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Reply to "BSN, Affin and Muamalat remain at Grade F"

Posted: 04 Nov 2013 03:41 PM PST

To the Editorial Desk

Reference is made to your report/article of Monday, 4th November 2013, (READ HERE) on the test results on online banking sites on BolehVPN. 

Thank you for highlighting this report.  The test results have been noted (including the report that AFFINBANK's Corporate Internet Banking - scored an "A").  We have reviewed and taken the necessary action on the consumer/retail online banking system and the latest test result is a Grade "A" as per the attached report.  We would appreciate if you could update your report on AFFINBANK.  

Thank you & Regards
May HT Kong
Head, Corporate Communications
Affin Bank Berhad
Tel (O)     : +603-2055 9428
Fax           : +603-2026 1104
Email       :
Website   :




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