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Malaysia/Israel, Endless Possibilities

Posted: 21 Aug 2013 12:52 PM PDT




Please give the world something original. If you can't even sort out a proper slogan and had to copy from other countries, then your implementation and grandiose ideas are doubtful to begin with. Any sane people will sack their advisors. But knowing this PM, he may promote them instead. Or give medals of honour. Even the phrase – Endless Possibilities doesn't give out positive connotations.

What are the possibilities Barisan Nasional to lose the next general election? Endless!

But of course soon we will definitely hear the sorry excuses like – we thought about it earlier than the Israelis, or, it was just pure coincidence, both Prime Ministers of Israel and Malaysia have the same kind of thought patterns etc.

Sometimes, we just cannot rely on advisors who have time and time again proven to be liabilities to the government.

Just a small tip: please google the phrase first before giving it to the PM for him to announce; this might avoid any embarrassment.



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