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Anwar's defamation suit against blogger on Jan 27-28

Posted: 02 Dec 2013 11:06 PM PST

(NST) - The hearing of opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's defamation suit against blogger "Papa Gomo" over alleged defamatory postings implying he was engaged in indecent acts with a man will begin on January 27.

High Court judicial commissioner Rosilah Yop fixed the hearing date after meeting the  lawyers from both parties while in chambers today. 
When met outside the court, Anwar's counsel Muhammad Afiq Mohd Noor clarified that the trial is scheduled from January 27 till 28.
"The court has also fixed January 20 for case management," he said.
Counsel S. Parvinder Kaur acted for the blogger whose real name is Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, 30.
In his suit filed at the High Court registry on March 21, Anwar, 66, claimed that the defendant had posted defamatory statements and uploaded certain images on his website at
He claimed the website could be accessed by anyone surfing the Internet in Malaysia and the world.
He alleged  the statements meant that he was a person without morals and was not fit to hold public office.
He further stated that the defamatory words implied that he was not fit to be the prime minister and that he was irresponsible and could not be trusted.
Anwar alleged that since Malaysia was a country with a Muslim majority, the defamatory words and images impacted him negatively.
He is seeking general, aggravated and exemplary damages and for an injunction to stop the defamatory postings from being repeated or reproduced.

AG: Good marks for Terengganu

Posted: 02 Dec 2013 10:26 PM PST

Sean Augustin,

Terengganu earned good marks for its financial performance and management as well as development spending, including recording a surplus in combined revenue in 2012.

The Auditor General's report noted that the oil-rich state posted a surplus of RM293 million last year, an improvement over 2011's surplus of RM263 million.

"The surplus means the collated balance of the combined revenue surge to a RM60 million surplus, compared to the RM233 million deficits recorded in 2011," the report stated

The state government also managed to implement 593 of the 721 projects under the 10th Malaysia Plan.

Among the projects completed included a kindergarten in Kijal, Kemaman; a multipurpose hall in Setiu  and a tunnel in Kuala Terengganu.

The state also managed to spend RM1.04 billion of the RM1.22 billion allocation to complete the projects.

However, the national audit department was 'less satisfied' with the state's management of the Ladang Gemilang apartments and the road maintenance works in Setiu.

The project, which is divided into two phases and located on a 4.91 acre land, comes under the purview of the state's Heritage Board.

It was constructed to aid residents in affected by development plans for Ladang.

Among the faults, the audit noted was that payment was given despite incomplete works, while the quality was 'unsatisfactory'.

"The design was not suitable, while the security service was irregular," the report stated.

As for maintenance works on roads in Setiu, the department observed that the maintenance cost exceeded the contract, while works were also 'unsatisfactory'.


Leave if DAP stays with PAS, Karpal told

Posted: 02 Dec 2013 10:19 PM PST

A former DAP vice-chairman is challenging Karpal Singh to leave the party should it maintain its alliance with PAS.

Anisah Shukry, FMT

DAP chairman Karpal Singh to should leave to save his reputation and high standing if he cannot convince his party to end ties with PAS, said Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim.

"We have lost count of the number of times Karpal has bemoaned the fact that PAS leaders, his political allies, have remained defiantly unrepentant for their single-minded push for an Islamic Malaysia.

"Karpal should get his party out of the morally impossible situation because there is no future in a fragile, loveless and dishonest relationship with PAS, kept barely alive by mutual deception and political expediency," Tunku Aziz said at a press conference today.

Aziz said Karpal was well aware the party was not with him and that the Bukit Jelutong MP was only regarded as the titular head of the DAP.

He said the real power was with secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and "his handpicked inner circle."

He noted that Karpal's colleagues were "embarrassed" by his comments regarding PAS, and had distanced themselves by suggesting they were made in his personal capacity.

"Given his high profile and standing in country, a chairman in an important political party, Karpal in my view does not enjoy the luxury of privacy in what he says and does. Karpal cannot have his chapatti and eat it too," he said.

Tunku Aziz urged the DAP to come clean and admit that its chairman spoke for the party.

"If the DAP does not agree officially with what Karpal says, then the party agrees with the official position of the Islamic state that PAS has been unceasingly been propagating since the first day of its life.

"Malaysians urge DAP to come out openly and declare its official position on the Islamic state. Does it accept the Islamic state or does it reject it? he asked.

"It is a simple question requiring a simple, unvarnished answer. But it does not look as if DAP has the moral strength and courage to answer," he added.


Corruption in Malaysia Shows Little Improvement

Posted: 02 Dec 2013 08:14 PM PST 

(WSJ) - Corruption in Malaysia has barely inched forward over the last year, according to a global anti-corruption index that shows despite efforts by the government to fight graft, Malaysia remains stuck at the halfway point between being highly corrupt and squeaky clean.

Malaysia ranked 53rd out of 177 countries in anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International's latest corruption perceptions index, with a score of 50 on a scale of zero to 100, with 100 being very clean.

This year Malaysia tied with Turkey, and improved by one point over its 54th place ranking in 2012. Regionally it placed 3rd, behind Singapore at No. 5 and Brunei at No. 38, but fared far better than the Philippines (94) and neighboring Thailand (102) and Indonesia (114).

Indonesia's rank improved by four places, while the Philippines jumped 11 spots to achieve its highest rank since 2004. Over the past year, however, both countries have been embroiled in a series of corruption cases involving past and present lawmakers and other high officials.

In September the Philippine Department of Justice filed graft and bribery complaintsagainst several lawmakers for allegedly misusing public funds – often derisively referred to as pork barrel – intended for roads, bridges and the poor.

Indonesia's anti-corruption commission, meanwhile, has detained a number of officials, including a top judge and the head of the country's oil-and-gas regulator for alleged corruption following investigations.

Comparatively, Malaysia has done better. But the small bump in rank also underscores the challenge the Malaysian government faces in cutting corruption in one of Southeast Asia's most developed economies.



Ustaz Kazim quits PAS

Posted: 02 Dec 2013 10:48 AM PST

(Bernama) - Independent Islamic preacher Mohammad Kazim Elias or better known as Ustaz Kazim today announced his decision to quit PAS as he was deeply disappointed with the condemnation and slander hurled at him by the party leaders and members.

He said the attacks had become even more relentless after he was offered a seat in the Umno supreme council recently, although he had not stated his stand on the offer.

Even more hurtful, he said, was that some PAS members had called him an animal and a hypocrite while there were party leaders likening him to a goat that had been eaten by a wolf, calling him a confused religious person or accusing him of becoming an idol or statue of worship by Umno.

"It does not matter whether I am still a PAS member or they will sack me after my statement, with all that PAS' tirade against me who is trying to preach Islam, I hereby announce that I quit PAS.

"I still love PAS which was once led by the late Ustaz Fadzil Noor, who fought for the real concept in Islam. However, I am disappointed with the present-day PAS which when advised or ticked off, would call me an Umno lackey or running dog, whereas I am a PAS member and have never registered as an Umno member," he told reporters when met at the Parliament building today.

He had earlier met with Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak for an hour at the latter's office here over the appointment as a member of the Umno supreme council.

However, Ustaz Kazim stressed that his decision to quit PAS had nothing to do with his meeting with the prime minister today, but for years he had been patient with PAS' revile attacks against him which also affected his family members.

He said in the last two or three days, his patience with PAS had reached the limit.

"Is this the PAS that wants to champion Islam and unite the Muslims?" he asked.

On the status of his appointment to the Umno supreme council, Ustaz Kazim said he left it to the prime minister as the Umno president, to announce the matter.

He said he felt honoured with the offer and was satisfied with the explanation given by Najib during their meeting on the role be could play as a religious preacher in the council.

On Nov 29, Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor announced Ustaz Kazim as among the nine appointed Umno supreme council members to make up the additional 13, and this was decided by the party president under Clause 9.2.8 of the Umno constitution. 



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