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Voter Status Gone?

Posted: 01 May 2013 03:24 PM PDT

Can anyone verify this? 

Dear all,

Penang finished liao.
Noticed from my 3rd sister in law yesterday that her sister and her friends' s name all disappeared from PRU ( after submitting their ic for RM1 concert ticket.

This morning get to know that my 4th brother in law together with his wife and mum went for BN food fair and gave ic for lucky draw. Immediately I check their voting status and the result is as follow:

His name gone (GE12 vote PAS)
Wife name gone (1st time voter)
Mum name remain (GE12 vote UMNO)

High chances that Penang will falls back to BN as many Pakatan supporters will be eliminated...

Pls dont go to their event any more.!!!
God bless Malaysia.

It is confirmed that those who gave their ic for the Han Chiang concert and Michelle Yeoh PKFZ dinner are not able to vote. Their names have been removed from the electoral roll. Nothing is given for free. Najib said before that he will take back Penang and Selangor at all cost. Please spread the news around and get those involved to quickly check and lodge complaint immediately. That includes the petty traders who had taken their goodies. The dirtiest election ever.
from my friend ! read this
Just confirm from my staff ... Her aunt took money n give ic to set up hawker stall to give dinner every nite for BN ... We just chk her ic at spr n confirm her name was took down ... Pls spread the news to all the ppl who gave ic to BN ... N ask them chk their ic ... So dirty ...


A Message to all Barisan Supporters

Posted: 01 May 2013 03:11 PM PDT 

Najib's game plan is a totalitarian 1Malaysia similar to the One China Policy and One World Order. 1Malaysia Plan will give autonomy to Sabah, Sarawak and DAP Penang like Hong Kong.


Malaysians in one voice have decided to change the government. The Chinese and Indians have dumped MCA and MIC into a rubbish bin; expect the Malays also to dump UMNO.

A full and final INDEPENDANCE is not DEPENDANCE on BN Government to do for the people what they can do for themselves. Malaysia produced RM1,000,000,000,000 (Trillion) worth of Oil since 1979 and only now the government can give the poor a RM500 BRIM peanut. Why sell ourselves short and let BN make a monkey out of us during elections?

Najib dreams of Transformation into a Super State and have all people as submissive servants to it. Submission to Allah is not his agenda, but is counting on the All Powerful Communist China instead to prop a failed BN Regime in return for strategic favors they need in the region.  

Najib's game plan is a totalitarian 1Malaysia similar to the One China Policy and One World Order. 1Malaysia Plan will give autonomy to Sabah, Sarawak and DAP Penang like Hong Kong.

Najib promises Prosperity with full control of every aspect of people's lives whereby the government owns everything - you name it, including kedais, kliniks, transport, tadika, education. Only Corporate thieves who ransack the nation in broad daylight can have his blessings. They have stolen so much, they are now throwing money to buy, cheat and bribe for votes. His caption is, "Trust me".

Losing the Elections is unthinkable for Najib and there is a danger he will resort to any desperate means including riots for an excuse to impose military rule like Myanmar. Malay support is vital, but with only 50% of the Conservative Malays' support, UMNO may now try to recruit more illegal foreigners to dilute the race and change their name to become bumiputras.  

Tun Abdul Razak is the father of Institutionalized Racism and the son is Mahathir. Abdul Razak created a sub-Malay species called Bumiputra that God did not create, the root cause of corruption. All the ills of today can be traced to this one man alone, Dr. Mahathir s/o Kutty; corruption, cronyism, communalism, crime and the cancer of poverty. The same Razak is here to pay for his father's sin; like George Bush paid for Iraq.

Ketuanan Melayu (Brown Supremacy Policy) is a crime against free citizens, whose sympathizers are not guiltless but partners to the crime, knowing or unknowingly. This age old disease is not invented in Malaysia but had long existed with Tamils and Singhalese, Arabs and Jews, Serbs and Croats.  

What then is nation building if not building with raw materials consisting of different ethnic materials to erect a nice edifice solidly fused together with its own identity? Post 13GE marks a maturity of Malaysian people. We begin work with a new paradigm of consent which span the full spectrum of common interests for all:- food, water/energy, transport, prosperity and the ecology.

A Pakatan government can do 10 times more what BN can do under Chinese hegemony. Resource rich Malaysians can be richer than their Singaporean neighbors when partners in crime are banished forever, and replaced by partners in consent.  

Malays who want to stand strong together with all other races must drop their UMNO crutches at the polls. The sunset of UMNO will drown in deep blue sea, all corruption, all filth. Pakatan is a ship for Malaysian peoples to sail towards the sunrise of a nation undreamed of.  


Let us again speak in one voice, Merdeka!  

Dear Reader: 1 Million copies must be distributed. Please help photostat 100 pieces for distribution to your colleagues before elections.


Mayra Nazarbayev has applied for Malaysian citizenship?

Posted: 01 May 2013 02:02 PM PDT 

Daniyar Muratov 
It's been a while since the last time we communicated. I wanted to update you with some interesting developments on Prime Minister Najib's Kazakhstani relatives-to-be Daniyar Nazarbayev (who is engaged to be married to Mr. Najib's daughter) and Mayra Nazarbayev, his mother.  

--Reliable sources tell us that Mayra Nazarbayev has applied for Malaysian citizenship and that the Commonwealth headquarters have recommended against granting her citizenship;

--While enrolled at Sandhurst last summer, Daniyar, since he would otherwise have been unable to do so being a Kazakh national, graduated as a Malaysian citizen/resident. (Please see the list HERE with his name near the bottom of page 5, as well as a photo from the graduation ceremony); 

--Columbia University is apparently continuing to investigate credible allegations that Daniyar enrolled using fabricated documents;

--Lawsuits against Mayra and Daniyar accusing them of stealing from her former husband several multi-million-dollar properties are continuing in Manhattan's Supreme Court.

It seems that Mr. Najib has gone to great lengths to cover up for and otherwise help his crooked Kazakh relatives-to-be. 


Toll - Janji Tidak Ditepati

Posted: 01 May 2013 01:57 PM PDT 

Now it is almost 5 years later. Can anyone say that this JANJI has been DITEPATI? 

Krishna M Singh 

There is one BN candidate who escapes our notice because we keep gunning for the Big Guns in UMNO. He is Datuk Ir Mohamad Zin now the caretaker Works Minister. In a recent interview with the Mole, he is reported to have said that Pakatan had failed to keep its promises made during the 12th GE. He said that the DAP has not removed the Sungei Nyior toll as promised in GE12 as an example..

You can read the story here:

I have one question for this dishonest man. Is it within the powers to the state government to remove tolls?

In May 2008, this same man as minister said that a toll reduction is under study and the report will be ready in 3 months.

You can read this story here:

Then in July the same year he said that the study has been done and now the report will be studied by a committee on the implications of toll reductions. And you can read that story here:

There was a promise that the toll contracts would be renegotiated so that all sides will benefit. Looks like the terms of the contract do not permit any review. Hence the matter went into complete silence and no one even remembers.

Now it is almost 5 years later. Can anyone say that this JANJI has been DITEPATI?

I have gone to the Facebook page of Datuk Ir Mohamad Zin, Works Minister, and commented "Pembohong". That is the best I can do to discredit this man. If I was voting in his constituency, he will not get my vote.

Krishna M Singh


Perutusan khas PM Najib kepada semua pengundi masyarakat India

Posted: 01 May 2013 01:40 PM PDT!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_400/image.jpg 

Dalam perutusannya, Najib meminta maaf atas kelemahan pimpinan lepas. Tetapi, Najib gagal menyatakan dengan jelas pimpinan yang mana satu?
Persatuan Progresif India Malaysia (MIPAS) 
Persatuan Progresif India Malaysia (MIPAS) berpendapat ketua kerajaan sementara Barisan Nasional, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak cukup terdesak dengan menghantar perutusan khas sempena Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13 kepada semua pengundi masyarakat India, diseru menyokong calon BN dan memberi mandat kepada Barisan Nasional pada PRU-13 nanti.
Dalam perutusannya, beliau memohon maaf kepada pengundi masyarakat India di atas kelemahan dan kesilapan pimpinan lepas dan meminta diberi satu peluang. Perutusan ini menimbulkan lima persoalan penting.
Persoalan Pertama : Mengapa mesej ini dipanggil perutusan? Biasanya Perutusan hanya diberikan kepada sambutan-sambutan yang penting. Apakah Najib anggap PRU13 sebagai satu sambutan yang rakyat akan tari-menari dan meriah? Tetapi, PRU 13 adalah merupakan satu peristiwa penting dan serius yang mana rakyat akan menentukan masa depan negara yang cemerlang.
Persoalan Kedua : Mengapa perutusan ini hanya ditujukan kepada masyarakat India? Kenapa masyarakat Melayu dan Cina tidak menerima perutusan ini? Atau, apakah mereka akan menerima perutusan lain yang kandungannya mungkin lain? Tapi, apa yang hairan ialah Bapa 1Malaysia yang setiap hari melaung-laungkan slogan 1Malaysia bertindak rasis. Kalau nak hantar, biar lah hantar mesej yang sama kepada semua rakyat. Mengapa perlu ada 'double standard'. Ia nampak seolah-olah ada sesuatu yang tidak kena.
Persoalan Ketiga : Dalam perutusannya, Najib meminta maaf atas kelemahan pimpinan lepas. Tetapi, Najib gagal menyatakan dengan jelas pimpinan yang mana satu? Adakah pimpinan Abdullah Ahmad Badwi atau Mahatir Mohamad? Jika Najib kata Abdullah, maka dia adalah penderhaka. Abdullah cuba membawa perubahan dalam sistem pemerintahan. Ianya tidak disukai oleh pimpinan UMNO yang lain termasuk Najib yang merasakan kedudukan UMNO akan tergugat. Maka, Abdullah diberikan tekanan demi tekanan sehingga terpaksa letak jawatan dan serahkan kepada Najib yang memang tunggu-tunggu. Jika pimpinan lepas itu merujuk kepada Mahathir, maka sekurang-kurangnaya jujur sedikit dalam perutusannnya. Memang tidak dapat dinafikan, segala  kebinasaan yang berlaku adalah disebabkan Mahathir. Selama 22 tahun Mahathir dengan pentadbiran kuku besinya memecah-belahkan perpaduan kaum. Dasar pecah dan perintah amalan British yang satu ketika ditentang hebat oleh Mahathir, telah digunakan dengan sebaik-baiknya. Masa inilah, ramai warga asing menjadi warganegara Malaysia, satu pengkhianatan yang tidak dapat dimaafkan. Ianya dilakukan demi survival politik Mahathir and UMNO. Maka, Najib perlu menjelaskan pimpinan yang mana satu?
Persoalan Keempat : Andaikan pimpinan lepas yang Najib maksudkan adalah pimpinan Mahathir, maka jelas Najib mengakui bahawa pimpinan mentornya itu mempunyai banyak kelemahan dan kesilapan yang membawa negara kita ke tahap ini. Ia juga membawa keadaan sehingga Najib terpaksa memohon maaf. Jika sudah mengakui, mengapa Mahathir masih diberi ruang yang cukup besar dalam pentadbiran sekarang. Mahathir bermaharajalela dengan komen-komennya yang jelas memjejaskan perpaduan kaum. Mempunyai pengaruh dalam menentukan calon-calon rasis yang memang ditolak oleh semua lapisan masyarakat. Gambaran berlaku di mana Perdana Menteri sekarang ialah Mahathir dan bukannya Najib. Maka, apakah ikhlas Najib memohon maaf di satu sudut, di sudut lain pula memberi pengiktirafan sepenuhnya kepada pimpinan lepas yang menolak sehingga keadaan terdesak sekarang. Najib perlu memperjelaskan ini sebelum menghantar perutusan.
Persoalan Kelima : Jika benar Najib memohan maaf secara jujur berhubung "Kesilapan" pimpinan lepas, adakah Najib sudah lupa bahawa dia juga adalah sebahagian daripada pimpinan lepas yang membawa kepada keadaan teruk. Najib telah berama lama dalam kerajaan sejak Mahathir, memegang jawatan-jawatan penting seperti Menteri Belia dan Sukan, Menteri Pelajaran, Menteri Pertahanan dan jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri dalam kerajaan Abdullah. Maka, mana perginya rasa tanggungjawab Najib kepada masyarakat India? Sekolah-sekolah Tamil tidak diberikan perhatian langsung oleh Menteri Pelajaran Najib. Belia-belia India diabaikan Menteri Belia dan Sukan Najib. Mengapa Najib yang sama sekarang beria-ia hantar perutusan minta maaf, beri itu dan beri ini. Ada yang mengatakan Najib sekarang sudah berubah? Kalau itu soalnya, mengapa Najib menuduh Anwar Ibrahim dengan mengatakan Anwar Ibrahim tidak membuat apa-apa untuk masyarakat India semasa dalam kerajaan dan menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri. Mengapa isu Anwar yang mengatakan tidak akan benarkan bunyi loceng di kuil-kuil Hindu ditimbulkan? Najib pernah mengeluarkan keris dan menciumnya dan mengatakan kerisnya tidak akan diletakkan selagi tidak melihat darah dalam perhimpunan Pemuda semasa menjadi Ketua Pemuda UMNO. Siapa yang lebih bahaya, Najib atau Anwar? Jika Najib dikatakan sudah berubah sekarang dengan slogannya 1Malaysia, apakah salah jika Anwar juga di beri peluang dan boleh dianggap sebagai sudah berubah juga dengan slogan "Harapan Rakyat"?
Kesimpulannya, Najib bukan berubah. Najib yang kita lihat dulu, masih ada dan wujud. Najib hanya memakai "TOPENG 1MALAYSIA" yang akan dibuangnya sebaik sahaja Barisan Nasional menang dalam Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13. Maka, Najib yang asal muncul kembali. Jika BN kalah pun, Najib yang asal akan kembali dengan unsur rasisnya. Jika ditanya mana satu Najib yang bahaya kepada masyarakat dan negara, jawapannya sudah tentu Najib yang menang. Jika menang sudah tentu negara akan kembali kepada zaman Mahathir. Jika Najib kalah, maka negara akan mendapat satu pentadbiran baru yang sekian lama rakyat menanti-nantikan. Ia akan membawa satu "Puthiya Nambikei" (Harapan Baru) kepada rakyat Malaysia. Tapi, kita tidak akan tinggalkan Najib begitu sahaja atau tidak menghormati pengorbanan yang sekian lama. Maka itu, kita akan menjadikan Ketua Pembangkang yang digeruni kerajaan Pakatan sepertimana kini Ketua Pembangkang Anwar digeruni oleh kerajaan Barisan Nasional. Najib dengan pengalaman yang begitu lama dalam kerajaan pasti akan menjadi Ketua Pembangkang yang sangat kuat dan disegani oleh semua. Jika rakyat berjaya melakukan ini, maka yang pasti menang adalah bukan Najib atau Anwar, tetapi RAKYAT, Ini lah yang perlu menjadi BALASAN PERUTUSAN RAKYAT YANG PENTING KEPADA NAJIB.


Uthaya! don't mention Indian, a 'dirty word' in Malaysia!

Posted: 01 May 2013 12:34 PM PDT 

Why didn't Hindraf think of the others, especially the Orang Asal who have stood with them since 2008 not only in Malaysia but at numerous international forums? The Hindraf-BN MOU is a Judas-like betrayal of the Orang Asal who have been left out.  

Joe Fernandez 

Let's hope that De Facto Hindraf Makkal Sakthi Chief P. Uthayakumar, educated in law in the Christian west, stops mentioning Indian during his ongoing political campaign.

Indian is a 'dirty word' in Malaysia.

MIC is a dirty term.

Tamil is an even dirtier word unless confined to the Tamil language which is a sacred cow in Malaysia along with Tamil schools, Tamil films and Hindu temples.

For that matter, except for the Malay language created by the Hindus and Buddhists, Malay is a 'dirty word' too, as the imminent downfall of Interlok Pariah (shit carrier) Umno indicates.

Kaka from Kerala and hara kiri advocate Mahathir Mohamad who now claims to be a lawyer without a law degree, Ibrahim Ali, Pariah (shit carrier) Keling Zulkifli Nordin and noted shit-stirrer Perkasa are all already dirty words.

Mahathir claims that Dap and Lim Kit Siang are racists because they are only standing in Chinese-majority seats. Isn't Umno standing only in Malay-majority seats in Malaya and Muslim-majority seats in Sabah while seeking to further divide and rule the Orang Asal in order to marginalise and disenfranchise them and steal their country? Not racist?

Robber baron Petronas is a dirty word in Sabah and Sarawak.

The Chinese, being pragmatic, apparently don't mention race although they are accused of being closet racists, whatever that means. Indians and others should emulate -- not the closet part -- them.

Only Orang Asal is not a dirty word because historical, ancestral and traditional land rights and Adat are involved.

I have been urging this issue-based non-racist line since 2008.

Uthaya wouldn't hear of it. He added that his work was to highlight Indian problems and not solve them. "It's not my work to solve Indian problems. I don't have the resources. Only the Gov't has the resources to solve problems," said Uthaya. "I want to be in Parliament just to make noise (on Indian problems)."

Waytha said from the Christian west, where he was educated in law, that if he's going to be tagged a racist just because he's fighting for a place in the sun for Indians, "so be it". He reckons that it's not his work to fight for non-Indians, an approach which will be seen by many as definitely racist, unChristian, uncharitable and most unWaytha-like.

It was at this juncture that I got Hindraf and the Orang Asal working together to give the NGO a more non-ethnic public image. Even then, I was castigated by hardcore Hindraf activists who belabour in the misconception that Christians do charity work just to convert others. "We don't care for Jeffrey Kitingan and the Christians," they said defiantly in Facebook. I have never come across such insolence and ingratitude.

I reminded the Hindu fanatics that they can't keep away from charity works just to ignore the suffering of people and attribute them to their bad karma or whatever. In that case, I ask them, why not accept your fate under Umno as your bad karma and wait to be reincarnated with good karma?

Hindus, swearing by karma, believe in the superstition that no one must interfere with the bad karma of others lest they suffer the same tragic fate -- that's why they stay away from doing any charity -- and neither should anyone interfere with the good karma of others.

Is it any wonder therefore that rich Indians, MIC included, don't help poor Indians? Tony Fernandes of Air Asia has helped many people of all races, but what good has Ananda Krishnan done for anyone? His son, having seen the light, is at a Buddhist monastery to mitigate for the sins of the father! Meanwhile, the man himself is packing Astro with advertisements after solemnly promising that his pay TV channels will be ad-free.

Chinese, likewise, will especially ignore Chinese beggars and obviously fear the same fate befalling them but will contribute generously to schools to maintain the Mandarin language control of the retail economy.

The Chinese approach to Chinese beggars shows the extent to which the ancient Indians, or rather Hindus, poisoned them with their superstitious hogwash which was passed off as divinely-inspired philosophies based on pearls of wisdom. The Chinese, being a superstitious lot even to this day, swallowed the Indian bullshit hook, line and sinker despite having long deluded themselves into thinking that "all Indians -- because of their known capacity for abstract thought -- are snakes", whatever that means.

Karma, if it does exist, is neither good or bad, not beautiful, or ugly or beautiful but neutral.

It's our human perceptions that makes us see karma as good, bad, evil, ugly and beautiful.

Christians believe in knocking on the door so that it will be opened, asking so that they will receive, seeking so that they will find.

There's much to be said for looking for the silver lining in the clouds, considering everything that happens as a blessing in disguise, seeing problems as opportunities in disguise and counting one's blessings and being thankful and grateful for the little mercies in life so that one will have even more reasons to be thankful and grateful.

We have to get back to our roots and get our politics and relationships right.

Uthaya can mention displaced estate and other workers, stateless persons everywhere in Malaysia, squatters, the marking system in public exams being a state secret to cover up the Gov't fiddling with the marks of students for political reasons, quota system for even critical disciplines at govt universities instead of going for the brightest and best, denying top scorers entry into Gov't universities for political reasons (so Umno can hand out free degrees to morons), the civil service lacking in diversity and not reflecting the demographics in the country because it's packed with Umno members and supporters, corruption in the award of government contracts, lack of openness, transparency and accountability and Umno/BN politicians taking government contracts for themselves instead of making it open and available for all.

I have also said that you don't need Indians in Parliament, elected by non-Indians, to claim to represent Indians.

That's political mandoreism, a point raised by Hindraf Makkal Sakthi.

Indians in Parliament must represent all citizens. But if they swear by karma and reincarnation, they should not aspire to be legislators. Better spend their days at the nearest temple washing away their sins which created their bad karma.

We have a Hindraf-BN MOU on stateless Indians, among others, through Himas (Hindraf Malaysia Association).

Why didn't Hindraf think of the others, especially the Orang Asal who have stood with them since 2008 not only in Malaysia but at numerous international forums?

The Hindraf-BN MOU is a Judas-like betrayal of the Orang Asal who have been left out. The Orang Asal and this writer were also supposed to be in the Hindraf delegation to meet with unelected caretaker Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Abdul Razak, but were conveniently left out.

What about the other stateless people in Malaysia especially in Sabah and Sarawak, including among the Penan?

What about the other people living below the poverty line? Must they be left to their bad  karma?

What about the people in Sabah displaced by the Mamut Copper Mine and others in the two Borneo nations displaced by dam building projects and plantation development by Malayan companies?

Are they going to get a MOU too like Hindraf to neutralise their bad karma brought about by Umno/BN and others?

Everyone is supposed to be equal under the law, not some people more equal than others. We don't need to promote the undemocratic anti human rights Brahmins (priest scholar) v Pariahs (shit carriers), and everybody else in between, dismal theory of life.

I am disappointed in Hindraf after all that I did to get the Orang Asal to back them.

If not for me, the Orang Asal wouldn't touch Hindraf with even a ten foot pole.

Sometimes, I think that the Orang Asal backed Hindraf not because they really wanted to back these people in Malaya but more because they didn't want to hurt me. Besides, they trusted instinctly in my judgment. Most Orang Asal can count on their fingers the number of Indians they know and still have fingers to spare.

I reminded them (Orang Asal) that the enemy (Hindraf) of my enemy (Umno) is my friend.

As requested by Hindraf Makkal Sakthi chairman P. Waythamoorthy, I even arranged for Hindraf activists to stand under the Star symbol in Malaya.

Now, both enemies -- Hindraf and Umno --have embraced and hugged each other because they see Pakatan Rakyat as their common enemy. They have kissed and made up.

The neo-colonialist parti parti Malaya are sworn enemies of the Orang Asal for squatting on their nations, Sabah and Sarawak.

How will Hindraf redeem itself in the eyes of the Orang Asal in particular and Malaysians in general?

Uthaya, on his part, should openly apologise to all Malaysians for anything that he may have done or said in the past to give them the impression that he was a rabid racist in the Himas mould.

Uthaya must pledge that if elected, by some miracle, he will work for all Malaysians especially the poor. It's not enough to make noise. Anyone can make noise.

He should also openly apologise to the Orang Asal on behalf of Hindraf Makkal Sakthi for Waytha making no mention of them (Orang Asal) in the Himas MOU and abandoning the idea of a Ministry of Orang Asal and Minority Affairs (Moama) which was endorsed by them in Kota Kinabalu.

Interlok Pariah Umno has managed to drive a wedge between Hindraf and the Orang Asal through the Himas MOU.

It will take much work, indeed superhuman effort, to rebuild the trust between Hindraf and the Orang Asal as 3rd Force allies facing common foes bent on doing them in through internal colonisation in Malaya and continuing the colonisation of Sabah and Sarawak.

By that time, Hindraf will realise that Umno/BN and/or PR will use its MOU as shithouse paper -- a leopard cannot change its spots --although the NGO no doubt meant well for the underclass Indians in particular and acted in good faith. I am already working on my "I told you so" masterpiece. He who laughs last, laughs the hardest, and the longest.

The Indians will have to start all over again with its 3rd Force allies for the 14th General Election if their historical window of opportunity hasn't slipped away.

An evening with Ong Tee Keat

Posted: 01 May 2013 12:27 PM PDT 

Mr. Ong, at the outset of the session, said that he and his team are on their own, as even his party is not supportive of him and his work, and many members do not dare appear to be too close to him. 

Daniel Teoh Tzu Yong

Looking at the bustling service centre, it will be difficult to believe that the person who is responsible for all of it – the staff, the posters, the visitors – will not be defending his constituency.

Dato Sri Ong Tee Keat is the living embodiment of the classic Chinese siew cai (scholar) success. Growing up in a Chinese area in downtown Kuala Lumpur, he was known for his writing prowess in Mandarin, contributing to newspaper columns and writing drama scripts. Upon obtaining an engineering degree, he ventured into politics and won his maiden fight for the Ampang Jaya Parliamentary seat. The modern siew cai rose quickly despite being outspoken against his own party and coalition, eventually helming the Malaysian Chinese Association and securing the Cabinet post of Transport Minister.

Things are no longer rosy for the veteran politician now. He lost the party leadership to Mr. Chua Soi Lek and was eventually dropped from Cabinet as well in a reshuffle. The last knockout blow was when he did not make it to the Barisan National's candidate list, replaced by a much younger person from the MCA.

Having only done a Google search on him, it was with excitement and expectation that I entered Mr. Ong's office to see for myself, the politician who is held in high esteem by the Malaysian Chinese public and what he has to offer to Pandan folks and national politics now that he is leaving the mainstream arena.

Freedom in Malaysian politics

Mr. Ong did not think that Malaysian politicians have much freedom in articulating their own views. He described most Malaysian political parties to be 'Leninist' in nature, having in place restrictive party whips.

Taking into account his maverick reputation and outspokenness, it should have been frustrating during his time in power to want to say something badly, but could not.

New Politics

When asked whether he has heard of this term and his views on it, his reply was most cutting-edge.

He stated that voters should have a fair picture of a politician's sincerity. Thanks to his decade-old habit of keeping newspaper clippings, he remarked that some of our current politicians are saying things which they stood against some time ago.

Refusing to provide an example, Mr. Ong cited the case example of fighting corruption. While it is easy to see people standing up to fight unjust enrichment and power abuse by the other side, he said that to stand up against one's own allies is more difficult as it requires more courage and as a consequence, less seen. These people, according to Mr. Ong, are the better breed of politicians as they hold a uniformed yardstick, against which they measure both friend and foe.

I found that to be something, coming from the man who rattled the cages of powerful people when he started investigation into the billion-ringgit Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal, to the extent of even threatening to reveal names when the issue was raised in a debate between Lim Guan Eng and Chua Soi Lek.

New and young voters

Mr. Ong has this to say to this vibrant and upcoming group: beware of politicians.

It is important for voters to know who they are voting for, or against, and there is no better way to do this than taking the time to visit history. Mr. Ong does not believe that any politician can shed his colours overnight, and will only do so for perks and privileges.

Therefore, if the young voters were to believe in a 'parti malaikat' (angelic party), it is they who would be disappointed when the truth is found to be otherwise.

Mr. Ong urged young Malaysians to be critical-minded and not simply buy into the arguments for or against any side.

When asked about the disillusionment of certain people towards politics, the veteran politician encouraged them to once again take part in active discourse, as he thought that bystanders do not have the right to moan and groan about the state of things.

Penang and the undersea tunnel

It is only natural to seek the views of a former Transport Minister on the controversial project, and on the argument of the caretaker Penang state government that public transport licensing is under federal purview.

Mr. Ong confessed to having a soft spot for Penang, as his wife is a Penangite.

The former MCA President mentioned that the Penang Port had been reluctant to dredge the Penang seabed, and this was during his tenure as Transport Minister. He compared the depth of Port Klang, which he estimated at about 17 metres, to the 10 metres of Penang Port's.

This, according to Mr. Ong, is a crucial aspect when considering the feasibility of the project.

Assessment of Pakatan Rakyat Selangor

Mr. Ong is said to be extremely familiar with the Pandan constituency. When asked to assess, he replied that they could have done better.

What was interesting was the following comment. Malpractices and mismanagement from the previous Barisan National is not to be inherited, especially in appointed municipal councilors.

Sounds like the change was for the better.

The man himself

As we neared the end of the interview, the conversation touched upon more personal topics, like his recommended choice of reading.

Mr. Ong professed to be a fan of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Sun Yat Sen. The reason given was simple: they were revolutionary.

The two figures perhaps contributed to his personal driving force. Mr. Ong painted himself as an idealist realist, saying that his engineering training helped him to get things done, instead of merely conceiving ideas.

He recommended the book 1984 by British writer George Orwell, and said he derived great pleasure by reading A Lone Sail in the Sea, a Mandarin book by a 70s writer.


Mr. Ong, at the outset of the session, said that he and his team are on their own, as even his party is not supportive of him and his work, and many members do not dare appear to be too close to him.

In his firm and unwavering way, he vowed to continue giving and doing the best for the Pandan folks.

The mobile Chinese medicine van outside his service centre, dubbed Tabib Cina Mobile, surrounded by many elderly uncles and aunties looking for cure, played strong witness to those words.



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