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Msians most socially active Starbucks customer - survey

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 08:49 PM PDT

(Bernama) - Malaysians are the most active on social media and twice as active as Americans, according to a survey released Thursday by location-based, social engagement platform, Local Measure.

Local Measure 'Starbucks' Social Index analysed social media conversations that occurred in 60 Starbucks stores across Australia, United States, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia over the past 24 months. Ten stores were included in prominent cities of each country. 

By identifying location data embedded within publicly available social content, Local Measure was able to identify unique insights, images posted by customers and comments about their experience in Starbucks.     The inaugural Social Index was conducted by Local Measure following its recent expansion into Asia. 
This index illustrates the richness of information Local Measure can surface for brands through social data that customers are posting using their smartphones. 
This index demonstrates how companies like Starbucks can gain a competitive edge in analysing these conversations in real-time.     Malaysians were the most socially active Starbucks customers creating some 209,200 posts and check-ins on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare.
Filipinos generated the second largest amount of content with 188,200 posts and check-ins and Indonesians came in third with 134,000 posts and check-ins at the ten stores.    
Local Measure Founder Jonathan Barouch said the survey highlights the increasing need for businesses to mine social data that can be drawn from the real-time, social media platforms to gain insights from business' premises.    
"Local Measure allows retailers to reclaim that personal customer service so often lost in the business transaction. While some customers may comment to friends or colleagues about weak coffee or poor service, smartphones are also empowering customers to share positive experiences. 
"With Local Measure, retailers can now use this feedback to improve their customer service and make changes to their products or services accordingly," he said.    
In addition, Local Measure enables retailers to build a rapport with their 'super customers', those who are not only repeat customers but also share their experiences with their social followers.  
Local Measure allows brands to identify and reward the super customers for their patronage, creating a deeper relationship with them.    
Some of the key findings from the Local Measure 'Starbucks' Social Index that are specific to Malaysia were that 'Checking in' on Facebook or Foursquare proved more popular than creating updates or photos amongst consumers in all countries.     Nearly 93 per cent of all social media posts within and about Starbucks in Malaysia are check-ins.
Of the 60 Starbucks stores, the most active on social media in Malaysia was at Berjaya Times Square which had 3,391 social posts and over 27,594 check-ins over the two-year period.    
The busiest month for Malaysians was May 2013, with over 1,335 social posts. The most prolific super customer had 'visited' Starbucks stores 49 times and had 774 followers on Instagram.

A Million Jobs

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 06:59 PM PDT

Today [Friday], Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg is launching the Liberal Democrats' 'A Million Jobs for a Stronger Economy' campaign. The campaign will highlight the successes the Liberal Democrats have had in helping to create more than a million private sector jobs since coming into Government and our determination to help create a million more.

The first phase of the campaign is a major apprenticeships drive. The party's ambition is to double the number of companies offering apprenticeships from 100,000 to 200,000.

Campaigning 'Action Days' will take place across the country tomorrow [Saturday], with MPs and local parties highlighting the work they and the party nationally are doing to help create jobs and apprenticeships in their local areas.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg said:

"Britain is creating jobs. I know it doesn't always feel like it – a lot of families are still feeling the pinch. But since the Liberal Democrats came into Government in 2010, we've helped British businesses create more than a million jobs. Now we want to help them create a million more.

"That will mean an unrelenting focus from Government for the next two years. The country is on a jobs mission and I'm determined the Liberal Democrats will lead it.

"We want more jobs for young people; more jobs outside of London; more jobs in high skilled manufacturing and the high growth industries of the future; more green jobs and more rural jobs too.

"We've already done a lot – investing billions in science, advance manufacturing and renewable energy, as well as creating work by investing in roads, railways and homes. Our Regional Growth Fund is providing money to firms around the country. And we're offering £2,000 cash back to employers on the tax they pay on their employees, making it easier to take people on.

"But we need to do more – starting with a major apprenticeships drive. More and more young people are learning the skills they need for well-paid careers, not just in a classroom or lecture theatre, but in the office or on the shop floor – and they're getting paid for it.

"It's an old idea to help build a new economy. Not only do apprenticeships create new opportunities for young men and women, but companies get the loyal and capable staff they need to compete and expand. It works for all kinds of industries – from construction to catering; from advanced engineering to accounting.

"Vince Cable and I made this a priority when we came into office and the Coalition is investing record sums in helping firms hire and train apprentices. We're also cutting red tape so it's easier for smaller firms to take people on.

"But there are still firms and young people missing out. We have nearly five million businesses in the UK, but little over 100,000 currently offer apprenticeships. We need to be more ambitious – I want to see that number double to 200,000. Over time, I want to see apprenticeships viewed as a much more mainstream route to work. They're a crucial building block for the stronger economy and fairer society we all seek, enabling everyone to get on in life."


Flash mob planned leading to June 22 rally

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 04:17 PM PDT

Badrul Hisham (left) and activist Hishamuddin Rais at the press conference.

Pathma Subramaniam, fz.com

The coalition behind the Black 505 rallies is kicking off the countdown to the June 22 polls reform gathering with flash mob tomorrow.

Badrul Hisham Shaharin, chairman of Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM), which is one of the 50 non-governmental organisations in the People's Voice 505 coalition, said they will proceed with their plans although City Hall has so far refused the use of Padang Merbok.

"We have the right to assemble peacefully especially to voice our grievances about what's happening in this country," he stressed.

The coalition said the countdown will be initiated by student groups with a flash mob at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman near the Sogo Departmental Store at 2pm.

"The final countdown will take place the night before June 22 at the Kuala Lumpur-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH). Participants will be given guidance prior to attending the big day on June 22," said Badrul Hisham, who is better known as Chegubard.

"We are also expanding our volunteer base to mobilise them during the rally," he said at a press conference at the KLSCAH. Also present was activist Hishamuddin Rais and SAMM propaganda director Edy Noor Reduan.

Badrul Hisham together with PKR strategist Rafizi Ramli and several other parliamentarians had met with the capital city's mayor Datuk Seri Ahmad Phesal Talib earlier today over the rally venue.

Rafizi told reporters after the meeting that Pakatan Rakyat, which is supportive of the rally, would be setting a bad precedent if it were to concur to the mayor's suggestions of opting for a stadium instead of Padang Merbok.

"If we were to accept the argument and also the precedent, it means there will be not be any other gatherings in open, public spaces after this. It sets a very bad precedent," he said.

Badrul Hisham said that the talks ended up in a deadlock with Ahmad Phesal reiterating "lame excuses" that the field is only used for "light sporting activities".

"First the City Hall said the field has been booked for an official event but once that was proven to be wrong they are giving multiple lame excuses," he said.

"We are determined to gather at Padang Merbok even though it is blocked by the City Hall," he added.

"Taking to the streets is not our choice but the situation in this country is such that we are pushed to wall and have no choice but to do it this way," said Badrul Hisham.


‘Only King can ask us to quit’

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 03:16 PM PDT

(The Star) - ELECTION Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof has reiterated that the EC leadership will not step down just because some quarters were not happy with the 13th general election process, Utusan Malaysia reported on its front page.

He said he and his deputy as well as five others were appointed according to the Federal Constitution with the consent of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

"The EC is an independent body and members cannot be made to step down by force as demanded by certain groups," he said.

Abdul Aziz said only the King could order the leadership to step down.


Raja Mohamed Affandi appointed Army Chief

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 02:54 PM PDT

(BERNAMA) - Army Chief Gen Tan Sri Zulkifli Zainal Abidin today officially handed over duties to his successor Gen Datuk Raja Mohamed Affandi Raja Mohamed Noor.

The handing over of duties ceremony at the Kementah Auditorium, Defence Ministry was witnessed by Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein and Armed Forces Chief Jen Tan Sri Zulkifeli Md Zin.

Raja Mohamed Affandi, 56, a former Armed Forces Chief of Staff was earlier promoted to a full General from his previous post of Lt General.

Zulkifli, 52, was appointed as the vice-chancellor of Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM), effective tomorrow.

In his speech, Raja Mohamed Affandi pledged to carry out his new task in leading the army as an organisation and a team that could perform its responsibilities to ensure national security without any compromise.


DBKL, PKR in deadlock over rally venue

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 02:38 PM PDT

DBKL mayor Ahmad Phesal Talib claimed the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) had applied to use Padang Merbok for their charity run as far back as in December 2012. 

Leven Woon, FMT

Negotiations between KL city council (DBKL) and PKR over the use of Padang Merbok as the Blackout 505 venue has met a deadlock, with mayor Ahmad Phesal Talib today insisting that the field is not available on June 22.

He told reporters that the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) had opted for the venue to organise a charity run on June 23, and not Dataran Merdeka as claimed by the oppositions.

"I have letters to prove that OCM has indeed applied for Padang Merbok since December last year, I have no idea how they (the opposition) came into the conclusion of otherwise.

"I didn't do this after they (the opposition) said they wanted Padang Merbok, but it was indeed what the third party has applied for," he said without showing OCM's letter to DBKL.

Ahmad Phesal's remarks followed claims by PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli that the mayor had lied about the charity run's venue and used it as an excuse to reject the party's application for the rally, which is slated for June 22.



MACC wants more power

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 02:33 PM PDT

(Bernama) - The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) wants additional powers to compel anyone to declare their assets without the need to prove an element of corruption.

To that end, it has submitted a proposal to the government to amend Section 36 of the MACC Act 2009 to empower the commission with such legal authority.

MACC chief Abu Kassim Mohamed said a Special Committee on Corruption had put together the proposal and he wants the government to give it serious consideration.

He said currently the commission does not have any legal provision to compel a person to declare his or her assets without any investigation on a corruption allegation against the person.

Abu Kassim was speaking to more than 30 editors from various media agencies at a MACC management-level dialogue at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Academy, here, yesterday.

"The initiative, if implemented, would impact positively on the government and would enhance the people's confidence in the MACC," he said, adding that the recommendation had been made in the committee's annual report in 2011.

The special committee, comprising MPs from the government and opposition is one of five special panels set up in January 2009 as a check and balance mechanism on the MACC.

The four other panels are the Anti-Corruption Advisory Board, the Complaints Committee, the Operations Review Panel, and the Corruption Consultation and Prevention Panel.

Abu Kassim said the Special Committee on Corruption would also propose to the government to find the best mechanism, be it from the legal or procedural aspect, to resolve the 'legally right morally wrong' issue.

In this regard, he said the MACC needed the overall support of all parties, besides new and more effective provisions to combat corruption in the country.

Abu Kassim said without such overall support and more effective legal provisions, the fight against corruption would not have the far-reaching impact expected by the people.

"We must be in it together, regardless of political ideology, because corruption is a crime. If the law is insufficient we must make amendments, we must support," he said.


Proton to unveil lower prices

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 02:32 PM PDT

(NST) JAKARTA: Proton will unveil a reduction in the prices of its existing models in Malaysia tomorrow.

Proton executive chairman Tan Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil said the prices would be 10 per cent lower and the models involved were the existing variants in the carmaker's stable. He, however, declined to divulge the models which had been lined up for price reduction, saying that they would only be known tomorrow.

"We are reducing the prices based on value engineering," he said at the launch of Proton's Preve model for the Indonesian market, here, yesterday.

Khamil said although the prices would be reduced, the national carmaker would not compromise on safety and quality.

The lower-priced variants will be unveiled at Proton's Mutiara Damansara outlet in Malaysia and bookings will be open to the public.

Last month, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak reaffirmed the government's commitment to reduce car prices in stages.

Barisan Nasional had, in its election manifesto, promised to review the national automotive policy to reduce prices of cars by between 20 and 30 per cent in stages and raise the competitiveness of national cars.


PAS and PSM to meet in a dialogue

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 02:29 PM PDT

(The Malaysian Times) - The PAS secretary general, Datuk Mustafa Ali said leaders of PAS and the Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) are expected to meet next week to discuss issues related to the 13th General Election (GE13).

During the GE13, candidates from Pas and PSM clashed in the Kota Damansaraseat and gave a victory to Barisan Nasional (BN)bin the recent polls

Mustafa said the meeting with representatives of the socialist party will take place at the PAS headquarters in Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur, on June 18.

Mustafa said he and two other leaders will represent PAS, namely deputy president Mohamad Sabu and vice president Salahudin Ayub.

"The president (Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang) could not attend as he has to attend the Terengganu state assembly," said Mustafa, adding that Hadi would be represented by his political secretary Dr Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar.

PSM secretary general S Arutchelvan recently announced that a dialogue would be convened with the Islamic party to discuss thorny issues between them, including on the party's ideology with which some PAS members had expressed discomfort.

Arutchelvan said five represetatives from PSM would attend the meeting.

"We had received a phone call two days ago (about the dialogue), though we have not finalised the date and the people who will be involved," said Arutchelvan.

Differences between PAS and PSM led to a clash of both parties' candidates in Kota Damansara, where PSM president Dr Nasir Hashim was the incumbent. Nasir, who contested under PKR, lost to BN's Halimaton Saadiah Bohan by a majority of 1,527 votes.

The PAS candidate emerged third with 7,312 votes, while three independent candidates lost their deposits.


Dr Mahathir tells government not to be soft anymore

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 02:26 PM PDT

(Bernama) - Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad has urged the government to no longer be soft towards the opposition who continue to insult the nation's democratic system.

"We need to be a bit tough and not give them face," he told reporters after attending a dinner in conjunction with Langkawi International Dialogue (LID) 2013 here yesterday.

He said the opposition who wanted to recognise the people's choice changed overnight when they failed to get majority support in the 13th general election (GE13).

"Initially, they wanted to recognise the people's choice but now they want to topple the government. They reject the democratic system and opt for street demonstration."

LID 2013, which began since Sunday, was participated by six countries - Namibia, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Lesotho and Botswana.

In his speech entitled "Transforming A Nation: The Malaysian Experience", Dr Mahathir said proper implementation and coordination by the government benefited the people and the nation's economy.

Initiatives undertaken by the Economy Planning Unit (EPU) and the Implementation Coordination Unit (ICU) had enhanced Malaysia's competitiveness and economic opportunities.

"During my time, I instructed all the ministers to go to the ground to make sure all the planning were done accordingly," said Dr Mahathir.

Government strategies include providing incentives to local companies and tax free holiday to investors to encourage more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

"When we (Malaysia) have more inflow in FDI, the employment rate increases. The FDI also stimulates our economy," he added.


Street protests may be only way to push for polls reform, says Ambiga

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 08:56 AM PDT


(TMI) - Polls reform group Bersih 2.0 has conceded that taking to the streets could be the only way left to fight for polls reform should its campaign to clean up the election system through legal channels fail.

Co-chairman Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan said the group, however, will first use its "People's Tribunal" as the chief platform to "scrutinise" the allegations of fraud committed in Election 2013 where its findings will be the basis for its advocacy work for polls reform.

"We will go with the tribunal first. Depending on the findings we will push for relevant reform. If that fails then a protest may be the only option," she told The Malaysian Insider.

Ambiga had previously said that the "people's tribunal" will serve as a "moral force" to investigate and publicly expose alleged fraud in the May 5 general election.

The tribunal and its findings will also underpin its fight for the resignation of all the present Election Commission (EC) line-up following accusations of bias. Bersih and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders have also made this a key condition to bilateral talks on polls reform.

But the Najib administration's insistence on the EC's independence means it is unlikely to agree to the condition. The EC chairman, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Yusof, has also said that the commission will not bow down to pressure.

The impasse could well force Bersih and the opposition to resort to street protests as a last recourse.

Read more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/street-protests-may-be-only-way-to-push-for-polls-reform-says-ambiga/ 

Latest: One dead, eight injured when tower on top of UMNO Penang building collapses and crushes ...

Posted: 13 Jun 2013 08:40 AM PDT


(ABN News) - An evening storm wreaked havoc in Penang today causing the communications tower atop the Umno building in Jalan Macalister here to collapse, leaving one person dead and eight others injured.

Jahir Hussain Sulaiman, 46, the driver of a pick up truck who was seriously injured in the incident later died at the Penang Hospital.

His nephew Azharudeen Mohd Mohideen, 18, told reporters at the hospital's mortuary at 11.30pm that his uncle had died.

The antenna had collapsed on his vehicle and six other vehicles that were parked below. The rest of the victims only sustained minor injuries.

The communications tower that fell from the top of the UMNO building.

The communications tower that fell from the top of the UMNO building.


The damage at the top of the UMNO building. The communications tower broke off and fell on to the road below.

The damage at the top of the UMNO building. The communications tower broke off and fell on to the road below.

Earlier, Penang police chief Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi had said the storm caused the the 20-metre high communications tower atop the Umno building in Jalan Macalister here to collapse at around 6.45pm and damaged seven vehicles including the pick up truck.

He said the driver of the pick up truck had been seriously injured.

"In the Timur Laut district, eight areas were affected whereby trees fell but the most serious incident involved the antenna at the Umno building in Jalan Macalister toppling over.

"Two areas in Seberang Perai Tengah were affected, 10 areas in Seberang Perai Utara and one area in the Barat Daya district," he told reporters at the scene of the disaster at Jalan Macalister tonight. 

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