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Spent forces and secret deals

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 05:39 PM PDT

Why do Indonesian leaders want Malaysians to swallow the GE13 results? 

Ali Cordoba, FMT

Malaysians are being forced to swallow a series of crappy comments from former Indonesian leaders who have little weight in their own country, and this is a corny situation in bilateral ties between both nations.

Hamid Awaludin, a former minister of law and human rights in Indonesia is throwing his weight behind the Najib Tun Razak regime, insisting that Anwar Ibrahim had violated an electoral understanding.

Before that, it was Yusuf Kalla, former vice-president of Indonesia who divulged a secret deal that both Anwar and Najib had, virtually confirming its existence. 

Playing into the hands of these politically spent forces from Indonesia are the international and local press, accusing Anwar of defaulting on his promises to Najib that he will accept the GE13 results come what may.

Anwar has rescinded on his promises, so say the Indonesians who supposedly witnessed or played a major role in the agreement.

Not surprisingly though, the Indonesians seem to agree that Najib failed to sign the agreement, which they say remains a valid one.

In the world of paper work, no agreement is valid if it is not signed by one of the parties involved and this goes for sales, loans and even political deals.

No signing means the agreement is null and void, thus the question is why are the nosy Indonesians persistent in justifying the validity of the agreement?

It must also be noted that a cohort of people in Malaysia has also joined the Indonesians in claiming the deal is valid and that Anwar must accept the GE13 results.

Again not surprisingly, the Malaysian Election Commission has joined the fray when it added its voice – thus turning it into a political organisation – to the chorus of those pressing hard on the people to forget the GE13 and move on.

A large majority of Malaysians supported the opposition. The BN won 5.2 million votes while Pakatan Rakyat won 5.6 million votes, and rejecting the election results would mean rejecting this opposition victory too.

However, BN supporters are still upbeat in denying the fact that 51% of the population voted for the opposition, a sign that country is not in favour of the BN.

The more the BN denies this fact, the uglier it looks in the eyes of the public that voted massively against it.




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