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PEMANDU: 'Driving' down moral disaster

Posted: 01 Oct 2013 01:06 PM PDT

This expose will definitely makes one's blood boil.

If it doesn't, there is something morally wrong with your upbringing because it is about money meant for the poor. It is about opportunity to generate income for the hardcore poor. It is about public money.

And it is about corruption, and collusion of the highest order.

Fellow blogger, Goh Wei Liang tried hard to dispel the perception against PEMANDU [read here].

He felt some 'senior bloggers' have not been fair to pick on Fara Intan's personal life and described it as "perception manipulation and deceptive."

He is wrong. There is nothing personal against Fara.

Goh has been long enough in the blogosphere. He should know that we write based upon our conviction. 

Recently, Dr Ong Kian Meng exposed McKinsey & Co.'s RM20 million consultancy fee to do the Educational Masterplan which Tun Mahathir sarcastically brushed off as anyone can write masterplan.

McKinsey is an accomplice of PEMANDU in fleecing government money for flimsy papers of little implementable value. Diverting the budget under MOE, the sum of RM20 million easily dispel Goh's proof.

PEMANDU has stationed officers in Government Ministries, Departments and Corporation. Supposedly these young, genius and highly paid professionals will guide government officers and staff to improve delivery and performance.

Bigdog is already at it with PEMANDU's centerpiece of excellence in FGV, CEO Emir Mavani.

In his latest expose here, he exposed another case of stealing from the poor settlers-farmers.

Before this, he exposed here FGV purchased a suspiciously over priced plantation and hotel in London here.   

This expose will prove our point further. It may have also by-passed Goh's radar.  

Our expose involved an NKRA officer in a Ministry which turned out to be "harapkan pegar, pegar makan padi."

It is is not about crooked politicians or politicians' assistant but government officers which PEMANDU is supposed to think on how to address. In this case, the government in-house consultant supposed to stem leakage was the one orchestrating the corruption and kickback.

Stay focus and not be diverted into politics. Crooked politicians can be thrown out in elections but it is not easy throwing out crooked civil servants. More difficult will be to throw out PEMANDU, the golden child of the present government. 

PEMANDU is so powerful and influential that their area of responsiblity have gone beyond their scope of work and area of expertise. For instance, failed former MAS CEO and PEMANDU head, Dato Idris Jala is heading the committee on crime prevention.

He could even get Ministry of Finance approval for a government corporation in which the Chairman himself couldn't. The chairman happen to be a former KSU. 

We'll quit stalling and get back to the story

This is about the 1Azam fund that got into public attention arising from the detention for 5 days of questioning of former Political Secretary to the Minister for Women, Family and Community Development (MWFCD), Dato Suhaimi Ibrahim.

According to their website here, 1AZAM serve to "menyediakan peluang menjana pendapatan kepada rakyat berpendapatan rendah. Jangkaan pendapatan antara RM760 hingga RM2,300 sebulan." 

Suhaimi denied in a press conference of his involvement [read here] but to be held for 5 days for investigation, it make him highly suspicious.

Thus, one cannot understand why he is going around the country in Dato Hishamuddin Hussein Onn's campaign entourage. Minta nyawa(seeking a lifeline) or lobbying for position?

Whichever it is, as in the past, Hishamuddin does not seem to be thinking of the implication and public perception towards him. 

Actually, just after Suhaimi gave his press conference, we had asked around and was brought to a small time contractor who was awarded contracts in the 1Azam program. From there, we were led to many other suppliers and subcontractors.

Read more at: http://anotherbrickinwall.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/driving-to-disaster.html 


Discourse in Political Islam: Failures and (now) Challenges of Islamists.

Posted: 01 Oct 2013 12:02 PM PDT

It would be preposterous for me to ever say that Tariq Ramadan is right again (who are we and who am I..hehe) and to write anything on this subject matter along the line of Tariq's, would expose me to be accused of intellectual plagiarism. Regardless, I am glad that my writings on the subject matter are not far off from Tariq's pieces as he shall continue to be our source of intellectual inspiration of sort. (Defining Moment for Political Islam – The Edge Malaysia and Arab Spring and Post-Islamism?).

Tariq is in Oxford and a visiting professor in many renowned universities. His intellectual audacity is his greatest strength and very admirable. The last time I decided to call myself an 'Islamist Democrat' (for some good reason), i was 'ostracised' and almost 'crucified', regrettably, by none other than my own Islamist brethren from my own Islamist party. I am not as courageous but will continue to write without fear or favour regardless.

Tariq's current piece would surely shed more light of the typology of Islamists – from 'Jihadist to Democrat' and more importantly, this very unfortunate term of 'Islamism' that we "Islamists" have to live with.

 Tariq has what it takes to extricate this ummah out of the intellectual rut we found ourselves in. His thesis is both compelling and insightful much as it 'unconventional' of the usual 'Islamists' narrative'. Tariq's Beyond Islamism (part 2) is asserting that perhaps it's time to review priorities, to shift the paradigm; perhaps it is time for political Islam to cease being intrinsically 'political'…is surely 'revolutionary' and ahead of many an Islamist thinker.

If only Islamists leaders throughout the Muslim world (apart from the pro-Western Monarchs of the Gulf) care to read and understand the many imperatives of his many theses, the perennial predicaments of this ummah, perchance stand a good chance of being correctly addressed and be eventually remedied…God willing..BiiznilLah!

Read more at: http://drdzul.com/2013/10/01/discourse-in-political-islam-failures-and-now-challenges-of-islamists/ 

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