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A response to Idris Jala (Part 3)

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 02:02 PM PDT

FMT LETTER: From Oliver Gomez, via-e-mail

David Copperfield is a man possessed of charm, wealth, and a spectacular ability for the impossible. One of the greatest magicians of our time, his shows consist of elaborately constructed sets replete with exotic animals, great balls of fire, and gorgeous assistants of the female persuasion. All of these elements are then combined to form acts of laser guided perfection, timed down to the last microsecond, the singular purpose of which is to distract an audience from the hidden nooks, secret trap doors, and sleights of hand.

Idris Jala, then, is in good company. Though less practiced and certainly duller than his opposite number, Idris Jala does possess an ability to distract and mislead. Where Idris Jala is unable to call upon on a perfectly sculpted female assistant, he relies on figures of a different sort. Even his purpose remains the same as that of Copperfield's – Idris Jala's recent article in the June 24, 2013 edition of The Star exists to distract the Rakyat from the hidden agendas, the secret dealings, and the backroom handshakes.

The Fourth Issue: The NEP and the Brain Drain

By now, you the readers are no doubt familiar with the Angry Malaysian and his unwarranted tirade against the defenceless Idris Jala. Cornered and perhaps even fearful for his safety, Idris Jala has no choice but to engage with and somehow neutralize the vitriol of the Angry Malaysian. This time around, the mysterious and unjustifiably Angry Malaysian is upset about the NEP driving away non-Bumiputeras into the open arms of the likes of Singapore.

Are you looking closely? You should be, for Idris Jala is about to make the problem disappear:

"That's not true. A Mindshare survey of 2000 Singaporeans carried out last year showed that over half of them (56%) wanted to migrate, although there is no NEP in Singapore.

According to the World Bank, Singapore had 300,000 migrants in 2010, nearly 10% of Singapore citizens. Reasons for migration are complex and varied and cannot just be pinpointed to the NEP."

Non-Bumiputeras are leaving Malaysia

In true Copperfield style, Idris Jala distracts the Angry Malaysian and in so doing, completely sidesteps some very fundamental problems. To give you a comparison, Idris Jala's answer isn't unlike the following:

Amma: Muthu, why did you only get 40% in your Mathematics exam?

Muthu: But Amma, Abu only got 35%!

Like Amma, I am not particularly concerned about the performance of others; it behooves one to keep a clean house before playing the blame game. Now admittedly, there are generic overlaps in terms of reasons for migration. However, these overlaps are not unique to Malaysia or Singapore alone. As such, they can be discounted for the purposes of this article.

It is indeed true that the vast majority of those emigrating from Malaysia are non – Bumiputera. According to a comprehensive 2011 World Bank report, Singapore absorbed 57% of all Malaysian immigrants, with ethnic Chinese making up an eye-watering 90% of that figure. Australia and subsequently, Brunei, make up the 3 most preferred destinations for emigrating Malaysians.

Now before anyone bah humbugs the issue, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship has a few interesting factoids for your consideration: in 2011-2012, 4617 'skilled migrant' visas were issued to Malaysians. Now it turns out that these 'skilled migrants' are accountants, doctors, and high end IT and tech specialists – literally the best and brightest of the Malaysian workforce.

This is all well and good though, seeing as we are taking steps to compensate for the brain drain right? I mean, surely a wealthy and seemingly perfect country like Malaysia is capable of attracting its own foreign talent, right?

In April 2013, at the 46th session of the Commission on Population and Development, Chua Choon Hwa, Malaysia's representative to the United Nations, had this to say about immigration patterns in Malaysia:

"… in terms of the number of immigrants flowing into the country, which currently stands at 2.3 million… they are mainly employed in manufacturing, agricultural, and construction sectors."

Chua only refers to the 2.3 million immigrants who came in through the front door. You and I however, know a little better – the Lahad Datu incident, the ongoing fiasco over phantom voters, and the stalled Royal Commission Inquiry into the ICgate scandal in East Malaysia are all indicative of a much higher number of foreigners within our borders. I may of course be mistaken, but somehow I doubt that brain surgeons and theoretical physicists make up the bulk of the illegal immigrants within our borders.

So now, not only are the best and brightest leaving Malaysia by the thousands per annum, they are being replaced by millions of semi to low skilled immigrants. All this of course, is to say nothing of the illegal immigrants who continue to live and work in Malaysia.



Betrayal of non-Muslim Cabinet members

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 01:58 PM PDT

M. Indira Gandhi's children converted to Islam by her husband without her permission  

FMT LETTER: From Ravinder Singh, via e-mail

In April 2009 the Cabinet had decided that the children of an estranged couple should remain in the "common religion of the parents at the time of their marriage". This was after the public outcry about the conversion of three children of an Indian couple by the father who had converted to Islam. The children were aged one, 11 and 12.

The recent and out of the blues tabling in Parliament of the Administration of the Religion of Islam (Federal Territories) Bill 2013 with the provision on the conversion of non-Muslim children with the consent of either mother or father proves that the Cabinet decision of April 2009 is not worth the paper it is written on.

A Cabinet decision is an unwritten law, or common law. It can only be revised by the Cabinet. Civil servants have to give due respect to Cabinet decisions and implement them.

In Malaysia, it is the convention that proposed legislation must first get Cabinet approval before it goes to Parliament for the formalities of a debate and vote on it. Rarely has any legislation tabled in Parliament not been passed lock, stock and barrel by the august house.

Objections or no objections, practically all legislation or amendments are given the rubber stamp by Parliament as the majority-side Parliamentarians have no choice but to support the Prime Minister. The ruling party's whip will ensure this.

Therefore, tabling this Bill without the knowledge of the non-Muslim members of the Cabinet is an act of betrayal. They were a party to the decision of April 2009. It is akin to back-stabbing them.

This is a very serious matter as its implications run deep. On the one hand the government talks of fostering closer inter-racial ties, on the other it shows scant respect for their rights. Even the rights of the non-Muslim Cabinet members who were a party to the decision of April 2009 have been trampled on as they were left in the dark over the proposed amendment.

Article 12 (4) of the Federal Constitution says "the religion of a person under the age of 18 years shall be decided by his parent or guardian".

The words "parent or guardian" in this context cannot mean "either mother or father" for the simple reason that it takes a man and a woman, a mother and a father, to produce a child. The child is therefore the common property of both the mother and the father until the age of maturity from whence the child is on its own. So how can the law allow one of them to grab the child from the other by abusing religion?

I'm sure there are some Muslims out there who do not support the forced conversion of minors who are born non-Muslims. If God wanted everyone to be a Muslim, he would simply not have created people of different creeds, cultures, religions. When a non-Muslim converts to Islam and then converts his under-aged children, he or she is doing it out of vengeance on the other partner.

For whatever reasons, he is taking revenge on the other partner. Not only Islam, but no other religion should abet this vengeful action of the one parent on the other. No religion should tolerate this, let alone welcome it. Religions are for preaching peace and not for provoking enmity between peoples all of whom are children of the one and only God although He is called by different names in different languages.



Why Ivy League and Oxbridge graduates do not crowd around the PM and the ministers

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 12:18 PM PDT 

The Melayu with Ivy League degrees and education are so small in numbers; and most of them are not functioning fully; because they know if they try to be too smart, they will end up stepping on the toes and feet of their superiors, who have eaten more 'salt' then them.


Mansor Puteh


Permata Pintar was established in order to encourage young Malaysians to study hard so they could end up being admitted into any of the ten Ivy League and Oxbridge universities in America and Britain, respectively. But can they be sure of this happening?

The Melayu leaders were mighty proud when Safiah got admitted into Oxford University at the age of thirteen to study mathematics.


The British press too gave her wide coverage.


They marveled at her achievement, despite her being British with her mother a Melayu from Malaysia.


Yet, none of the Melayu leaders or their wives, had ever bothered to ask themselves what they could do with Safiah, if they could offer her a scholarship that could compel her to come to Malaysia to work.

They did not know what to do with her.


In fact, even Britain did not know what to do with her, and for that matter Oxford also did not know what else they could do with her other than to offer her a place to study there.

And the so-called Oxford Center of Islamic Studies of OCIS also did not care.


So what was the point for Oxford to offer her a place to study there and for the British press to give her wide coverage, and the creation of OCIS?


The Melayu in Malaysia had not even bothered to invite her to come to Kuala Lumpur to appear in forums.

The Umno and Melayu leaders went to England but did not meet her because they had come with the wrong intention, of getting publicity for themselves and not to offer her a scholarship or post upon graduation from Oxford, so she could pursue her master's degree and doctorate elsewhere perhaps in Oxford or Harvard.


So in the end, Safiah faltered and disappeared after dropping out of Oxford, in an almost dramatic way, feeding some news in the media in England for a while for doing something which shocked many in Malaysia.


Only then Umno leaders sprang to their feet to try and persuade her.


But no one knows what Umno and the Melayu leaders wanted her for.


They did not offer her any post in any government ministry or agency or at the university, so they could not create a Safiah that would suit the needs of the Malaysian government.


Yet, at the same time Permata Pintar was established; and so far they have got some hundreds of young students to study together.

Didn't they know geniuses do not crowd in the same classroom; they are on their own most of the time.


Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, George Lucas, Albert Einstein and the other geniuses of recent times did not know each other; they went on their own trek into the unknown to bring back goodies for which the world now benefits from.


If they were discovered early in their lives and flocked together in a classroom, chances are they would burn out, after being forced to perform before visiting dignitaries to please those who had brought them together.

And by the time they are older, chances are no Ivy League or Oxbridge university would ever want to accept them.

This will happen to the children in the Permata Pintar program.


And this is also the sad state of the Ivy Leaguers and Oxonians of Malaysia; none of whom are accepted with open arms by the government, so much so they do not crowd the Prime Minister's Department and all the ministries and government agencies.


In fact, Mara and JPA which offer scholarships and study loans to deserving Melayu students cannot be proud to have sent many of them to the ten universities.

The problem is that the Prime Minister's Department and all the ministries and agencies do not want to send any of their own staff to study in the ten most prestigious universities in the world, simply because they do not smart-asses in their midst.

The problem would happen if they choose some to study there, when they themselves had not bothered to study in these universities earlier when they were younger and were able to get the opportunity to do so.


So no wonder those who have studied in those universities on their own cannot and can never be accepted by the Malaysian government, despite them saying that Malaysians and especially the Melayu should strive to study hard and get into those universities.


Why is the Prime Minister's Department not crowded by those with impressive Ivy League and Oxbridge degrees of all specialization?

It is not difficult for the prime minister to insist on getting those with degrees from these universities and the other prestigious ones, if he himself believes in the value of education.


The Melayu with Ivy League degrees and education are so small in numbers; and most of them are not functioning fully; because they know if they try to be too smart, they will end up stepping on the toes and feet of their superiors, who have eaten more 'salt' then them.


And in Malaysia, the amount of 'salt' a person has eaten is more important than the level of education that he has.


So no wonder the logic and insistence on Malaysians to have Ivy League and Oxbridge education and backgrounds uttered by those in high office, can therefore be taken with a grain of salt.


It is too difficult too for anyone to ask the prime minister and the ministers just how many officers who crowd around them who have impressive academic backgrounds with education at any of the ten most prestigious universities in the world?


The answer is obvious; there is none in most of the ministries and government agencies.


And how many Melayu who had got admission into any of the Ivy League and Oxbridge universities that Mara had found expedient to reject his or her application for scholarship or study loan? 

Even the so-called 'education sections' of the local English language newspapers do not have a special spot for those with Ivy League and Oxbridge backgrounds; they only write on petty matters and issues concerning education and in general terms. 

Rasis: Kali ini J.Solomon (NUBE) sedikit melampau

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 12:06 PM PDT 

Solomon mendakwa kakitangan bernama Katherine Vimala a/p Aricasnin dari cawangan bank tersebut di Kulim yang dipecat sebagai satu-satunya kakitangan berbangsa India di wilayah utara itu. Kenyataan akhbar seperti ini amat tidak bertanggungjawab kerana beliau sebagai pejuang ahli dan kebenaran sewajarnya memeriksa fakta tersebut sebelum mengeluarkan kenyataan sebegini yang boleh mencetuskan pergeseran kaum sekiranya tidak dikawal.  

Shaharul Shafie

Saya terpanggil untuk menulis bagi menjawab artikel kenyataan akhbar berbahasa Inggeris yang dikeluarkan oleh Saudara Sandagran Solomon Joseph Pitchay atau lebih dikenali sebagai J.Solomon, Setiausaha Agung Kesatuan Pekerja Bank Kebangsaan (NUBE) yang bertarikh 26 Jun 2013 di laman

Artikel tersebut di dalam Bahasa Inggerisnya bertajuk 'Bank Muamalat northern region's only Indian employee dismissed for not attending training on a rest dayatau dalam terjemahannya di dalam Bahasa Melayu adalah ' Satu-satunya pekerja berbangsa India di Bank Muamalat wilayah utara dipecat kerana tidak menghadiri kursus pada hari cuti beliau'.

Saya selaku pengguna dan bekas pegawai bank rasa terpanggil untuk berhujah fakta dengan saudara Solomon di atas dakwaan beliau mengenai pemecatan kakitangan berkenaan. Hujah dan nasihat saya di sini adalah bersifat peribadi berdasarkan pengamatan dan tidak mewakili mana-mana pihak termasuklah pihak Bank Muamalat Bhd.

Semua sedia maklum bahawa NUBE merupakan kesatuan sekerja yang ditubuhkan di bawah peruntukan utama Akta Kesatuan Sekerja 1959 untuk membela nasib dan kakitangan para kakitangan bawahan atau sokongan yang berkhidmat di bank-bank perdagangan. Sememangnya tidak dinafikan penubuhan NUBE pada tahun 1960 telah banyak membantu mempertingkatkan kedudukan kakitangan-kakitangan ini dan juga berjuang demi kelangsungan keadilan perkhidmatan perbankan di negara ini. Malah sejak negara dilanda pertentangan di peringkat politik nasional yang agak hebat, sepertimana dengan Kongres Kesatuan Sekerja Malaysia (MTUC) dan Majlis Peguam Malaysia, NUBE juga dilihat turut sama terjebak secara tidak langsung apabila dilihat lebih mendampingi parti-parti di bawah Pakatan Rakyat (PR) di dalam perjuangan mereka.

Namun begitu, adalah tidak menjadi suatu kesalahan untuk mendampingi mana-mana parti politik untuk mendapat rangsangan perjuangan tidak kira parti itu adalah pemerintah atau sebaliknya. Kesatuan Pekerja-pekerja Perkhidmatan Awam (CUEPACS) yang pada dasarnya memperjuangkan nasib dan kebajikan kakitangan awam peringkat bawahan dan sokongan tidak dapat lari dari menyokong parti pemerintah persekutuan. Namun begitu, kehadiran yang aktif CUEPACS dalam sedekad ini di bawah Presidennya, Datuk Omar Osman nyata bukan sahaja menguntungkan kakitangan awam kumpulan bawahan. Malah, kakitangan awam kumpulan professional dan atasan wajar mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih di atas usaha perjuangan CUEPACS yang secara tidak langsungnya juga menguntungkan semua kumpulan dalam perkhidmatan awam. Selain dari keperluan momentum kerajaan pemerintah yang mahu meraih sokongan undi kakitangan awam kepada mereka, adalah tidak dinafikan peranan CUEPACS jugalah membantu pegawai-pegawai berjawatan dari Ketua Setiausaha Negara (KSN) sehinggalah juga Pengarah (pelbagai pangkat Jusa) turut mengecapi kenaikan gaji, pelbagai pelarasan pendapatan dan kebajikan pekerja.

Namun sebagai pemerhati luar, saya melihat perjuangan NUBE sejak dahulu lagi lebih banyak bertindak sebagai suatu kubu yang dibina hanya untuk 'berperang' dengan pihak atau kumpulan lain dalam industri perbankan. Saya tidak berkata bahawa saya mahu NUBE membiarkan hidung mereka dicucuk pihak pengurusan tetapi saya lebih gusar dengan kaedah serangan mereka pada pihak pengurusan daripada memilih kaedah perbincangan yang berterusan. Saya tegaskan bahawa tidak salah NUBE berpiket atau mendesak mana-mana rancangan bank berkaitan pekerja mereka dibatalkan tetapi dari pemerhatian saya kaedah yang dilakukan oleh NUBE seperti mahu menumbangkan sesebuah bank dan seringkali mengelak berbincang mahupun untuk memperolehi maklumat yang tepat mengenai sesuatu perkara yang menimpa pada ahlinya untuk mencari jalan tengah penyelesaian terbaik.

Berbalik kepada kenyataan akhbar Saudara J Solomon tersebut, beliau secara terang menuduh pihak pengurusan Bank Muamalat di wilayah utara mengamalkan diskriminasi perkauman. Solomon mendakwa kakitangan bernama Katherine Vimala a/p Aricasnin dari cawangan bank tersebut di Kulim yang dipecat sebagai satu-satunya kakitangan berbangsa India di wilayah utara itu. Kenyataan akhbar seperti ini amat tidak bertanggungjawab kerana beliau sebagai pejuang ahli dan kebenaran sewajarnya memeriksa fakta tersebut sebelum mengeluarkan kenyataan sebegini yang boleh mencetuskan pergeseran kaum sekiranya tidak dikawal.  

Kita sedia maklum para pembaca kenyataan akhbar berkenaan semestinya memilih untuk percaya habis dengan dakwaan Solomon dan buktinya anda boleh membaca sendiri komen-komen menyokong kenyataan pertuduhan 'rasis' Solomon di dalam portal-portal Malaysia Today dan Malaysia Chronicle serta di Page Facebook Nube sendiri.

Saya mengikuti perjuangan NUBE sejak sedekad lalu dan hanya kali ini saya jelaskan Solomon bertindak agak melampau untuk meraih simpati pada NUBE dengan mencampuri elemen berbaur politik dengan cuba membabitkan isu perkauman. Kita sedar bahawa permainan isu rasis tidak terkawal ini amat berpengaruh dan mampu menjadi peluru bagi pertikaian politik nasional. Memandangkan hubungan NUBE yang baik dengan parti-parti PR, saya amat memohon agar pemimpin-pemimpin PR berhati-hati agar tidak terbawa-bawa dengan sentimen sebegini kerana jika silap maklumat atau silap mempertahankan pihak yang mendakwa, padahnya nanti pada imej parti-parti PR itu.

Saya melakukan beberapa panggilan dan lawatan ketika saya berada di utara Semenanjung Malaysia hujung minggu lalu. Apa yang saya lihat dan dimaklumkan dengan maklumat sahih bahawa Katherine yang dipecat itu bukannya satu-satunya pekerja bukan Melayu di bank tersebut di wilayah utara. Bank Muamalat di utara dilaporkan mempunyai 4 kakitangan kaum India dan 5 kakitangan kaum Cina. Malah di cawangan Bank Muamalat di Sungai Petani,Kedah, penolong pengurusnya adalah seorang berbangsa India sementara di cawangan Lebuh Pantai di Pulau Pinang pula penolong pengurusnya berbangsa Cina. Saya yakin dengan jumlah cawangan di wilayah utara yang sedikit bagi sebuah bank yang bersaiz kecil ini, jumlah kiraan nisbah 9 kakitangan bukan Melayu itu adalah berpatutan, lebih-lebih lagi di sebuah bank pengamal perbankan Islam. Oleh itu, kenyataan membabi buta Solomon ini telah menunjukkan beliau sebagai pemimpin kesatuan sekerja yang gagal mendapatkan maklumat sebenar dan sikap sebegini amat berbahaya kepada keharmonian rakyat yang berbilang kaum jika tidak dikawal. Dengan kehebatan media sosial menghebahkan perkara ini, kenyataan yang tidak bertanggungjawab ini boleh menggugat kesejahteraan dan amat menyedihkan jika faktanya tidak betul.

Dari apa yang dibicarakan oleh Solomon dalam kenyataan beliau, amat jelas bagi beliau hanya mendengar sebelah pihak dan saya yakin kesemua cerita yang diyakininya hanyalah yang diceritakan oleh Katherine. Di dalam kenyataan akhbarnya, Solomon mendakwa kakitangan India berkenaan dipecat kerana tidak hadir pada satu kursus. Kedengarannya di Bank Muamalat, kursus mengenai AMLA/CFT dan Shariah ini adalah wajib dihadiri setiap tahun dan ada khabaran mengatakan kakitangan dipecat ini tidak menghadirinya sejak tahun 2011. Untuk makluman, AMLA/CFT adalah kursus mengenai pencegahan pengubahan wang haram dan pembiayaan pengganas yang diwajibkan dihadiri bagi memberi pengetahuan dan mengingatkan kakitangan bank-bank perdagangan agar tidak terjebak dengan situasi berkenaan. Saya juga ada mendengar khabaran bahawa Katherine yakin beliau tidak bersalah kerana sudah mendapat kelulusan pada 12 Mac 2013 untuk bercuti pada 18 Mac 2013 meskipun kursus tersebut diadakan pada 16 Mac 2013 (Sabtu). Dengar khabarnya di dalam borang cuti berkenaan, kakitangan perlu memberitahu sebab mengambil cuti tetapi 'sebab' yang dinyatakan Katherine itu dikatakan tidak mencerminkan kehadiran beliau dalam Piket Jelajah NUBE di Kota Bharu yang diadakan pada 16hb-18hb Mac 2013.

Walau apapun khabar-khabarnya, sekiranya Katherine merasakan dirinya benar, gunakan saluran undang-undang bagi memperjuangkan nasib dirinya. Mungkin juga ada sebab lain yang menyebabkan pengurusan Bank Muamalat yakin untuk memecat Katherine. Oleh itu, sebagai pemimpin, Solomon wajarlah duduk semeja dengan pengurusan bank bagi mendapatkan keterangan mereka.Sekiranya selepas penjelasan berkenaan, Solomon yakin kakitangan berkenaan masih di pihak yang benar, gunalah saluran undang-undang untuk membela beliau.  Adalah  agak 'premature' bagi Solomon membuat kenyataan yang mempertahankan kakitangan berkenaan tanpa menasihati kakitangan tersebut menuruti proses dan rujukan perundangan sekiranya dirinya benar.

Mungkin juga Solomon berasa sakit hati apabila kakitangan tersebut dipecat dengan mengandaikan pemecatan itu dikaitkan dengan 'kemarahan' pihak bank kerana menghadiri program anjuran NUBE tersebut tetapi Solomon perlu tahu setiap kakitangan mana-mana bank perdagangan sekalipun tertakluk kepada peraturan-peraturan dan manual kakitangan yang sendiri ditandatangi oleh kakitangan yang memilih untuk bekerja asalkan tidak menyalahi peruntukan undang-undang berkaitan sumber manusia. Saya bimbang kerana sikap 'permusuhan' yang sentiasa ditunjukkan oleh Solomon pada pihak pengurusan dalam segala bentuk perjuangannya telah menyebabkan beliau mengandaikan keadaan sedemikian.Solomon dinasihatkan agar banyak menyelesaikan masalah dengan duduk semeja dan mendapatkan maklumat di pihak pengurusan agar tindakan NUBE selanjutnya dapat dilakukan dengan lebih berkesan dan adil.

Setiap yang berlaku pastinya mempunyai dua cerita yang berbeza. Bagi saya sebagai pengguna dan rakyat Malaysia yang cintakan perpaduan, kita perlu bertindak bijak, cerdik fakta dan lebih bertanggungjawab sekiranya mahu mendakwa apa-apa unsur perkauman di dalam apa sahaja perjuangan.

Sebagai pemimpin kanan kesatuan sekerja bank itu sejak 13 tahun, Solomon disarankan perlu bersikap progresif dan membina untuk masa depan kakitangan sokongan bank. Di dalam era pendidikan tinggi serta penggunaan sistem maklumat dalam sistem perbankan hari ini, keperluan kepada kakitangan sokongan di bank-bank telah menurun semakin mendadak demi survival bank-bank ini menghadapi dilemma globalisasi kewangan.

Demi menguruskan peruntukan sumber manusia dengan penuh berhemah, tidak dinafikan bank-bank pada hari ini lebih menumpukan pengambilan pekerja baru yang mempunyai ijazah yang berkualiti dan ini pastinya memberi kesan kepada NUBE yang semakin hari kehilangan jumlah sokongan kakitangan tanpa ijazah. Bukan itu sahaja, untuk kakitangan bawahan senior walaupun tanpa ijazah, dengan produktiviti mereka, mereka juga dinaikkan pangkat menjadi pegawai. Ini secara langsung menyebabkan keahlian kakitangan tersebut dengan NUBE tergugur.

Oleh itu, sebagai pemimpin NUBE yang sudah lama berkhidmat, saya sebagai bekas warga bank yakin Solomon sudah menyedari hakikat tersebut dan sudah sampainya untuk beliau mentransformasikan kerangka perjuangan yang lebih menyeluruh di masa hadapan untuk memastikan NUBE terus relevan dalam konteks keperluan perjuangan sumber manusia hari ini.


Shaharul adalah seorang perunding Sumber Manusia Strategik, Teknologi Sains Maklumat dan program pembangunan organisasi. Beliau juga kini melanjutkan pengajian di peringkat PhD di sebuah universiti terkemuka tempatan. Beliau juga merupakan pemimpin NGO antarabangsa, Armed for the Quill (AFTQ) yang berpusat di Oslo, Norway. Beliau adalah Ketua AFTQ bagi Asia Tenggara dan Timor Leste. Selain itu, beliau juga menulis beberapa artikel analisa perkembangan politik, sosial dan ekonomi yang diterbitkan di beberapa laman web dan media cetak. Beliau boleh dihubungi di


Crime is Real, not Perception: Stop procrastinating and reform the police today

Posted: 30 Jun 2013 11:27 AM PDT 

Khairy's home in Bukit Damansara was struck by robbers, making him the latest victim in a spate of high-profile robberies. 

First of all, I would like to express my commiseration to Youth and Sports Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin whose house in Bukit Damansara was burglared in broad daylight over the weekend. My own terrace house had been burglared twice in 2009 and 2010, which was a reason why my family moved into an apartment which has 24 hours security in 2011.
Tony Pua 
No one, whether a Minister, politician, whether from Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional, or any man on the street, should be subjected to the trauma of crime in this country. We are thankful that in this instance, no one was injured in the incident. The above, and many other crime incidents in recent months occurring to VIPs, including family members of other ministers and senior police officers proved that crime is not mere perception in Malaysia. If Minister's and senior police officers are not safe from crime, then how can the ordinary city folks even sleep in peace?
Khairy himself has accepted as such in his Facebook comment yesterday evening on the incident. He wrote that "Insiden ini adalah peringatan kepada kita semua bahawa jenayah merupakan masalah serius di negara kita. Masalah ini adalah perkara yang nyata, bukan semata-mata persepsi."
The threat of crime has forced the man on the street to take matters into their own hands by setting up "illegal" boom gates and access barriers as well as forking out millions of Ringgit every year to employ security guards to protect themselves. Therefore these acts of barricading their housing estates into war zones are certainly not acts of wanting to "live in exclusivity" as alleged by Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Member of Parliament for Kota Belud previously in Parliament.
There is no question that crime statistics over the past years have been manipulated to give Malaysians a false perception of security. The government claims that street crimes have been reduced by 40% in recent years while the crime index has fallen by 25% from 2007 to 2011. What the government has attempted to hide from Malaysians was that non-index crime index have over the same period increased by a whopping 69%!
The most incredulous of the BN Government claims must be that Malaysia is the safest country in Southeast Asia, even safer than Singapore, and some say, Hong Kong and Japan.
We must stop lying to ourselves and the Government must start admitting the severity of crime in the country. Only and unless the Government and the police are willing to accept that fact, there will be no sense of urgency among the authorities to make things better. What we will get instead is excuses by the police force and even Pemandu itself, that the repeal of Emergency Ordinance to keep suspects under 2 year detentions have caused an increase in crime.
The Malaysian Police must concede that the real reason behind the weaknesses in fighting crime is the sheer misallocation of resources within the force. Over the past 8 years, the criminal investigation department (CID) comprises barely 9% of the police force. In stark contrast, 41% of uniformed police perform management functions, while 31% are tasked with internal security and public order such as the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU), the Light Strike Force as well as the General Operations Force.
Even the Special Branch of the police has nearly the same number of personnel as the CID. In fact the Budget figures in 2010 showed that the police produced 733,237 reports and security checks by the Special Branch, but only 211,645 criminal investigation papers. So Special Branch produced more than three times as many reports as the CID.
The 2005 Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) Report has recommended about 20,000 uniformed personnel or 22% of the force could be reassigned to go back to active core policing work. Unfortunately this recommendation was never taken seriously by the Home Ministry.

The Home Ministry and the Malaysian police must stop giving excuses to the rising spate of crime. It must accept the findings of the Royal Commission of Inquiry carried out 8 years ago, and implement all the necessary measures to improve the effectiveness and professionalism of the police force. The failure to do so will only see crime persist at high and increasing levels, making Malaysia unsafe not only for its citizens, but also as a conducive country of business and investment.


Daylight robbery in Khairy's home

(The Star) - Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has become the latest victim of robbers when his home was hit on Saturday afternoon.

Three men scaled the wall of the bungalow in Jalan Setiabistari, Bukit Damansara, at about 5.30pm before breaking in through the front door.

Khairy and his wife, who live in the house which belongs to his mother, were not in when the robbers struck.

The only person in the house was a maid, who said the three men ransacked the place, including the master bedroom where most of the valuables were kept.

The robbers took off with several laptop compu­ters, watches and other expensive items.

City CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Ku Chin Wah said police were trying to find out the total number of items taken away.

"There have been no arrests yet. We are probing all angles for the robbery," he said.

Khairy, who also confirmed the robbery on his Facebook page yesterday, thanked family members and friends who offered words of kindness.

"Thankfully no one was hurt and I leave the matter in the hands of the police.

"This incident is a reminder to us all that crime is a serious problem in our country.

"It is a real issue and not just merely a perception," he said, urging other victims of crimes to stay strong.

He also urged everyone to keep their families and themselves safe. 



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