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Dr M: Umno must be cleansed from fortune-hunters, allow the young to move up

Posted: 31 Aug 2013 03:20 PM PDT

Md Izwan, TMI

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (pic) has called on Umno to be cleansed in the run-up to the party polls next month, saying that many joined the party solely to become rich.

The country's longest serving former prime minister for 22 years also urged that new and young leaders be given the opportunity to lead the party as this was a way to purify Umno.

"It is a perception that Umno leaders at all levels join the party not to protect the race, religion and nation but to enrich themselves."

"Only by giving a chance to the new and young, who have yet to be polluted, the purification of the party will become a reality and accepted by the people," Dr Mahathir said in an interview with Mingguan Malaysian today.

In the interview, the former Umno president also chided the younger generation whom he saw as worshipping the West and their liberal politics but at the same breath depended on the government for assistance.

"Among them are those, including the intellectuals, who feel that Umno's struggle for the race, religion and the nation is irrelevant. They feel the struggle for the Malays were outdated and behind time."

"Surprisingly, this group is successful because they benefit from government policies that were designed to help them," he added.
Although the young group was seen pivotal for the survival of Umno, Dr Mahathir said the  party must be careful with the intellectuals who leaned towards liberal politics as it could deviate the main aim of the Malay based party.

"There is a possibility this group will not struggle for race, religion and the nation but for liberal politics if they join Umno," he said.

"They should be given courses in Malay and Umno politics. However, their entry to the party is important if Umno is to cleanse itself from the negative image," he added.

Dr Mahathir also repeated his stand that all posts, with the exception of president and deputy president, should be contested.

He said the top two posts should remain unchallenged to preserve harmony in the party.



We will not deny people’s right to have electoral boundaries redrawn, says minister

Posted: 31 Aug 2013 03:15 PM PDT

(TMI) - The redelineation of electoral boundaries by the Election Commission (EC) should be supported by all political parties in the interest of the people, said Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim (pic).

He said this was because the redelineation exercise as enshrined under the constitution constituted the right of the people to have more elected representatives to strike a balance in the number of voters in certain constituencies.

"So, if the imbalance needed changes to electoral boundaries, it is unbecoming on the part of the government to deny the people's right," he said yesterday.

He was commenting on opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's statement that Pakatan Rakyat would not endorse any redelineation of electoral boundaries by the EC with its current leadership still calling the shots. 

Shahidan said it was the opposition's right not to endorse any changes to the electoral boundaries but it should not be associated with the EC leadership.



Tanda Putera falls flat

Posted: 31 Aug 2013 03:07 PM PDT

Shallow research and shoddy attempt by the producers of the movie did not portray true essence of the May 13 incident.

K. Pragalath, FMT

Shuhaimi Baba's Tanda Putera is a pathetic attempt to create a historical biopic on the life story of our second Prime Minister Tun Razak Hussein and his deputy Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman.

Actor Rusdi Ramli plays the key role as Razak whereas Zizan Nin plays Ismail. The role of Tun Rahah Noah who is Razak's wife is acted by Faezah Elai. The character of Ismail's wife, Norashikin Seth was played by Linda Hashim.

Though there is no disclaimer that the movie is a biographical motion picture of the two leaders, one could sense it to be such as there are scenes that show actual newspaper headlines.

Tanda Putera opens with  a dramatic scene of an incident where DAP campaign workers kill an Umno campaign helper two weeks prior to the general election then. It further escalates into more clashes in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur after the Alliance party wins the general election with a slim majority.

Surprisingly, even Gerakan party members are featured in a negative role as the DAP members. There is a scene where the Gerakan man says that he would need to seek revenge against the Malays without getting arrested.

The antagonistic nature against the Malays was very evident with cries like "Malays, go back to your villages, Selangor is ours."

Shuhaimi Baba attempted to debunk foreign reports that claimed on the large number of casualties during the clashes. These reports were based on information revealed by foreign embassies, which were made available to journalists.

In a related scene, the character of Tun Razak says, "the opposition and foreign media are playing up the issue that there are nearly 2000 casualties, but our intelligence puts a smaller number."

There is also a scene where journalists are cooped up in one place and "forced to use their imagination" to report the riots; and only RTM television channel disseminated official information.

The director of Tanda Putera also tried to negate the notion by Suaram's Kua Kia Soong who authored the book May 13: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969. Kua had argued that Tunku Abdul Rahman was under house arrest via an internal coup by Tun Razak.

Nevertheless, in the movie Tunku asked Tun Razak to helm the nation following protests pressuring Tunku to step down.



Four arrested in standoff over temple demolition

Posted: 31 Aug 2013 12:59 PM PDT


(MMO) - There was no notice, it was a demolition by ambush... they just came in a day after Merdeka and began breaking it down. Negotiation was supposed to be still on-going... and there was no court order permitting it.

Four individuals, including a PKR leader, were arrested this morning following a standoff with Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) over an allegedly "illegal" demolition of the Golden Triangle Muneswarar Kuil on Jalan P. Ramlee here.

Temple lawyer N. Surendran also alleged that "three or four gangsters", whom he claimed had come with the council's demolition team, assaulted him when he tried to stop the temple's destruction.

He confirmed that the four arrested were Hindraf-turned-PKR leader S. Jayathas, temple secretary Nalini, temple photographer Prem and a fourth unnamed individual.

"The standoff went on from about 8am to 10.30am when the contractors were brought in and they started work.

"These DBKL officers smashed three deities and took them out. We confronted them and asked for a negotiation but they continued to work until 10.30am until the cops came in and asked them to leave," Surendran told The Malay Mail Online when contacted.

He added that the demolition had been a surprise one as negotiation was still on-going when the contractors came in with their heavy machinery.

"There was no notice, it was a demolition by ambush... they just came in a day after Merdeka and began breaking it down. Negotiation was supposed to be still on-going... and there was no court order permitting it.

"It is illegal — that is my position as the temple's lawyer," he said.

Surendran said in the over two-hour long confrontation this morning, several men he labelled as "gangsters" taunted those who were attempting to call off the demolition.

The Padang Serai MP said the "gangsters" roughly pushed him around.

"I will be lodging a report later against them," he said.

Meanwhile, The Malay Mail Online understands the four arrested individuals have been brought to the Dang Wangi district police headquarters for questioning.

More to come at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/four-arrested-in-standoff-over-temple-demolition

I for Idiot is for Bush? Why look that far?

Posted: 31 Aug 2013 12:06 PM PDT


(TMI) - I is for Idiot and unlike established artist J Anu, there is little need to lob that label on former US president George W. Bush when there are enough politicians in Malaysia who have doctorates in idiocy.

The artist was forced to explain the concept behind his artwork after a mosquito Muslim group lodged a complaint, saying that the painting insulted Islam. In fact, the government yesterday demanded the piece be withdrawn from the Selamat Hari Malaysia exhibition at Publika Kuala Lumpur.

Anu said the artwork was in reference to Bush's adventure in Iraq.

But really, why look thousands of miles away for an idiot? Malaysians are spoilt for choice at home.

Look at Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz (pic). He enjoys that work of fiction called Tanda Putera and tries to pass it off as historically accurate and well-researched. Never mind that the director of the film herself conceded that she took artistic licence with the events surrounding the race riots of May 13, 1969.

Nazri yesterday offered the discredited Umno version of the riots, saying that it was sparked by a few Chinese individuals.

"The Chinese community as a whole is not responsible for what happened in 1969, only the individuals, they are the ones who should feel guilty," he said.

Well, well, what magnanimity by the minister. Today, most Chinese should be at peace and sleep easy. Because Nazri has singled out only a few Chinese for starting the riots.

But idiots never stop when they are on a roll. So this is what Nazri added: "Why should the present generation of Chinese be troubled by it now? It is a historical fact that the riot was sparked by Chinese just like Nazis killed thousands of Jews during the Second World War."

Yes, Chinese, why be offended? The minister has only blamed you for the blackest episode in Malaysian history.

Nazri's comments are precisely why many right-thinking Malaysians have been wary of Tanda Putera.

There was more than a suspicion that Umno politicians, Malay nationalists and the intellectually-challenged at Utusan Malaysia would use the movie as fodder to continue demonising the Chinese and the Democratic Action Party (DAP).

Let us not forget a few facts. The movie is funded by the Umno-led government and the plan was to screen it before the general election, with the hope that it would boost patriotism among Malays.

But most of the Cabinet ministers vetoed the plan, fearing that it would hurt Barisan Nasional's chances with the Chinese voters.

After the results of May 5, with the mantra in Umno and the government being "punish the Chinese for voting for Pakatan Rakyat", there is now little concern about the film upsetting the Chinese community.

Indeed, the prevalent mood seems to be to hammer the community at every turn, in the style of the schoolyard bully.

Read more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/i-for-idiot-is-for-bush-why-look-that-far 

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