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Pakatan’s Flood Feud

Posted: 10 Dec 2013 06:10 PM PST

As one, who lent a hand to a fellow South African Malay in Mandela's anti-Apartheid movement in our varsity days in New York in the early 80s, reading their self thumping rhetorics and cheap political propaganda makes us feel like puking.

How are they to talk of Nelson Mandela when these Pakatan supporters could even immorally politicise the flood in Trengganu and Pahang and working to create public unrest through the slanders of their leaders and cybertroopers?

Our Malaysian Chinese friends studying with us then were indifferent to the anti-Apartheid cause because of selfish reason. It does not concern them.

Even if we are wrong for stereotyping and generalising, so be it. These Malaysiakini's comentators are mostly Chinese and our past experience does not convince us they are true to the cause of humanity. With the exception of the few, it is a matter of time their true self-serving, selective and hypocrit self will kick in.

They should not try to attempt to ride on the name of Mandela and be associated to him. It only bring disgrace to the great man. 

For instance, DAP never bothered to condemn act of violence, violation of human rights and force evacuation on Palestinians by Israel, Americans, and the west.

In our days working in the private sector, our Chinese colleague complained whenever Tun Dr Mahathir made any critical comments on the west or Israel. Their psyche is predictably that we mind our business. To them, why bother over our Muslim brothers or injustice on the rest of humanity.

Obviously, there is self interest at play. They behave differently when it involves overseas Chinese and defend Singapore to the hilt.

These Pakatan people are full of inconsistencies and self interest that they know no bound in their politicking. By the way, no DAP is seen showing sympathy for flood victims in Terengganu. WHy should they be sympathetic with the 93% Malay state?

This morning a friend shared with us an SMS he received from a Health Ministry Official and we share it below:



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