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Ex-DAP member Jenice Lee stopped from attending party convention

Posted: 14 Dec 2013 05:18 PM PST

(The Star) - Former Teratai assemblywoman Jenice Lee, who was sacked as a DAP member, slammed the party for barring her from attending the state convention as an observer.

Lee claimed that she had applied to attend the convention as an observer five weeks ago but failed to receive a reply.

"Thinking that it would not matter, I walked in and I was surprised when the officers stopped me.

"It is ridiculous to stop me when reporters are allowed to go in," said Lee, who arrived at the convention hall at 9am.

"I can understand if there is not enough space but the hall looked empty and there were so many empty seats," she added.

Lee criticised the party for removing her name in the convention attendance lists.

"There is clearly some hanky-panky going on or else they would not have removed my name from the attendance list of the previous party conventions," she said.

State DAP national legal bureau chief Gobind Singh Deo said officers manning the entrance had exercised their right in not allowing Lee to enter as she had been expelled from the party.

"Only DAP members, delegates and invited guests can come in as observers," he said.

"Our simple response is Lee's membership has been dealt with by the disciplinary committee. The CEC has upheld the decision that she is no longer a member of the party," Gobind said.

He added that Lee had sought an interim injunction to maintain her membership in the party but was denied the order last Wednesday.



Expelled DAP members in limbo

Posted: 14 Dec 2013 01:50 PM PST

(The Star) - DAP members who have been recently sacked are wondering if they can vote at the party's Selangor-level election, as the Registrar Of Societies (ROS) has yet to recognise DAP's top office bearers.

L.P. Selvam, who received his expulsion letter signed by secretary-general Lim Guan Eng two weeks ago, asked if his sacking still stands as ROS did not recognise Lim and other DAP top leaders.

"I was told that the state party election is scheduled for Sunday (today) and I feel this should be an issue that must be explained by the leaders in the convention.

"Does this mean I am no more a DAP member and free to join another party?" asked Selvam, who stood as an independent candidate in the 13th general election.

The former aide to ex-Kota Alam Shah assemblyman M. Manoharan said his fellow DAP members who stood as independent candidates faced a similar predicament.

Another grassroots member, who chose to remain anonymous, said it was immature for DAP leaders to expel members without clear instructions.

"I just received a letter from the party and nothing else. Nobody called me up to say why the expulsion was made.

"It becomes further complicated when the ROS says it does not recognise DAP's office bearers," he said.

The man, who has been in the party for more than 15 years and contested as an independent candidate in the last general election, said he received his expulsion letter several weeks ago.

Selangor DAP vice-chairman Charles Santiago said the convention was expected to be a "lame one", as many delegates have adopted a carefree attitude towards it.

"Unlike in the past, not many are looking forward to the convention and party polls as the general election has ended," he said.

The state party polls, which is held once every two years, will see 35 delegates contesting for 15 positions today in Shah Alam. About 1,200 delegates were expected to be present.

Former Teratai assemblyman Jenice Lee (pic), who also received an expulsion letter from the party, had reportedly announced her intentions to secure a seat at the Selangor executive committee.

Lee, who had also stood as an Independent in the last general election, withdrew her lawsuit against the party after receiving a show-cause letter asking why her membership should not be withdrawn.

By sending her the letter, she claimed that it was an endorsement that the party still considered her a member.


Sue RoS, says Selangor DAP

Posted: 14 Dec 2013 01:22 PM PST

(MM) - Fed up with being kicked around by the Registrar of Societies (RoS), Selangor DAP urged its central leadership to sue the regulator for attempting to block the party chiefs from making decisions.

Selangor DAP chairman, Teresa Kok, lashed out at the RoS for allegedly practising double-standards in barring the re-elected DAP Central Executive Committee (CEC) from making any decision on behalf of the opposition party, claiming the move was made in bad faith.

"It's time for DAP to shout to RoS, 'enough is enough'! We demand RoS to revoke its latest order. Otherwise, we will call upon the Central Executive Committee to take court action against RoS," Kok said in a speech in Selangor DAP's 17th state ordinary convention here.

On Thursday, DAP national organising secretary Anthony Loke said the party headquarters received a letter dated December 6 from the RoS on December 11, which stated the agency's refusal to recognise the party leaders that were re-elected in the DAP's special congress on September 29.

In the letter revealed to the media, RoS said the DAP CEC could not decide for the party until the agency completes its investigation into "continuous complaints" which it purportedly received from party division leaders and members.

Loke said it was "ridiculous" to prohibit the DAP CEC from making party decisions pending an investigation.

"We will not rule out taking the RoS to court to challenge this decision... we had the special congress, we gave the annual return, and even then, they're not happy," he said.

DAP's leadership is set to discuss and decide next week on whether it will file a lawsuit against RoS.

The DAP has engaged in a long-running battle with the RoS stemming from a technical glitch in the tabulation of votes from the December 15, 2012, party elections that saw Zairil Khir Johari, then the political aide of secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, moving up from the 39th position to the 20th — the final spot on the CEC.

The RoS subsequently ordered the DAP, which is the second-largest party in Parliament after Umno, to conduct fresh polls after saying it was "dissatisfied" with the party's explanations.

The DAP initially refused to comply, but finally acquiesced with the directive and held a special congress on September 29 that saw the same line-up of leaders being re-elected into the CEC. 


All Syiah teachings in Malaysia deviate from true Islamic faith, says Jakim

Posted: 14 Dec 2013 01:17 PM PST

(Bernama) - All branches of Syiah teachings deviate from the Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah Islamic faith (Sunni Islam) practised in this country, and violate Islamic law, says Malaysia Islamic Development Department (Jakim).

Its director-general Datuk Othman Mustapha also categorically refuted claims that there were branches of the Syiah doctrine in this country having similarities with Sunni Islam.

He said according to studies done by Jakim, the active propagation of the Ithna-'ashariyyah branch of Syiah teachings or The Twelve Imams started in Malaysia after the success of the 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran.

"As such, the Syiah teachings practised by the followers in Malaysia until today is The Twelve Imams stream which deviate from true Islamic teachings," he said.

Othman said among the deviations of The Twelve Imams Syiah were as follows:

Believing that the imam is infallable, that is, free from any sin;

Regarding the companions of Prophet Muhammad as infidels;

No Friday prayers;

Allowing the combining of the obligatory daily prayers in all situations without any reason;

Allowing nikah muta'ah (short-term contract marriage, also called pleasure marriage);

Rejecting the views of ulamas;

Over-revering of Ali the caliph to the extent of putting him at par with Prophet Muhammad;

Adding Saidina Ali's name in the syahadah after the Prophet's name.

On nikah muta'ah, Othman said it was a Jahiliah (the age of ignorance, before the arrival of Islam) practice that went against Quranic teachings and ulama thinking, and prohibited by the Prophet through his sayings.

He noted that the National Fatwa Muzakarah Committee had on May 2-3, 1996 met and agreed that Islamic teachings other than the Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah were against Islamic law and its propagation prohibited.

"On July 24 this year, the Home Ministry declared the Pertubuhan Syiah Malaysia (Syiah Association Malaysia) as illegal.

"Spreading Syiah teachings is not just about violating the fatwa (edict), but the issue of national security is also taken into consideration by the Home Ministry in banning the Syiah movement in this country," he said.

Othman said The Twelve Imams religious doctrine could have been spread to this country through the availability of reading materials and by individuals who visited Iran or Shiites who came from that country.

He did not dismiss the possibility of some local university lecturers having played a role in spreading Syiah teachings to the students.


‘Pakatan leaders failed the Indians’

Posted: 14 Dec 2013 12:45 PM PST

Uthayakumar's wife hopes her husband will be released next month and continue his struggle for the Indian community 

Vignesh Kumar, FMT

Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) legal advisor M Manoharan (pic) urged Pakatan Rakyat Indian leaders to place community interest first instead of focusing on their self enrichment.

Speaking at the book launch of the life story of Hindraf leader P Uthayakumar, Manoharan said Pakatan Indian leaders have to buck up to serve the community.

Manoharan said they should not disappoint the people who trusted them and voted for Pakatan in the past election.

He said they must emulate Uthayakumar, that has put his self interest aside by fighting for the Indian community.

"Please do not use the community name for your personal agenda,"

"Stop the dramas ," he urged

Manoharan said Pakatan Indian leaders are not sincere in serving the community likewise Uthayakumar.

He said Uthayakumar is a legend and still concerned about the community despite being held in the Kajang Prison.

Uthayakumar was arrested over a sedition charge and was placed in the Kajang prison last May.

Manoharan is confident that Uthayakumar will win his case during the next court hearing on January 15 and really hopes that the Indian community to be behind him as he sacrificed a lot for them.
He also defended Uthayakumar saying that he had never used the Indian community for his personal agenda as claimed by certain quarters.

Meanwhile Uthayakumar's wife S Indra Devi, who was also present in the event, during her speech said that even though she is going through a hard time being without her husband she is still proud of him.

She hopes the community will appreciate her husband's sacrifice.



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