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Barisan - MCA and Gerakan do the donkey work for the Chinese who voted DAP

Posted: 07 May 2013 01:54 PM PDT


Barisan, MCA and Gerakan should stop serving the constituencies Pakatan had won in the elections ... and it is good for MCA and Gerakan to close their service centres.


Mansor Puteh


Why must the MCA and Gerakan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional do all the donkey work for the Chinese community while they conveniently vote for the DAP and Pakatan Rakyat?


And what have the DAP, PAS and PKR done to the areas they had won in 2008 and can do to those that they have won in 2013? Nothing.


MCA and Gerakan were nice in telling the Chinese that their parties would continue to serve them even if their candidates were not voted by them.


But the Chinese voters took it differently and still voted the opposition which has never said they would serve the Chinese communities other than to seek the votes from them.


The Chinese leaders of MCA and Gerakan must be brave and tell the Chinese that their parties cannot do much if the Chinese do not give their votes to them, and if they still choose DAP, PAS and PKR, they have no choice but to turn to these opposition parties if they need any help.


This is the sad truth that the Chinese voters ought to remember, that voting for someone means they have faith in him, and if the person is voted in, then surely it is his responsibility to live with the community to know what their grievances are and to solve them, if they can.


The Pakatan Rakyat members of parliament and state assemblymen do not seem to do anything; all they need is to get the voters to support them, and if they win, by whatever means, including deceiving the voters, they can then sit back to relax and campaign through the whole of the five years' term before running again in the next elections.


In the meantime, it is the Barisan members and state as well as federal government who are serving all the constituencies, with the MCA also having their service centers for everybody to come to them for assistance.


All this while the voters thought they could vote for Pakatan and when they win, they do not have to go to the Pakatan members of parliament or state assemblymen, but to the Barisan ones, including those who have lost, to seek help and whatever assistance they needed.


Because they know only Barisan representatives are the ones who can help them out especially in their hour of desperate need.


So it is also a shock to see Datuk Seri Ali Rustam losing in the Bukit Katil parliamentary seat in Melaka, when he had served the people of Melaka well, regardless of the races, with a lot of development everywhere, including the Portuguese Settlement.


The reason why the voters, especially the Chinese in Melaka and also the Melayu ones, had chosen to vote for Pakatan is because they can still depend on Barisan to do the bidding for them post-elections.


They know they cannot depend on any of the Pakatan representatives in Melaka and all over the country, the tasks of which are all taken by the Barisan elected or non-elected representatives.


All through the years, we see MCA and Gerakan elected and non-elected representatives doing their level best to serve all, regardless of who they support, either Barisan or Pakatan.


But come elections time, the majority of the Chinese and some Melayu voters turned their backs on them.


Michael Chong of the MCA complaints bureau must insist on asking those who come to his office to seek assistance if they are supporters of Pakatan or Barisan since if they do not support Barisan, why then should they now bother to come to his office.


Michael should ask them to go to the DAP, PKR or PAS complaints bureau or service centers.


And why must Barisan continue to provide services to those areas which have fallen to Pakatan?


If this happens, then there is no need for the Pakatan representatives to serve them, as the duty has now been taken over by Barisan, who despite losing in some of the parliamentary and state areas are serving the local communities well.


In the end, it is Barisan who is helping to serve Pakatan, while the elected and non-elected representatives of DAP, PAS and PKR in the respective areas do not do anything so they are able to continue campaigning and giving 'ceramah' all over the country, almost every other night.


Gelang Patah parliamentary seat in Johor has fallen to DAP head honcho Lim Kit Siang, who beat former 'Menteri Besar' of Johor, Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.


So now let Kit Siang serve the constituents of Gelang Patah and see what sort of development he can create in this area, so those who had voted him to parliament in this area can see how good he is.


Barisan should ignore this area and let DAP and Pakatan prove their mettle, and allow those who had given them a victory in this area judge for themselves if DAP and Pakatan are good for them now and also in the future, so they can decide if they still want to retain Kit Siang as their member of parliament.


If Barisan continues to serve the people of Gelang Patah, then Kit Siang will have it easy. His party and coalition will also get a free ride on the backs of Barisan, so that the Pakatan leaders can go around the country to campaign and also not spend a single day staying in the area they now control.


This is what had happened in the last general elections when many MCA and Gerakan candidates lost, because the voters knew even if MCA and Gerakan lost, they still could count on them to help out, without ever depending on the DAP, PAS or PKR leaders especially those who had won in the elections.


One can also ask what Kit Siang did for the constituency where he had won which is Ipoh Utara in Perak and also Karpal Singah and the others in DAP, PAS and PKR, in the areas they won in the previous general elections of 2008 that the voters there found to be impressive enough to want to continue to support their parties in 2013?


Chances are they have not done much; otherwise, they would not have the time to go all over the country giving political speeches and also being embroiled in national politics and other pseudo-political undertakings all through the last five years till they won again in the 2013 elections.


If they had all done wonderful things to their previous constituencies, then surely, they would have published special brochures and even videos to show to the voters. But unfortunately, they have neglected to do even this.


So in the end, the main reason why they had won again in 2013 is because Barisan had spoilt them by serving the constituencies that they have won, and the voters there know they can still vote the opposition, because in the end, it will be Barisan who will come to their every aid and assistance, post-general elections.


Those who vote the opposition know they can still get one of their leaders in parliament or the state assemblies, to create ruckus in them, while getting all the assistance from Barisan.



Posted: 07 May 2013 12:54 PM PDT


Ini bertepatan dengan amalan biasa sebelum ini memandangkan perhimpunan diadakan di tempat persendirian yang telah dipersetujui dengan pengurusan dan pemilik stadium. Ia juga mengikut semangat Akta Perhimpunan Aman yang digunapakai sebelum ini yang tidak memerlukan permit untuk perhimpunan, hanyalah sekadar memaklumkan pihak polis.

Rafizi Ramli 

Saya sedia maklum kenyataan yang dibuat oleh Tan Sri Ismail Omar, Ketua Polis Negara mengenai Perhimpunan "Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat" yang bakal diadakan malam ini (8 Mei 2013) di Stadium Kelana Jaya bermula 830 malam.

Sebagai menyambut gesaan Tan Sri Ismail Omar, KEADILAN melalui YB Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, ADUN Seri Setia telah memaklumkan secara rasmi kepada pihak balai berkenaan. Ini bertepatan dengan amalan biasa sebelum ini memandangkan perhimpunan diadakan di tempat persendirian yang telah dipersetujui dengan pengurusan dan pemilik stadium. Ia juga mengikut semangat Akta Perhimpunan Aman yang digunapakai sebelum ini yang tidak memerlukan permit untuk perhimpunan, hanyalah sekadar memaklumkan pihak polis.

Saya percaya dengan keikhlasan dan kebijaksanaan pasukan polis di bawah pimpinan Tan Sri Ismail Omar yang menghargai hak rakyat untuk berhimpun, seperti mana yang telah ditunjukkan dalam perhimpunan-perhimpunan sebelum ini.

Oleh itu, saya menggesa seberapa ramai rakyat Malaysia yang menuntut pilihanraya adil dan menolak penipuan PRU13 untuk turun dengan memakai baju hitam pada malam ini di Stadium Kelana Jaya bermula 830 malam.

Saya juga mengecam sepenuhnya anasir penghasut yang cuba menakut-nakutkan rakyat terutamanya golongan bukan Melayu kononnya perhimpunan itu adalah satu alasan agar satu pergolakan kaum bermula. Beberapa pesanan ringkas merujuk kepada peristiwa 13 Mei yang kononnya dikaitkan dengan perhimpunan malam ini sedang berlegar, yang jelas berniat jahat.

Oleh itu, saya akan membuat satu laporan polis di Balai Polis Tropicana pada jam 3 petang ini agar pihak berkuasa menyiasat secepat mungkin pihak yang cuba menimbulkan huru hara dan ketakutan dengan memainkan sentimen perkauman melalui edaran pesanan ringkas tersebut.


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