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Remembering #709 : The Mega Con called Bersih

Posted: 09 Jul 2013 02:16 PM PDT

Yuktes Vijay

Two years back, Malaysians gathered, held hands, walked, yelled slogans, braved tear gas and withstood police beating. All this was for the promise one Ambiga Sreenevasan assured us, a proper democracy process in Malaysia. A fair and clean election. Alas, no one knew that it was indeed an Opposition ploy, an idea of Pakatan Rakyat to instill hatred and anger.

I speak as one of those who participated in the rally, for Anwar first and democracy second.

The sad part of the rally is that it will always be remembered for the "nego-nego" drama by Azmin and Anwar. It was never a signal to negotiate. It was a signal to breach the barricades and to "Occupy Dataran". This is not a baseless accusation, in fact none of my previous letters ever carried one. If some actually took off their PR tinted glasses, they would see the truth and logic in my statements.

Thangam, the man who broke the barricade is an Anwarista to the core. I know him from the times in Court for the Sodomy II. Such was his devotion to Anwar that he would arrive in Court before the guards themselves and leave only when Anwar waves him a goodbye. You guys honestly think such a man would have defied the orders of Anwar and Azmin to break the barricades himself? This is a man who would ask how high if Anwar asked him to jump. Think!

This rally was known for its police brutality. However, how many here know what actually transpired? At 6pm or so, I was at the front barricade with a few guys from SAMM. Recognised the t-shirts. They started kicking and breaking the barricades and cursed the police officers. It was then the police reacted and started hitting the protestors. I was one of them who felt victim.

Why did I not sue the police when I was with the top legal eagles in the country? Dato Param, Sankara Nair…Names ring a bell? Even if it was not them, I could have used Lawyers for Liberty. Afte rall, since joining BN, I was told that my injuries were fake and I did it for publicity.

What bigger publicity than this? I did not even attend the Suhakam or Bersih inquiries. Even when Sivarasa Rasiah called me to attend the EGM of Bar Council in Sunway to tell my side of the story, I did not go. Why would someone who craves publicity as claimed by Opposition avoid the chance of being in the news?

Many are under the impression that I left Anwar because I was bought over. To a certain extent yes, there is some truth in it. Partially only though. I was "bought over" by one man whom I call boss today. His simplicity and humbleness is of no secret. But my boss is the reason why I joined BN, not leave Anwar.

I left Anwar during the time when he was charged in Court along with Azmin and Chegubard. The actions of Anwar and his team of lawyers to deceive the Court, in fact readily plan and eventually submit a fake document, for the sole purpose of political mileage is an insult to all Malaysians. A contempt of Court and an act punishable under s193 of the Penal Code. You expect me to stay after a fake document was submitted in Court to prolong the process and get a certain former prosecutor in Sodomy II into the team for the sake of media coverage and for Anwar to tell the world how this proves Sodomy II was fabricated.

Surely, I will be subjected to name callings. I have evidence. E-mail correspondences.


This is merely one e-mail. I have more evidence. But what is the use? Is Ambiga going to support me, virtue of being former Bar Council President? Are Lawyers for Liberty going to ditch Pakatan Rakyat for this offence? Will Karpal Singh stop representing Anwar for his role in insulting the judiciary? Does this change the opinion of young lawyers that Pakatan Rakyat is not angelic afterall? What action will Bar Council take? Can I trust the AG?

Let me tell you what happens. They will label me an A*Sh*&e for doing this, conveniently ignoring the offence and wrong before their eyes. Why? No ones like being proven wrong do they?

See, rallies are a done to prove a point. It is not our job to help someone realize his dreams of becoming PM. The blackout rallies were uncalled for. If there were indeed blackouts and Banglas, why there were no single election petition amongst the 42 (if memory serves me right about the number) filed in Court had mentioned those reasons. Rafizi says it is hard to win petitions due to its standard of proof is high. He is right but guessing that Banglas can't suddenly possess an American green card and don't tell me amongst the 40k Banglas that PKR claims voted, they were incapable of catching one?

My experience with PR taught me one thing which is everything they say or do is not for the benefit of the people. It is to realize their dream of Putrajaya. Hey stop turning the gun at me. Remember freedom of speech and opinion is embedded in the Constitution. How is that for a taste of your own medicine, PR?


Me a bumiputra? No thank you

Posted: 09 Jul 2013 11:52 AM PDT


Tunku Abdul Aziz, what I need is equality, equal opportunity, justice and fair treatment by the government. I want to be respected as an individual Malaysian. That is all I need.

Tota, Aliran 

Tunku Abdul Aziz, the ex-DAP vice-chairman and now an ardent supporter of the Umno-dominated BN, in an interview with China Press (11 June 2013), suggested that in the interests of national unity, non-Malays should be accorded bumiputra status, nothwithstanding the provisos in the Federal Constitution.  

The colonial policy of divide-and-rule was bad enough. British colonialists compartmentalised Malayan society into ethnic groups to serve their purpose. When we attained independence, the Federal Constitution granted equality to everyone with a proviso for special rights for Malays which have apparently become a permanent feature.

Once the NEP was implemented, the Umno-dominated BN further divided Malaysian society. In addition to Malays, Chinese and Indians, a new term 'bumiputera' came into existence. From within the bumiputeras, another class, Umnoputeras, emerged.

I talked to a good Malay friend – very well-educated, independent minded and a man of integrity and principles – about my opinion of non-Malays becoming bumiputras. He concurred with my thoughts and feelings on the issue. He is a true Malaysian, a self-made man who is averse to the NEP and bumiputera status.

He warned me that as a bumiputra I run the risk of being lumped together with the Umnoputras, who have cleverly camouflaged the Umnoputra Agenda as a Malay Agenda and devised various strategies to enrich themselves, their families and their cronies and amass great wealth at the expense of the nation. He considers them looters, plunderers, predators and kleptocrats, who pillage the public treasury.

He joked that as a 'bumiputera' I would be brainwashed into believing that I need to be protected from the womb to the tomb because I cannot compete with others. Because of this, I would develop an inferiority complex that may become part of my DNA.

Read more at: http://aliran.com/14557.html 

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