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What more do Pakatan reps want?

Posted: 03 Nov 2013 03:15 PM PST

FMT LETTER, From Richard Loh, via email

Get down to work! That is what I and the voters would have wanted those Pakatan Rakyat MPs and state assemblypersons who have been elected in GE 13 to do.

You should know better the differences between an elected representative and party position. Know your position and standing inside the party before you decide to stand as candidate. Once you are elected, the voters are hopeful that you will perform your duty as an MP or assemblyperson of the party you represented and there is no turning back till the next general election.

You cannot just decide to turn independent and side with Umno/BN because you have internal problems with your party, that is your individual problem and not the voters. There is always room for discussion and solution to resolve any internal conflict that you may face inside your party. If you cannot resolved your problem internally and decided that leaving the party and turn independent (but sided with Umno/BN) is the way, it shows that you are not suitable to be an elected representative. Hence the only way for you is to resign and let voters decide a more suitable candidate in a by election.

Ask yourself why you joined the party and being selected to stand as candidate which you finally won. Is it because of you that voters voted you and not the party? If you were to stand as an independent do you think you can win? As far as I know up till GE13, majority of voters have voted along party line and not an individual.

If you are not happy because you cannot get what you want, be it power, position or monetary, by all means please leave. Or because you cannot accept criticism within your party, then leave, as voters can see that you won't be able to accept their criticism as well.



A classic spin by Ambiga

Posted: 03 Nov 2013 03:11 PM PST

FMT LETTER, From Yuktes Vijay, via email

I refer to S Ambiga's comments published in FMT. Ambiga states her reason for withdrawing from the debate was because it was premature to discuss the tribunal's finding when it was incomplete.

It is a lie. A classic spin.

In my first e-mail to the moderator, I had proposed the following title :

"Title of debate: TRIBUNAL RAKYAT 2.0

Subject: BERSIH's People Tribunal had submitted its findings on GE 13. The findings indicate and suggest that but for a cleaner election the Government would have changed. Was this a fair or a bias finding. Discuss"

It is clearly stated there that "the submitted findings" is what I intend to debate. After the moderator informed me of her reason of not wanting to debate, I clarified with another e-mail that it is not the tribunal findings that I would like to discuss.

The true nature of the so-called Iron Lady can be seen with this quote from her published in FMT:

"But he kept insisting to the moderators later that he only wanted to debate about the findings," she said."

Firstly how can I insist when it was not even what I suggested in the first place?

And I had clarified her wrong presumption (now I know it is an excuse) through my 2nd email via the assigned moderator.

In short it is the "submitted findings" that I would like to debate about. Ambiga is trying to play with the word "finding" here in order to generate an excuse. However, sadly, those very DNA is in me too.

Why would I want to debate about Bersih or more like, what can we both debate about Bersih? Topics on the source of their fundings or the fact that Bersih actually consist of 60 unregistered NGOs does not appeal to me or has any benefit to any Malaysians.

Perhaps, we can debate on the links to George Soros, a convicted criminal and someone who has personally taken credit for creating chaos in various countries. The link to George Soros can be seen with NGOs like WAMI, SUARAM and Lawyers for Liberty who are part of the Bersih coalition receiving funds in the form of grants from George Soros funded NED organization. In fact Ambiga herself has admitted that Bersih itself receives funds from NED.



Recall all ICs Issued in Sabah and Issue a new Sabah IC

Posted: 03 Nov 2013 11:16 AM PST

The federal government need to be reminded that every Sabahan is a Malaysian but not every Malaysian is a Sabahan. 

Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, Chairman, STAR Sabah

"There is now no other viable option available to the federal government but to recall all ICs issued in Sabah if the federal government is serious to overcome the fake ICs problem now growing menacingly in the Peninsula" said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief on the sudden discovery and increasing number of fake Mykads issued in Sabah and used for crimes in the Peninsula.

The problem of fake MyKads and the weeding out of illegal holders of MyKads can be resolved easily if the federal government is serious to tackle the problem.

All that is need is for the National Registration Department (NRD) to produce the records of every birth certificate and identity card issued in Sabah from 16 September 1963 and verily them.   It may be long and tedious but it can be done and should be considered for the sake of national security.

It has to be remembered that there could be as many as 1.5 million fake MyKads out there purportedly issued to illegals in Sabah since the 1970s.

Considering the tragic murder of an innocent bank office cum mother of two young kids, the goldsmith shop robbery and the discovery of 20 security guards with fake MyKads, the potential threat to the nation is alarming and frightening. They could be just the tip of the iceberg.

With due respect to the innocent victims and their families, these incidents are a blessing in disguise for Sabah as well as for the nation. It has helped to capture the attention of the entire nation of the monster problem festering in Sabah all this while.

With the benefit of hindsight, the fake MyKad incidents and the unsurprising discoveries and revelations at the recently concluded RCI on illegal immigrants in Sabah, one cannot help but point an accusing finger at the federal leaders and the NRD and the Election Commission for their dirty hands involvement.

"Who can we trust now? Can the federal government and the federal agencies be relied upon to protect and safeguard the interests and safety of Sabahans" he queried.

The Sabah government, he said, should seriously consider taking drastic and urgent steps to ensure the better security of Sabah and its people by setting up a HOMELAND SECURITY MINISTRY and DEPARTMENT to complement and supplement the shortcomings of the federal agencies in protecting the people in Sabah.  

"This is the only way to ensure that the security and sovereignty of Sabah are genuinely protected" stressed Dr. Jeffrey.

The rhetoric statements of the then de-facto Minister for Law and Home Minister that the illegal immigrants in Sabah do not pose a security risk are all hogwash to hoodwink the people. It has also create a false sense of security to the people in the Peninsula but not in Sabah where the locals feel the fear and insecurity caused by the illegals many of whom are Umno members.

The 2010 national census showed that there are 889,770 legal and illegal foreigners in Sabah.   

Looking at the failures of the federal government and the federal agencies, the Sabah government need to take full control of the State immigration and national registration departments to ensure the laws are implemented and to safeguard the sovereignty of Sabah as well as the security and well-being of all Sabahan Malaysians.

The Homeland Security Department can then issue a new Sabah IC for all genuine Sabahans. This way, the federal government will not be able to issue MyKads to illegals as Sabahans.

If the federal government wish to continue issuing the dubious MyKads to illegals and foreigners, they can send all of them to stay in Putrajaya and the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and other States in the Peninsula and they deal with the crime and social problems created by these fake MyKad holders. The federal government need to be reminded that every Sabahan is a Malaysian but not every Malaysian is a Sabahan.



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