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Corruption well nestled in our system

Posted: 25 Nov 2013 12:39 PM PST

Corruption is the core for the rot in the country in every aspect. The BN government via its agencies have knowingly tolerated many illegals here and sheltered their businesses too. 

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If there is one country in this part of the world an illegal would love to be in, it is Malaysia. The government of Malaysia has unsurpassed flexibility in accepting them without much fuss.

The influx of illegal migrants largely dates back to the hey days of Dr Mahathir Mohamad when he initiated his pet projects, namely the development of the KLIA, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and Twin Towers.

These projects demanded thousands of manual labourers in realising the dreams of one man to seed the nucleus of Vision 2020. Opportunities opened up instantaneously for workers, especially from Indonesia to migrate in droves to Malaysia.

They grabbed jobs like a monkey would do with peanuts. There was very little control or rather insignificant in regulating them or monitoring the movements of these migrants that gained 'privileged entry' into our territories, in specific, Peninsular Malaysia.

Employment agencies mushroomed overnight as a spin-off and it was lucrative to bridge the demands of the industry and the needs of the workers from Indonesia. They craved for better salaries, living standards and definitely a golden opportunity to leave the hardship and poverty in Indonesia. It was a guarantee then that jobs are assured.

Well, fair and fine. Malaysian were and are still just too stuck up to work in the construction industry, thus the need to bring foreigners here was just unavoidable. Indonesia provided a bottomless pool of workers.

In all the excitement, a steady, simmering problem was brewing as the outcome of migrant workers making their way here. Large number of Indonesians who could not afford the various fees and levy imposed by both sides of the country, took short cuts into coming here.

They seeped into Malaysian shores throughout the day, mostly bribing their way in or creeping via illegal boats from Indonesia. The word of mouth that Malaysia is the new 'gold mine of Asia' flared their desire to be here by any method.

They came, integrated into their pockets of community which were already here, built their 'kongsi settlements' in and around construction sites and went on with their life unflustered for many years.

As the dust settled and the momentum swung into a platonic frequency, many were self-motivated to paddle in their families. With time we started to witness the many 'kongsi' sheltering the migrant workers upgraded into settlements anchoring many Indonesian families on the fringes of the cities.

All these transformations were unfolding before the eyes of the various enforcement agencies and ministers. But the lure of vision 2020 blinded even the PM at that time, and the policy of 'convenient ignoring' was employed by the BN government.




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