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Those damn Chinese!

Posted: 08 Nov 2013 04:19 PM PST

Gasp gawd omigosh, you frequently wrong? Where got one (mana adalah) Tun! wakakaka.

But that's what The Grand Olde Man said, as reported by The Malay Mail in its news article Dr M: Election candies a waste, voters no longer bite.

Following UMNO's loss, specifically in the recent Sungai Limau by-election and generally in the May GE-13, he stated the above as a humble* qualifier to his prognosis for politicians in future elections.

* Dr Mahathir humble? my second wakakaka on him.

He pontificated that voters would no longer swayed by election pork-barreling** but rather by 'the actions of political leaders who show they can help the electorate improve their economic situation'.

** a government appropriation, bill, or policy that supplies funds for local improvements (eg. in the various by-elections in Ijok, Sg Limau, Sibu, Hulu Selangor, etc) designed to ingratiate legislators with their constituents).

Our Malaysian styled pork-barreling have been far more crude, made with just campaign 'promises', many of which were not financially sound (including some from the opposition).

He summarized: "Those who do not support, will still not support. The money given is a waste, whether it is the government's money or not."

Amin Tun, though you should have said this eons ago.

However, on second thoughts, I may have to disagree a wee bit on pork barreling. Actually Chinese can support BN if two factors are present: firstly, the pork barreling should be about favourable long term educational prospects for the Chinese community as not all Chinese are well off like Vincent Tan wakakaka, and secondly, the opposition (to BN, especially UMNO) in a specific constituency is unworthy or not to be trusted, wakakaka - I'm afraid you have to work that out yourself, but a hint, it's not a simplistic ABU.

Sungai Limau could possibly (though not probably) have been an above case in point if the election day was not a Monday, a working day. But even then, there was a small but discernible Chinese swing towards BN. Of course MCA and Gerakan would be magnifying the Chinese swing as much as possible while as expected, DAP would be doing the exact opposite, wakakaka. I'll return to this point later.

Back to Dr Mahathir, wakakaka - No doubt, and in practical terms 'unnecessarily', still smarting from UMNO's loss to PAS in the by-election, he has, to his magnificent credit, refrained from directly condemning the bloody Chinese for failing to come out in full force to support his son's party, wakakaka.

I toyed with the word 'unnecessarily' to describe his smarting at UMNO's loss because really, to lose in a PAS stronghold like Sungai Limau would not be a shame to Mukhriz's efforts nor unexpected, if we remember that the state constituency has reputedly been held by the Islamic party for nine (9) terms.

In fact, I'd even go as far as to say Mukhriz and his team did a fairly good job, shaving PAS' majority down by more than half, to only 1084 instead of the 2774 the Islamic party enjoyed just a mere 6 months ago.

Nonetheless Dr Mahathir must be clenching his fists and gritting his teeth at the thought of just a swing of 543 votes for the UMNO candidate, Dr Ahmad Sohaimi Lazim to win.

But I suspect Dr Mahathir has more than a party member's interest/regret in UMNO's loss in Sungai Limau, and I can think of two possible reasons.

One is of course about his son's standing in the UMNO upper leadership echelon. A victory for UMNO in the by-election, one which Mukhriz had put his heart and soul into the campaigning, including swallowing his pride to woo the Chinese there after having publicly snubbed them, would have endowed Dr Mahathir's son with very strong credentials as a party strongman on his own merits, an UMNO warlord so to speak.

In this, Mukhriz's earlier attempt to acquire for himself that heroic warlord status by snubbing the Chinese Kedahans in hostile manner a la his dad and Ali Rustam was perhaps a strategic error, one in which an African saying would be most applicable, that one shouldn't tease Mother Crocodile until one has safely crossed the river, wakakaka.

Pakatan left no stone unturned in reminding the Chinese of Mukhriz's snub.

Poor Mukhriz was then flowing along with the despicable mores of most of his competitors in UMNO's VP-wannabes, hoping that by brandishing the vocal and psychological Panca Warisan, he would be accepted and supported as an ethnic warrior by the party delegates. Frankly, to his questionable credit, he nearly succeeded, obtaining 91 votes to Hishamuddin's 100, thus losing by just a mere 9 votes but in practical terms, only 5.

Yes, because if Mukhriz had secured that extra 5 votes he would have pipped Hishamuddin by 96 to 95, but alas for him, that didn't happen. And we also know that he had been the far more popular candidate than Hishamuddin, but alas for him, the UMNO party voting system didn't favour popularity.

And guess who marshalled those divisional votes to ensure Hisham, for all his worthless incumbency as a VP, fell just barely over the finishing line by a mere 100 votes to Mukhriz 91?

Yup, 'twas KJ and Shahrizat, wakakaka.

From a Chinese, may I on behalf of other Chinese Malaysians, sincerely thank KJ and Shahrizat, not because we want Hisham to win or for Mukhriz to lose, but for saving Chinese Malaysians from being excoriated (once again) by Dr Mahathir, wakakaka. And f**king eat that too, Ali, wakakaka.

Now, the second reason for Dr Mahathir clenching his fists and gritting his teeth at UMNO's loss in Sungai Limau would be, I suspect, from his bitter memories of his own loss in 1969 in the parliamentary constituency of Kota Setar Selatan, which coincidentally embraced the state constituency of Sungai Limau.

In the 60's, Dr Mahathir was notorious as an 'ultra', one of UMNO's frightening 'Young Turks' and was said to have arrogantly declared he didn't require Chinese support in the election.

Okay then, in May 1969 he lost to Yusof Rawa (Yusof Abdullah) of PAS by 989 votes.

Guess what? He blamed his loss on the very people he had so arrogantly declared he didn't require votes from, wakakaka. In 1974 he wisely selected a different parliamentary constituency, Kubang Pasu, wakakaka.

I wonder what Dr Mahathir (and Malaysia) would have become if Tunku had not expelled him from UMNO in 1969. Story was that Tunku wanted to have him arrested for railing against his Administration and for writing his ethnocentric diatribe in a book which you are all familiar with, The Malay Dilemma, but was persuaded from taking that action.

Anyway, the loss by UMNO in Sungai Limau must have triggered bitter memories of his own loss in 1969 to Yusof Rawa in Kota Setar Selatan. Oh, those damn bloody Chinese, wakakaka. Oh, that bloody PAS, wakakaka.




Posted: 08 Nov 2013 03:23 PM PST

Rasanya dah sampai masanya orang-orang Melayu dan Islam selain daripada puak-puak PAS musibat yang asyik menjilat tu bagi PERINGATAN kepada puak-puak lahanat ni supaya duduk diam-diam.

Apa dah besaq kepala sangat ka ???

PUCHONG JAYA - Beberapa kumpulan NGO hari ini berkumpul di hadapan Balai Polis Puchong Jaya bagi membantah dan membuat laporan polis berkenaan Isu Laungan Azan yang dikatakan mengganggu oleh seorang penduduk di Taman Puchong Prima baru-baru ini.
Kejadian berlaku apabila seorang lelaki Cina menerpa ke surau berkenaan dengan bersikap kuarang ajar meminta agat Laungan Azan diperlahankan. Rentetan daripada itu selepas solat beberapa jemaah surau telah pergi ke rumah lelaki berkenaan bagi meminta penjelasan namun mereka ditentang habis-habisan disertai dengan maki dan cacian.
Sehubungan itu, atas dasar mempertahankan kesucian Agama kumpulan NGO terbabit dengan jelas dan keras memberi amaran supaya bangsa atau agama lain menghormati Agama Islam di negara ini sebagai Agama Rasmi Negara.
Mereka juga sanggup berjuang bermatian-matian jika ada lagi perkara seperti ini berlaku dan jangan menyalahkan mereka jika mereka bertindak kerana amaran telahpun diberi dan semua itu dilakukan atas dasar mempertahankan kesucian Agama Islam.
Sebelum itu, Teressa Kok pernah mengepalai kumpulan pendesak di Puchong meminta supaya Azan di salah sebuah Majid di kawasan berkenaan dipelahankan pada tahun 2008. sumber 
Kerana sikap puak-puak musibat ni yang langsung tak reti nak hormat orang-orang Melayu dan Islam kita harus pastikan selepas ini tidak ada lagi TARIAN NAGA sebabnya BISING !! Tidak ada lagi pembakaran colok secara terbuka sebab ASAP MENGGANGGU KITA !! Tidak ada lagi konvoi-konvoi kereta berhias di atas jalan sana sebabnya MENGGANGU LALU LINTAS !!

MUSIBAT-MUSIBAT ini harus di AJAR !!!! JANGAN BIADAP dengan orang MELAYU & ISLAM !!!

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The Story Sarawak’s Journalists Didn’t Get Hits Europe

Posted: 08 Nov 2013 02:52 PM PST

France's top Paper, Le Monde features the Murum native blockade (which a statement issued by the Sarawak Journalists called abandoned) in a long article about the destruction caused by Taib's mega-dam projects.

Meanwhile, Norway's weekly paper Ny Tid has separately focused on the protests against the Oslo based CEO Torstein Sjotveit.

Ny Tid reported on the allegations that their own national has been complicit in the corruption surrounding Sarawak's mega-dam projects and handing of hundreds of millions in contracts to Taib's family companies and that the matter has now been passed to the crime agency Okokrim.

None of this has been allowed to surface in Sarawak's own restricted press and the Swiss Bruno Manser Fund has issued a press release quoting Sjotveit's comment to the paper, "I am taking no stance on corruption in Malaysia".  The NGO asks:

"How can Mr. Sjøtveit say he is not taking a stance on corruption in Malaysia if he is working for a Chief Minister who is currently under investigation? We challenge Mr. Sjøtveit to publicly clarify if he is working for an honest government or for a corrupt government."[Lukas Strauman, Director of BMF] "

Le Monde did the story that Sarawak's journalists ignored

24 members of the Sarawak Journalist Association and Commonwealth Journalist Association had joined a PR trip to Murum, organised and escorted throughout by Sarawak Energy in late October.
Some then reported at length from the briefing material, without mentioning the protests of those Kenyah and Penan people, who are refusing to be moved to resettlement sites without proper compensation.
They issued a statement on Thursday complaining that Sarawak Report had indulged in "gutter journalism" for pointing out that they had failed to mention the protesting indigenous tribes:

"DJA and CJA stressed that it was not their concern where the Penans set up their blockades… "In the first place, it was not even the aim of the trip to the meet the Penans at the blockade sites," they said."[Bernama]

Sarawak Report can now provide a google translation of this week end's article in Le Monde covering the conflict. [In the Malaysian rainforest a village is resisting - by Remi Barroux]

Lost in the Malaysian forest, a village is resisting . We are on the island of Borneo, in the state of Sarawak. This village is called Long Singu . Here, 200 to 300 Penan refuse to leave their land and make way for the hydroelectric dam Murum . " We want to keep our village and our forest," proclaim young and old .

A desperate struggle . Because the site is in full swing , and the dam almost completed . When you take the road and the track, which connects the city of Miri , north of the state, Long Singu ? eight-hour trip in the rainforest ? , progress is made ​​hazardous by the continuous flow of trucks carrying tree 15-20 m and construction equipment trunks. Suddenly , placed on the ground, in the midst of lush vegetation, a tray. The boat was placed there because it will take the equipment palm plantations and forestry, when the waters overflow the valley. The evidence here, soon all will be gone. 


On the road to Long Singu must pass many tests , give the vehicle registration , leave an ID officers stationed behind the barriers set up by the Malaysian company Shin Yang, whose red initials adorn the sides of trucks carrying workers. At the end of the journey , we finally discovered , hidden by trees , the longhouse , a wooden house on stilts , all in length , where each family is a "door" and two or three pieces. This evening of October 1 , many Penan left block Murum dam . Several hours of track . Women, children and some men remained . The Tiger , the local beer flowed freely , it makes them say laughing that much of beasts in the forest.

Night has now fallen and the sounds of animals invade the house humming , yelps , grunts and hoots correspond. During dinner ? rice, a soup of wild pig legs and forest fruits ? few Penan are discussed in the " manse " that hosts the rare visitors. "Tell the world what you do to the Penan . I 'm Karang Bo , I was born here and I do not want to leave, said a septuagenarian . We live in the forest and all our food comes from it . Animals flee , birds, pigs, monkeys, and found fewer fish in polluted rivers. "

The Penan refuse "progress" promised by the government . " We want to grow but not that we decide in our place ," insists Minah Siap young woman of 25 , squeezing it against her three children. In humid tropical night rain, the dim lamps powered by a generator, Robert Beatle , a guy 35 years tattooed wrists to the neck, is furious . "The dam is killing us , we'll blow it up with explosives ! " 



Worst Educational Measure Ever? Making History a Compulsory Pass Subject

Posted: 08 Nov 2013 10:42 AM PST

The recent policy decision to make history a compulsory pass for SPM students ranks as one of the most ill-conceived and irresponsible measure ever introduced into the Malaysian educational system since we gained our independence.

According to the Second Education Minister Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh, the move is an effort toward teaching students to become good citizens.

"It is not our intention to fail them. We intend to pass them, but at least let them know the basic history of our country. He also said that if history is not made a compulsory-pass, many treat the subject as unimportant and they don't want to know our history, what happened in the past and will not appreciate what we have now," he said.

Everyone knows what a bad state Malaysian education is in. At the secondary school level standards of mathematics and science are low; fluency of Bahasa and English is poor; and knowledge of ICT and technology is limited. At the same time competence in skills such as analysis, problem solving, reasoning and communication are lacking.

These are the core subjects and skills that need more time and attention if Malaysia is ever going to make it to the first or even second rung of nations. Without mastering them we will continue to wallow amongst the also-run nations living off our oil and gas bonanza which will end sooner or later. Without improving on these internationally core subjects and other work-related learning, we will continue to churn out even worse than half baked high school products who will enter the job market or colleges and universities woefully unprepared and unable to compete with their peer group from other countries.

Instead of improving standards of attainment in these areas, what we are getting is a policy departure which will have the opposite effect. None of the advanced countries that I am aware of have a policy of making history a core subject. None of them insist that the student needs to have a pass in history before he is deemed to have successfully passed through his secondary education and can move on to higher studies or the job market with a formal certificate.

In Britain, a country after which we have patterned much of our educational system, history, geography and the arts are part of what is regarded as non-core non-compulsory subjects which are made available to students if they so desire to learn them. This should be our policy – history as a non-core, non-compulsory subject with no ulterior political or other agenda or objective or as an elective subject.

What will be the effect of the new policy measure? Firstly, we will see less time and attention given to the core subjects. Secondly we will have greater controversy rather than unity or loyalty. There has already been much opposition to the current history curriculum by many parents educationists which have gone unanswered by the authorities.

If the Minister of Education, Muhyiddin and his colleague, Idris Jusoh, believe that making history a compulsory pass subject will make for good and loyal citizens, they are badly mistaken. What will happen are the following negative impacts:

1. Students will regurgitate what is necessary to earn a pass. There will be no attempt made to instill critical and analytical skills as these skills will lead to a questioning of key subjects such as the pre-Islamic history and culture;the British and immigrant role in building up modern Malaysia; the anti-Japanese and nationalist movement; the struggle for independence; what happened during May 13; etc.

2. If the history curriculum is as badly skewed as shown by the Kempen Sejarah Sebenar (KemSMS) or Campaign for True Malaysian History group, then we will see racial and religious extremists and bigots get their introduction in indoctrination in the schools leading to greater polarization.

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