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Khalid Ibrahim backstabbing DAP?

Posted: 18 May 2013 06:39 PM PDT

In the last couple of weeks Azmin Ali, supported by his frontmanwoman Zuraida what's-her-name(?), was seen to be laying claims to the Selangor MB position, perhaps in a fantasized wet-dreaming belief that the Selangor politico-CEO position belongs solely to PKR, and for the party to award to one of its state ADUN's, presumably himself, wakakaka.

Azmin had even alluded sneeringly (insultingly) to Khalid as a lame duck pollie not worthy of leading Selangor state.

Post the recent state elections, PKR has 14 ADUNs compared to PAS' 15 and DAP's 15. On the numerical basis of ADUNs that PAS and DAP each has, either party has the rights to claim the MB position though both have been gracious in supporting Khalid to continue in the State's political CEO position.

It must be admitted in practical terms, DAP might not qualify, purportedly because the state constitution and probably HRH's preference would require the MB to be a Malay, though we shall soon read of a constitutional legal expert disagreeing with the former, the constitutional issue, which has probably been a politically perpetuated 'myth'.

Mind, it is still HRH's prerogative to have the final say.

Hmmm, I wonder whether any "Malay" version would do, meaning does it have to be a Malay Malay to be the MB? Or will a Mamak Malay or Kong Kali Kong Malay like Ann Wan Seng or Ridhuan Tee do?
For more on Kong Kali Kong Malays, wakakaka, please see my earlier post 3 Revelations on 'Keling'.

Mind you, on the issue of the mandatory need for a Malay MB, in 2008 after Pakatan won majority rule in Selangor, it was alleged that Muhammad Munir Bani, HRH's private secretary, had advised Khalid Ibrahim about the palace's 'preference' for a Malay (and, alas, not a Malaysian) deputy MB.

However, when further queried Muhammad Munir belakang pusing-ed like Speedy Gonzalez and denied reports that HRH wanted 'a deputy from a particular race' (meaning 'Malay'), and instead added (meaning he started to spin) the sultan was the religious head for Islam and Malay culture, and thus the MB has the task of assisting in these duties, which in his absence would also have to handled by his deputy.

Thus, in that most unbelievable zigzagging explanation, Muhammad Munir, after denying HRH wanted a Malay deputy MB, in the same breath averred that it was only proper a Malay (not a Malaysian) be the deputy MB.

It was obvious that what he uttered in the first instance had nothing to do with HRH but was of his own interpretation, based on his personal prejudice.

Mind you, he hasn't been the only one who misused (and still misuses) HRH's name in order to get what he/she personally wants or is personally biased towards. I am sure you have read what one particular PKR (female) pygmy claimed in HRH's name recently about the required racial make-up for the state exco.

After the 2008 Speedy Gonzalez zigzagged away to safety, Malaysiakini reported in Expert: No legal need for Malay deputy MB that Prof Abdul Aziz Bari, a constitutional expert who had then lectured law at the International Islamic University Malaysia, was consulted on the matter.



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