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Three days that will shake Malaysia

Posted: 02 May 2013 02:46 PM PDT

On the status page of my Facebook, I wrote these notes:

My feelings tonight... thinking of the magnitude of fraud and possible degree of destruction to my beloved nation... three days to the important day and major issues are not resolved yet. We are going to have an election and pretend that the winner will still govern our lives carrying a fraudulent mandate... sadness engulfing me - ar 

2) GE13... a question.


should we let Nature take its course

and Fate to dictate Free Will?

or should we tie our camel to the olive tree

and pray that it'll not be stolen while we watch

the elections drama of the century? - ar

How do we understand our shattering hope and at the same time address our rage against the machine?

The latest allegation of the flying in of tens of thousands of dubious voters, whilst being made public and the nation now alarmed, could be a factor to shatter the hopes of Malaysian to taste a free and fair election. It is a serious allegation with far-ranging consequences.

A shattering Malaysian hope?

What will another win for BN entail, given its massive control of the media, men, machinery and even the minds of those it has clutched for 55 years in this grand narrative of hypermodernity, oriental despotism, hegemony, and the propping of a fa├žade to disguise a failing state?

What will revenge and retribution look like? How will Malaysians see another period of time and energy wasted to settle scores - time ought to be used for national building and the improvement of the lives, minds, and souls of all Malaysians?


Down At The Airport!

Posted: 02 May 2013 02:03 PM PDT

Down at the airport is where it is happening with the Malaysian elections right now.

Secret flights are heading out loaded with cash.

Meanwhile overloaded chartered jets are flying in crowded with foreign workers, suspected of being dragooned into voting for BN.

It would appear that the rats are leaving the sinking ship, while the PM is still desperately trying to win this election "at any cost"

Emails from Air Asia & Malaysian Airways expose a desperate PM

Today, emails leaked to the opposition by staff working at both Air Asia and Malaysian Airways have left Najib Razak desperately exposed [see base of article].

They indicate that while his departing henchmen and rich businessmen have increasingly been losing faith that he can win this election, the PM has been caught red-handed trying to ferry tens of thousands of dubious voters over to KL to influence the outcome!

Staff insiders at Air Asia and Malaysian Airways have just leaked the devastating email interchanges, which lay bare the whole operation with both sets of emails implicating the Prime Minister personally in the extraordinary operation.

http://www.sarawakreport.org/site/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Screen-Shot-2013-05-02-at-14.24.55-650x436.png 'We need to move 30,000 people over a 3 day period' – PM needs to know how our plans are going 

Rats leaving the sinking ship?

Because chartered jumbos are not the only unusual traffic that has been raising eyebrows.

Private jets have also been busy as rich Malaysians are getting their money out by whatever means it seems.  One the eye-witness account from air crew came through to Sarawak Report yesterday of:

 "a private plane leaving Subang filled with a collection of luxury bags,and one large gunny sack stuffed with US dollars-estimated value RM 2.5 billion‬. Bags were dropped off by men in suits driving a couple of sliver Mercedeses , number plate "11″

From vote buying to vote flying!

http://www.sarawakreport.org/site/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/image003-2-300x240.jpgMass transportation of 'voters' is underway 

As for the traffic moving in the other direction, PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim has come out tonight statingthat his information is solid that these are foreign workers being ferried to KL to be used as 'voting fodder'.

PKR have made clear that they believe that the UMNO supporting Election Commission (both the Chairman and deputy were card-carrying UMNO members) are registering them as new voters.

One senior PKR member told Sarawak Report today:

"The National Registration Department which issues I.C.s (Identity Cards) secretly issue these cards to the PM's Office, which then gets undercover agents to recruit foreign nationals, who get their pictures taken and then superimposed on the I.Cs and then the Election Commission which is in charge of registering voters simply key in the data of these new I.C.s into their system. Voila! New voters!"

And today Najib indeed appears to have been caught red-handed, bringing in dubious workers from the two East Malaysian states to vote BN in marginal seats in peninsular Malaysia.

Passenger manifest

The leaked emails indicate that the Prime Minister has been urgently coordinating the chartering of massive 747s to ship over 40,000 Indonesians or East Malaysians from Kuching and KK, airports, backwaters that normally never see the like of such aircraft.

The incriminating evidence is there in snapshots, emails and aircraft information that are currently going viral on the web.

Both the emails leaked from Air Malaysia and Air Asia indicate that the matter is being coordinated by the Prime Minister's office.  One from Malaysian Airways makes plain that the chartered planes are to "ferry voters and election workers from BKE and KCH".

Since when did these sleepy plantation states become packed with poor West Malaysian workers needing charter flights back to KL or indeed East Malaysians, who might be registered in West Malaysia and need to go back to vote?

Suspicions are now rife that many of these individuals may be foreign plantation workers, doing their masters' bidding.

Read more at: http://www.sarawakreport.org/2013/05/down-at-the-airport/ 

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