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Crying Over Keruak's Spilled Milk

Posted: 16 Oct 2013 02:13 PM PDT

Malaysia NEEDS freedom from many evils which includes corruption, social evils, red-tapism, crime, fundamentalism, pseudo-secularism and many such other aspects which are deep-rooted in our system. But suggesting the elimination of all or any of these handicaps is just hypothetical in a present-days political system.

What we actually need to do is to get freedom from the present breed of politicians, who instead of using politics as a tool to serve people, would rather run politics as business for minting money by be-fooling the public.

Sabah missed a great opportunity to become the State Flagship in the cattle and dairy industry due to a major blunder in decision-making when Salleh Said Keruak was Chief Minister and Datuk Lajim Ukin the State Agriculture Minister.

Sabah government had a cattle farm in Darwin Australia and the state had actually reached 100 percent self-sufficiency in the production of such meats in 1998. At that time, the commercial cattle farm was owned by Desa Cattle Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Village Development Corporation (KPD) that was operating in Mesilau, Sook and in Darwin, Australia. Then Salleh Said Keruak and Lajim Ukin decided to sell the farm in Darwin Australia and also sold remaining thousands of acres of Desa Cattle land in Sabah to Kim Loong a West Malaysia group.

When the farm in Darwin Australia was closed in 2002, the remaining thousands of acres in Sabah too shrunk beyond recognition, the latter through the controversial sale involving Kim Loong the West Malaysian group. It is understood that the controversial deals occurred during the chief ministership of Salleh Said Keruak and when Lajim Ukin was State Agriculture Minister. Now Lajim is saying the sale went through the state Cabinet and that he should not be the one to answer for it.

As a result of the said controversial acquisitions, Desa Cattle land shrunk to a measly thousand acres in Keningau and Kundasang. The Austalian Government has since banned the acquisition of lands for cattle farming. It is so sad to see all that precious land sold. Kim Loong the West Malaysian group made huge profits from the land over the years by converting it to oil palm cultivation.

Because of this silly decision, now, Sabah is no more self-sufficient in beef, mutton and buffalo meat production had declined by 13 percent the following year after the controversial deal, that causes the state to import frozen beef from Australia and New Zealand, and frozen buffalo meat from India to meet the need for the commodity til today.

Desa Cattle a brainchild of Former Chief Minister Tan Sri Harris Salleh was a brilliant idea to see Sabah to be self-sufficient in dairy and meat, but within a period of 15 years, politicians having their own agenda just destroyed it.

This controversial deal between KPD Holdings, the State Government and the management Group calls for declassifying the documents on these deals that lead to massive losses of far greater magnitude than the on-going case of National Feedlot Corportation (NFC), another "lembu" business. How was the Management Group allowed to allegedly siphon and squander millions of ringgit and freely allowed to sell vast acreage of state land in Sabah and in Australia among many other deals, without honoring the agreement?

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Asia: Income Inequality by Gini Index 1970-1989 and 1990-2011

Posted: 16 Oct 2013 02:10 PM PDT

Malaysia is the 3rd most unequal nation in ASIA! We have the 3rd biggest GAP between the rich and poor. We are worse than Philippines, Thailand and even Indonesia. Our rich are very rich and our poor, very poor!

Income Inequality is bad and has to be addressed. Are we talking and thinking about this enough? Do you understand this as an issue or not? Please discuss.

For 40 years, the gap between Rich and Poor did not change much!

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Alamak, the Allah-word again?

Posted: 16 Oct 2013 12:07 PM PDT

The Malay Mail Online - Bar slams 'Allah' ruling, says wrong to deny fundamental rights on basis others may be confused

Both legally and logically, the Bar Council is right, but then the core issue surrounding the Allah-word controversy has never been about legality, the law or logic, though the court by its ruling informs us of the legal implication.

In actuality it's all about religious emotions and fears, and of course politics or/and the political exploitation of the emotions and fears affected by the subject matter, namely, the use by the Christian church of the Allah-word to refer to their Christian god in the Malay language version of the bible or al Kitab.

For decades, Sarawakian and Sabahan Christian natives have been referring to the Christian god in their native or/and MalayIndonesian language bibles as Allah.

The Indonesian language al Kitab was written by Dutch Christian missionaries centuries ago and in the absence (until recently) of Malay language bible, was the only bible in a language which could be studied, read and referred to by the Malay speaking Sarawakian and Sabahan Christians.

Was there any proselytizing intent by those 16th Centrury Dutch Christian missionaries in using Allah to refer to the Christian god in a book used in predominantly Muslim Indonesia? This issue is but a moot point when considered in the current circumstances of the politico-religio-social-legal controversy in Malaysia.

To reiterate an earlier statement, 'For decades, Sarawakian and Sabahan Christian natives have been referring to the Christian god in their native or/and Malay Indonesian language bible as Allah.'

And so too have the Sikhs in referring to Allah in their Holy Book, the Guru Granth Sahib.

So why has the recent brouhaha arisen over an issue long tolerated by Muslims, at least until recently?

The issue over the use by the Christian Church of the Allah word to refer to the Christian god in the Malay language version of the Bible - and may I just stress on the issue is about the Malay language version, and not the English language version of the Bible and the Church's various news/disseminated documents such as the newsletter The Herald) - was brought to the boil a few years back by a Catholic priest Father Lawrence Andrew, the editor of the Catholic newsletter The Herald.

Much to the deep disappointment, chagrin and even anger of my Christian friends such as Lucia Lai, Ong KM, D'Cruz, etc, I have already taken a stand against the Catholic Herald's wish to use that word. I voiced my various reasons and rebuttals against the Christian arguments in reasonable details in a letter to Malaysiakini and also in the following posts:

(a) Allah, Elohim or Yahweh?

(b) Now who are the Arab wannabes?

(c) The Church & Allah

Thus I won't add anything more to my consistent stand on the issue, other than to remind those angry Sarawakians and Sabahans (see Malaysiakini's In Sarawak, angry reactions to 'Allah' ruling) that they only have Father Lawrence Andrew to thank for their current unfair religious disadvantage when he should have let a sleeping dog lie.

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Tidak Perlu Keluar Malaysia, Hanya Tinggalkan BN

Posted: 16 Oct 2013 11:56 AM PDT

Kita tidak perlu menanti PRU14 untuk tumbangkan kerajaan Najib. Kita boleh lakukan nya sekarang. Biarkan UMNO dan BN merasai penangan sokongan majority dan undi popular. Mereka menang kerana manipulasi persempadanan dan kepadatan pengundi yang tidak adil, masih tidak sedar diri. Pemimpin UMNO masih angkuh dan membudak budakkan orang lain.
Di Malaysia Timur, BN ada 47 kerusi parlimen dan jumlah yang agak besar dalam tangan komponen bukan UMNO. Jika parti2 ini tinggalkan BN, bagaimana? Jeferey Kitingan dan lain2 tokoh Malaysia Timur hanya perlu berkerja keatas parti ini untuk menumbangkan PM Najib. Tidak perlu keluar Malaysia kerana itu akan menjustifikasikan tindakan ketenteraan keatas bangsa Malaysia sendiri. 
Bayangkan jika Taib Mahmud hanya perlu neutral manakala semua parti bukan Islam lain keluar BN- BN akan hilang kuasa. Katalah 14 ahli parlimen PBB berkecuali dan 11 parlimen bukan Islam keluar BN. jika keluar hanya akan membawa faedah kepada kaum mereka. di Sabah pula jika 8 kerusi parlimen bukan-UMNO keluar BN sudah ada 19 kerusi berpindah.
Jika PBB berkecuali samalah seperti  BN hilang 14 parlimen menyebabkan 33 kerusi perpindah. BN akan hanya tingal 100 kerusi dan bila 33 ahli parlimen bersekutu dengan 89 ahli parlimen PR- sudah ada 122 kerusi. Jika 122 ahli parlimen ini bersatu- BN sudah tidak bertahan lagi. Sebaik sahaja threshold in dicapai, berduyun ahli parlimen UMNO dan BN menyeberang. Bayangkan jika 7 ahli parlimen MCA turut sama. Kiamat dunia bagi pencuri dan perasuah BN. Dikalangan 88 ahli parlimen UMNO itu pun kita boleh bincang2. Kita boleh gunakan kaedah insentif atau kaedah ugutan.

Boleh kita lakukan begini? Mengapa tidak. Sebaik sahaja BN hilang sejumlah kerusi parlimen, parti lain boleh jadi kerajaan. banyak pembaikan kita boleh lakukan. Orang Melayu tidak perlu takut jika UMNO ditewaskan. Selagi kerajaan yang ganti BN mempunyai majority pimpinan Melayu, itu sudah mencukupi.

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Chua Soi Lek – Vincent Lee sell heritage asset for obscene profit

Posted: 16 Oct 2013 11:47 AM PDT

But I will continue to expose all the wrong doings. As I said, I know a lot of things happening due to having served about 20 years in Star. As a PLC, we have a lot of property. One of them was a property with 3 detached houses sitting on a 2.2 acre land in the elite Bukit Tunku area (people from my era call it Kenny Hills).

The house was used by first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman. He was the chairman of The Star at one point and the place hold historical and heritage value. The Star has owned the place for quite a long time. In fact, for many years, it was the playground for the top bosses. Other people cannot get in, even if you are senior management in Star including Linda Ngiam who was barred from using the place.

And because the land is at a prime or elite area, it fetches very good prices. In 2005, a valuation was done and the property was valued at RM20 million. For many years, The Star has turned down offers to buy the land. Because although we are corporate, we had a sense of social responsibility. We cannot allow a place with heritage and historical value be turned into a commercial enterprise.

In fact, Star directors had agreed to turn the place into a public gallery to showcase Tunku Abdul Rahman's contributions to this country. It was supposed to be a Corporate Social Responsibility on the part of The Star.

But when Chua Soi Lek and Vincent Lee took over The Star, one of the first things they did was to sell off the property! They don't care about historical value or sentimental aspect of the building which was once owned and occupied by our father of Independence, Tunku Abdul Rahman.

To add insult, the place was sold at a loss!!! It was sold to Vincent Lee's friend for only RM15.8 million although easily can sell for RM43 million. Everything was hush hush. So, why did we sell the place below market value? Vincent Lee must answer who pocket the extra. Did CSL ask him to do it? Why do we have to sell the property which got high historical value to a developer which will turn it into a development project? Are we so hard up for money??

CSL got to answer all these queries. Please stop treating Star like your grandfather's company where you can plunder as you please. You and Vincent do this at the expense of Star workers' welfare and morale.

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