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Is GE-13 over yet?

Posted: 25 May 2013 02:52 PM PDT

I would claim to be among the earliest (if not the earliest) to explain why BN with 47% of the popular votes ended up with 133 or 60% of the 222 federal parliamentary seats. I wrote on that in my 06 May 2013 post The Morning After - Part 1 as follows:

It's also interesting to note than Pakatan has actually won the popular vote by amassing about 51% share of the total votes for GE-13 but been rewarded with only 40% share of federal seats, whilst BN with 47% of total votes garnered 60% of the 222 federal seats  Only once before in Malaysia's political history has a party with the majority of federal seats lost the popular vote, to wit, in 1969.

But this is a result of a combination of 'first past the post' contest combined with gross gerrymandering where in one federal constituency, only 15,000 registered voters can elect a MP to represent them in parliament while in another constituency, nearly 150,000 voters may only vote for also one MP to represent them. The voter in the former has ten times the say in parliament compared to his/her sardine-ized fellow Malaysian in the latter, who is perhaps a 'lesser' Malaysian.

The job of a truly independent impartial Election Commission, which of course doesn't describe the Malaysian EC, would have endeavoured to ensure the universal suffrage of 'one person, one vote' in a democracy, thus dividing the 222 federal constituencies into lots having an average of, say, 60,000 voters in each [some minor variations may be allowed but subject to justifications, etc].

Kapar would then be divided into Kapar East (or North) and Kapar West (or South) represented by 2 MPs while Putrajaya doesn't deserve to be be a federal seat by itself and would be subsumed under another Wilayah constituency or combined with Labuan as one.

But that's only a pipe dream as the ruling party will never allow such impartial professionalism to come about for the EC. Let me share a very closed secret with you - the EC is in fact UMNO's real fixed deposit, not just some pro-UMNO states.

Nonetheless, I would say, notwithstanding suspicions of UMNO's alleged 'creativity' with the alleged help of the EC, Najib has done well not to let the BN lose and, what more, also in regaining BN's control of Kedah and retaining rule in the Silver State, the latter very much to my surprise!

It's a truism of politics that political parties lose elections, not win them.

I believe poor Anwar Ibrahim must have thought he would end up as the PM of a post GE-13 situation when he made a secret peace deal with Najib which was brokered by former Indonesian VP Jusuf Kalla.

The broker had recently emerged to criticize Anwar for reneging on the peace deal by his continuation of post-election protest rallies.

Of course Anwar's fave journalist, Terence Netto, expectedly came up with an article in Malaysiakini on the circumstances an issues surrounding this so-called peace deal which concluded with a one-liner stating "It looks like Anwar has allowed one Bugis, Jusuf Kalla, to get him snookered by another, Najib Razak."

Let me just say I am not at all impressed by Netto's terrible Bugis remarks.

Anwar has no shortage of supporters in this apparent attempt to create a state of political instability, not when his supporters possess the mindset of Myrmidons. They drew heavily on the 51% vs 47% popular votes as indicative of Anwar's right to be PM without even understanding the Westminster first-past-the-post character. And what for - why let the inconvenience of facts interfere with jolly good protests!

They talked about the BN government being a 'minority' government without understanding that its 133 seats out of 222, namely 60% of the total number of parliamentary seats, is not a minority in any way.

Their Myrmidon mindset was apparent when in an (pre election) article about Hishamuddin Hussein escaping unscathed from a private chartered helicopter during is election campaigning, some readers of that news article berated him for misusing RMAF (TUDM) helicopter for his political purpose.

Attack, attack, attack - that's all they can think of. Just right up someone's alley, which to understand more will require you to read The fantasy of Anwar Ibrahim? wakakaka.

In my second post-election post The Morning After - Part 2 I stated very clearly my 5 reasons why Dr Mahathir will NOT oust Najib from being PM despite not winning 2/3 majority in GE-13. In support of this, my personal views, I also wrote on Najib's election achievements in a letter to Malaysiakini which was surprisingly but to my entire delight published as an article titled (wakakaka) Apa lagi UMNO mahu?

In one of RPK's articles I left a comment about my 6th reason which I missed out in The Morning After - Part 2, that currently UMNO has no one apart from Najib to lead UMNO.

Thus I am not surprised at all to hear Dr Mahathir echoing my views in Malaysiakini's Mahathir says Umno has no alternative to Najib.

But our dear Olde Man couldn't resist harping on the Chinese tsunami bullsh*t, stating that national unity will be an uphill task because, according to him, "We are still striving to bring the races together".

He striving to bring the races together? Wakakaka, what an obscenity of such a brazen claim by him, and then some.

He provided the nonsense that because of racial polarization, Najib couldn't obtain Chinese support, conveniently avoiding mention that the Chinese had voted for Malays in PKR and PAS, while Malays also voted for Pakatan. And I feel sorry for those Chinese who had voted for BN to be so insulted by Dr Mahathir.

Though Dr Mahathir was speaking at the Foreign Correspondents' Club in Japan, he was obviously addressing his propaganda to the Heartland faithful. Given that the Malay middle and upper social class and Malay young voters have swung towards Pakatan, his strategy for UMNO would have to be keeping up the rage against the evil bogeymen behind every Hibiscus plant in Malaysia, those bloody Chinese.



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