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The State of the Nation

Posted: 28 Aug 2013 12:09 PM PDT

The Penang government must do what it thinks is right. If it thinks and believes that screening of the film Tanda Putera would likely cause hatred and communal tension, then it must ban the screening. It's not up to the film director to pronounce whether cinemas in Penang are likely to lose their licenses. She is just a business person hoping to recover enough money to repay the loan she takes. Or to justify the grant given her by the right wing UMNO politicians.
If the national body of film FINAS endorses such a move, then FINAS itself is a racist nest.
The Penang government must never be a shilly-shallying government like Najib's. Many of us know the true nature of Najib. He believes in a twisted version of elegant silence.  That's insulting Tun Musa Hitam.
To him saying nothing seems to infer some halo of statesmanship around him. So he thinks. Well, if its winter time and he is skating on a pool, his political bullshit is warm enough to liquefy the surface on which he stands. His mind says the film is not good, but his blackened heart wants to go along with the right wingers of UMNO. He plays both sides. Front and behind. 
But the Penang government must also be even-handed. The film New Village must also be disallowed if it causes the same emotions.

If the government wants to test the maturity of its citizens, allow both Tanda Putera and New Village to be screened. If not, ban both.  The films can either be bad or good. They can't be both. Either they will create racial tension or not. The government must decide promptly.

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