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Irrational Voters & Check-and-Balance: SAY NO TO 2/3 MAJORITY!

Posted: 29 Apr 2013 05:06 PM PDT

It is sad that voters are so absorbed with slogans and propaganda that all good senses have been thrown out of the window. In this regard, both coalitions are at fault.

On the part of BN, their campaign has been marred with senseless and reckless flags, banners and billboards competition that are not only wasteful but causing great inconvenience to the public. Support for any party is not judged by the number of flags being put up. Candidates need to be persuasive, able to engage on public policy and present an attractive manifesto.

On the part of PR, the coalition's supporters have shown a great deal of intolerance and disrespect to those supporting the BN. This is a democratic country. If Malaysia has descended to the level of an autocratic country, the PR coalition would have gain so much momentum and strength as it is able to demonstrate today. A political debate and discourse should be based on mutual respect, non-personal and fact based.

Whichever political party we pick or support, the motive is the same. We want to pick those who can represent us the best. We should put these politicians to the strictest scrutiny so that we, the voters, play the role of quality bearers. We set the standards and the politicians are expected to meet or surpass.

In a mature democracy, candidates who are keen to contest are often encouraged to serve in their respective constituency for years before being nominated to stand as a candidate. As voters and observers, we should help to moderate, control, influence and persuade our politicians to campaign more positively.

For the 2013 GE, it is important we evaluate these aspects before voting:



How to vote based on a candidate’s MENTALITY?

Posted: 29 Apr 2013 02:54 PM PDT

Why must we vote based on a candidate's mentality?

Our mentality is the characteristic attitude of someone's mind or a way of thinking of a person or a group. It guides the way we look at things, make choices and decisions, and how we act on them. It is the framework on how we see the world. It guides our interactions and how we engage with our surrounding.  One of the surest ways to tell how someone will behave in the future is to gauge their mentality.

For example, the former US President Bush Jr. (yes the not-so-smart one) is a neo-con who carries the mentality that insist, "If you are not with me, you are against me". As such, the way he ran his administration reflects that mental make-up. On the other hand, Gandhi's framework suggests that we must "hate the sin, not the sinner", so non-violence is the preferred way of life.

Here are 10 types of mentality that I would not vote for.

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Why Malaysia isn’t afraid of China (for now)

Posted: 29 Apr 2013 10:34 AM PDT

On 26 March 2013, the People's Liberation Army Navy conducted a major naval exercise in the South China Sea, close to what China calls Zhengmu Reef. News of the exercise would have been lost amid the constant stream of reports on the disputed waters had it not been for the fact that Zhengmu Reef, which is known as Beting Serupai in Malay and James Shoal in English, lies at the southernmost tip of China's expansive maritime and island claims in the South China Sea. More specifically, it's some 80 kilometres away from Malaysia and 1,800 kilometres from the Chinese mainland. Rarely have the Chinese made their presence felt at the extremities of their maritime claims in the region. And never have they brought such firepower with them—four vessels led by the PLA Navy's latest amphibious landing ship, the Jinggangshan.

While serving as a sign of China's rising assertiveness, the exercise was also notable for the distinct lack of a visible public reaction from Malaysia. Neither the Malaysian Prime Minister nor the Foreign Ministry has made even the most perfunctory statement on the matter. Never mind that a Malaysian naval offshore patrol vessel, the KD Perak, monitored the exercise and issued orders for the PLA Navy to leave the area. And never mind that a standard protest may have been quietly expressed through diplomatic channels. In contrast to how such exercises are greeted in Hanoi and Manila, the Malaysian public response has been a deafening silence. So what explains Malaysia's muted reaction to this overt demonstration of China's growing power?

Part of the explanation lies in Malaysia's perception of its relationship with China. It's seen as unique—perhaps even deserving the term 'special'—among those of its neighbours in Southeast Asia. This isn't to say that Putrajaya sees itself as having the most intimate of ties with Beijing, and there's little doubt that Cambodia and Myanmar have closer political relations with China. Nor does it mean that nobody in Malaysia sees China as a potential long-term security challenge. As one might expect, there are some within the Malaysian Armed Forces who observe China's military build-up with a degree of unease.

But there's certainly a sense that Malaysia and China have implicitly agreed to pay heed to each other's legitimate interests and go to extra lengths to avoid playing out their disputes through the media. Furthermore, there's a perception, at least on the Malaysian side, that the relationship is highly prized and historically significant.

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Jangan jadi sombong kerana dihampiri kuasa

Posted: 29 Apr 2013 10:30 AM PDT

Pilihanraya kali ini merupakan pilihanraya yang terbesar dan terhangat dalam sejarah negara. Gerakan untuk melakukan perubahan jelas dan tidak dapat dinafikan begitu sahaja. Dalam masa inilah kita boleh mengkaji sikap dan perangai kepimpinan mana-mana parti yang bertanding dan menawarkan khidmat dan seterusnya mendapatkan mandat rakyat.

UMNO dan BN tidak lagi boleh mendabik dada seperti dahulu. Dulu UMNO begitu angkuh dan di mana-mana mereka berkata calon UMNO tidak payah datang berkempen, cukup kalau dihantarkan songkoknya sahaja untuk mewakili calon UMNO itu. UMNO akan tetap menang. Semuanya itu sudah menjadi sejarah. UMNO terpaksa akur terhadap kehendak rakyat dan sekarang sedang menadah meminta belas ehsan rakyat untuk mendapatkan sokongan.

UMNO sudah hilang segala-galanya. Semalam Dr Mahathir meminta UMNO supaya jangan mengambil tindakan terhadap Johan Che Pa kerana kononnya Johan telah berkorban untuk Perkasa dan niat Johan itu adalah baik untuk BN. Mahathir tidak peduli dengan undang-undang untuk kepentingan beliau dan kroninya.

Mahathir tidak peduli dengan pandangan ramai. Kalau tidak masakan beliau sanggup membunuh partinya sendiri dan memecat 5 orang Hakim Mahkamah Agong kerana kepentingan peribadi beliau. Itu semua orang tahu, tidak payah dipanjangkan isu itu.

Dalam masa keghairahan gerakan pembaharuan ini, terdapat banyak juga manusia yang cuba-cuba menjadi pemimpin dengan tidak sengaja mengeluarkan kata-kata yang menunjukkan sikap sebenar seseorang atau kumpulan itu. Saya berharap apa yang ditulis oleh Norman Fernandez, Timbalan Pengerusi DAP Johor, yang meminta rakyat tidak mengundi PAS itu melambangkan keadaan dan pemikiran yang sebenar yang ada di dalam benak Norman itu.

Ia melambangkan sikap angkuh dan semuanya ini berlaku kerana sudah begitu yakin akan memenangi pilihanraya ini dan terus berkuasa di Putrajaya. Manusia yang berfikir akan memilih isu ini untuk menilai perlakuan seseorang pemimpin itu. Perlakuan seseorang pemimpin itu akan menjejaskan kewibawaan parti yang beliau wakili.

Kenyataan Norman Fernandez itu menusuk tulang orang Melayu Islam dan tidak memberi apa-apa faedah kepada beliau dan partinya. Ingat, kadang-kadang apa yang sudah sampai ke mulut pun boleh terkeluar dan menghampakan niat untuk merasai apa yang kita hajati. Kerana keghairahan yang keterlaluan ia akan membantutkan niat kita untuk mendapatkan kejayaan itu.

Saya selalu berkata, kalau hendak menembak pelanduk atau burung, jangan bersorak dahulu. Nanti lari pelanduk atau burung itu sebelum kita sempat menembak. Kalau hendak makan dengan tangan, basuh tangan dahulu dan bersihkan kuman-kuman di tangan itu. Jangan pula oleh kerana terlalu ghairah hendak makan, kita lupa untuk membasuh tangan pula.



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