no contract. That is a contract that I signed. Najib said he agreed, he is a man of honour but he dare not, as usual, sign even though he agreed," he said.

Anwar confirmed that the contract was signed before nomination day.



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